Icarus Shawl

For the last two months, between bouts of Christmas knitting, I’ve been working away steadily on my Icarus Shawl. It’s a pattern by Miriam Felton who has made some fantastic shawl patterns, including the Adamas shawl which i made last summer.

I worked on it extensively over the last week or two, trying hard to finish it by the end of the year. I almost finished it while staying at Dr K’s house after Christmas but some errata discovered quite late in the piece conspired against me. That’s a rather sad tale, actually. I was all set to do the last couple of rows (we’re talking 500+ stitches) on the road from Wollongong to Canberra but I discovered things weren’t right and in fact spent the nearly 2 hour trip home in a parallel universe where you knit a shawl backwards. I finished it finally on new year’s day, at which point I had only the cast off row to go.

Today, Alice came to visit and after lunch, feeling full and sleepy, we sat under the shade of a tree in the front yard and Alice kindly posed in my shawl.

Alice under icarus

I think putting Alice and my shawl together was a smart move. They suit each other beautifully.

Alice smiling

But obviously we had to try for some full length shots in order to see just how huge this shawl is. It’s approximately 2m by 1m and I still have a quarter of the skein of Helen’s Lace left!

Icarus wing span

And another.

Me, Alice and Icarus

I started Icarus on 1 Nov 2009. I really wanted something good to kick off A Long Lacy Summer. I was worried it would take me the whole summer but you know, that first part which is almost entirely stocking stitch doesn’t take that long. A few summer events like BBQs or pub gatherings and a car trip or two and I had it licked. It’s the perfect way to get some social and lace knitting combined.

The lace part is not hard, just long. Those long rows do go on a bit but it all builds nicely and the result is worth it. I’ll make another icarus in the future and I’d happily use Helen’s Lace again (the colour is Cranberry). It was an awfully expensive skein of lace yarn but it was worth every cent. I loved it. Delicious is the best way to describe it. And as an item to wear, it’s gorgeous. It sits lightly, and it’s large. It is lovely for wrapping completely around your shoulders and feeling warm without weight which is pretty much what I’ve decided is the point of a shawl. Maximum warmth with minimum weight. Although sometimes you want something that’s light on a cool evening, too, not just in winter. I wore my Myrtle shawl to a wedding on new year’s eve and it was cool that night because it had been raining and it was the perfect weight.

One tip, if you want to make this, either buy the updated version from Miriam’s website or make sure you check out the errata, if you already have the pattern via Interweave because the original printing in both Interweave knits and the book of collected Interweave patterns, have the incorrect details for the final edging pattern.

And I think we’ll close with one last photo of Alice posing with Icarus. Doesn’t she look Β happy?

Alice and Icarus



45 thoughts on “Icarus Shawl

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  2. Wow, Bells! It’s really beautiful! At this stage in my knitting career, I dream of creating something like that one day. I think it will come, but once I’m a little more confident!

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  4. Congratulations on the move – the new place looks great!

    Those photos of Alice are just adorable. Shawls and babies – two of the world’s many good things, no?

    Beautiful icarus; colour, yarn everything.

  5. Well, hello there! I’m sort of slow on the uptake and I couldn’t figure out why you hadn’t posted much, but I think I’m back on track! Look at that little cherub! She is just getting more and more adorable! How long will you wait before you teach her to knit? I’m giving it another 6 months or so myself….

  6. Alice is so beautiful, all tousle-haired and happy. And the picture of you two together with the shawl is wonderful. Since it’s a new blog in a new year, maybe we’ll get to see some more of you in it, hmm?

    A new year’s eve wedding sounds wonderfully romantic, and very hopeful. Also, I’m incredibly jealous of your sunshine.

  7. Oh it is just so pretty! I can’t wait to get mine started now. I will look into the errata asap.

    Well done! What’s next?

  8. The shawl is gorgeous, I love the colour. I can’t believe how big Alice is getting! Gotta enjoy them while you can, they grow up too fast.

    I totally get the frustration you would have had in unpicking, I am doing the rainbow dress and can’t get the lace at the bottom to work for me. Will give it another go (third time lucky?) and do plain garter stitch if I can’t get it to work. Everytime I think I have it right, I stuff it up. Grrrr.

  9. That is a lovely shawl, but the model was gorgeous. Miss Alice is sooooo cute. You are one lucky auntie. πŸ™‚

  10. That Helen’s Lace is simply fabulous, isn’t it? Every time I take out the shawl I knit with it my husband insists that I need a jacket, and I assure him that I don’t.

    Alice, you, your shawl… can’t quite decide which is prettier.

  11. It’s beautiful. I love a nice big shawl and I, too was envying your feeling “warm and sleepy” and sitting outside. We’ve turned on the extra space heaters to combat the cold January winds here.

    I’ve got a shawl wrapped around me to keep off the draft.

  12. That Interweave. I was sorting mags yesterday and I have issues going back to 2004, but I’m not sure I’m renewing this year. And if I don’t, I’ll have a post about all the reasons why not.

    Your shawl is beautiful. I honestly can’t imagine knitting anything like it at this point. And every baby needs something for peekaboo!! (Maybe not your shawl forever, though. May I suggest some play silks? Looks like she’d love them!!)

  13. Awww… beauts, the both of them! (I had no idea there were errata on Icarus – that makes sense now, in hindsight, because I remember there being some problems when I was making it, and just assuming I’d bungled up!)

  14. Whew, I found you again! Been busy over New Year and nearly missed your move… now following your new RSS πŸ™‚

    Beautiful shawl – and I’m always impressed by the speed of your knitting, too.

  15. oh, you did finish it quickly! it’s absolutely stunning, bells! perfect size and colour, and love the design. and alice as always is gorgeous -love those baby teeth!

  16. Wow, that is a stunning shawl, well done you. I love the colour, and also the size of it – I can imagine you swathed glamorously in its cranberry loveliness! And Alice makes a fabulous model – what a cutie she is!

  17. Bells! This is absolutely a work of art. Well done! Of course, I think Alice could make even my lonely sock look good. What a darling little doll she is. May have to add this to my ever lengthening “to be knit” list. πŸ™‚

  18. gorgeous, I love the colour, not too dark, just right and aren’t you lucky to get a nice cute model…that’s why I hardly make an appearance on my blog, always cuter to put a little child in there!!!!

    well done

  19. Your Icarus looks beautiful Bells, and the photos are so lovely. A happy baby and beautiful knitting on a summer’s day, what more could you ask for?? πŸ˜‰

  20. she looks suitably overjoyed by the beauty that is that shawl. it has blocked beautifully and is worth every single minute you spent on it. its divine, and the colour suits you perfectly and i want one, now. congratulations! F0 No 1! xx

  21. Alice looks so excited by your Icarus!! I think you are cleverly inculcating her with a love of knitting!!
    It’s beautiful and perfect, I think, for Summer evenings.Wow!!

  22. oh Bells – it’s magnificent! well done you!! I love that colour and of course, Miss Alice makes such a wonderful model πŸ˜‰

    thanks for the tip on the edging errata – I made Icarus a while ago and had problems, but I can’t remember if I had the errata then? I’m planning another one this summer, so the tip will definitely help!

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