Sean’s Christmas Socks (and a contest!)

About two weeks before Christmas I had a thought. It went something like this.

Sean didn’t get socks for his birthday (in November). Sean isn’t getting socks (or anything knitted at all) for Christmas. Oh shit. How quickly can I rectify this?

Pretty damn quickly once I put my mind to it, actually! I decided I had to knit something thick and quick and a pair of 8ply socks seemed to most obvious path to happiness in this instance. When I announced the idea to RoseRed, at which point I was considering socks made out of Jet, which is 10ply alpaca, she said surely they’d be too hot to wear.

Surely not. This is Canberra after all, where in winter it gets a whole lot colder than it does in Sydney but obviously not as cold as say, Canada. Nonetheless, my husband lives in Β heavy weight explorer socks for most of winter so a pair of 8ply socks, even if they ended up just being worn around the house or as bed socks, was a sure fire way to make certain he got something knitted for Christmas.

And here they are.

Lovely thick (and oh so fast) winter weight socks made from Cleckheaton Country. I’d love to say I had something in the stash to whip these up but sadly I didn’t. I’d hoped. Alas I had to buy the yarn one lunch time from Lincraft.


To spruce up the fairly pedestrian grey, I went with a red houndstooth band around the leg and finished it of with the patented RoseRed Red Toe, a detail seen here and here. I’m going to have to learn to do fair isle a little more loosely because these are hard to get over his heels. Still, the socks are kind of big so the tight band helps hold them up a bit!

And do you know how fast I knit these? Basically in two days. I know. I even surprised myself. The last toe was done a few days later but 95% of this pair was done by the two day mark. I had the benefit of a weekend bus trip to Sydney though – three hours there, three hours back plus a full weekend of knitting in between, almost entirely uninterrupted. I’m not sure it would have happened that quickly otherwise.

Needless to say, he was very happy to receive them on Christmas morning.


And now, since I’m still settling into the new blog and since everyone has been so nice to come and follow me here, I thought I’d kick off the new year with a contest. I can’t honestly say what the prizes are yet but I’m going to have a few and I hope they will be good. So all you need to do is leave a comment between now and midnight Sunday 10th January (midnight wherever you are) and I’ll draw names later next week!



80 thoughts on “Sean’s Christmas Socks (and a contest!)

  1. well buggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – I’ve been without a ‘puter for 3 weeks and you go and have a contest finishing one DAY before it’s up and running again
    pout whine grizzle

    okay I’m back now :] – enjoy the new blog sweety

  2. Eek, just squeezing in under the wire (6pm here!). Sean’s socks look fantastic, and two days is such a great time to get a gift made in! Love the new blog, it’s looking great.

  3. I’m very unlucky by nature, so it’s fitting that I didn’t decide to enter the contest until it was too late.

    But nice socks! And nice dessert! Good Photos!

  4. Loe the new blog and looking forward to seeing it grow through the year.

    Love the new socks – will be interested to see how the wear. Tim would like a thick pair for hiking.

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  6. Well done. Socks can be amazingly fast – especially when knitted in thicker yarn. I sometimes knit 8ply socks for the homeless – figure they need the extra warmth even in Sydney.

  7. The new blog is great – but then again so was the old one! The needles must have been flying to get t hose socks done. A sterling effort. Here is to lots of happy knitting in 2010.

  8. The socks look very cozy! I did a pair that weight for my son last fall and they make great house socks on cold nights.

  9. Love the site, love the shawls, love the socks. Just love it all (even things that don’t start with ‘s’). Congratulations on your big move. I think wordpress is pretty fabulous and so very easy to use. Looks like you’ve definitely hit the ground running. And, I will admit to checking the blog roll and being THRILLED to see The Drunch there. You are a dear heart. Off and running with my latest pair of socks. Had to drop down to size 1 US dpns. Apparently, I am quite the loosey goosey knitter. May I suggest you dedicate a post to eliminating those pesky ladders between needles? Not that I’ve experienced them myself, of course. But I’ve got this friend… πŸ˜‰

  10. Happy New Year to you & Sean. The socks look great & I love grey & red. have to knit a pair of socks in 8ply if I can finish a pair in 2 days. I love the look of your new blog. I have also wanted to change my blog but too afraid to do all the work.

  11. Loving this layout too!

    There is really nothing as satisfying as finishing a pair of heavyweight 8ply socks on 4mm needles – they do just fly off the needles. (I think I managed the fargyles in just under 2 days too) Dad’s loves thick socks with his winter boots, so that’s been the request for a while now. Good to see that Cleckheaton Country holds up well to sock knitting. I have a few balls of the stuff knocking about. Do love the Houndstooth too though. Yay for stylish socks. πŸ™‚

  12. So cheerful in those colours. Two days! Wow. I knitted a pair for a friend in 8 ply to the men’s pattern in Patons Winter Warmer book. They took a lot longer than 2 days but were very long and shaped down centre back. He loved them.

  13. Oh good for you pulling a gift out of the bag. I didn’t make Chris anything and there were a few comments about that! I promised him a hat for going back to work but haven’t got the right needles so that’s stuck at the brim – oh how sad to live with a knitter and be neglected!

  14. Happy New Year! What fabulous socks – Kim is getting a pair of warm woolly ones sometime between now and May! Lovely new blog and I adore the photos of Alice and am so glad you made something so gorgeous from the kid seta!

    Well done and have a lovely 2010!

  15. Long time lurker, first time commenter… I love to read your blog, I’m a tad jealous of all the fabulous weather you’re having right now in the southern hemisphere, where I live it has been raining!

  16. Those are lovely sock. My sister asked for a knitted hat about 2 weeks before Christmas, when I had asked her over a month before id she wanted a knitted item. Worst part was I got it done early, only to find out it was way way too big. somehow I managed to re-knit it before our gift exchange.

    I don’t know why I felt the urge to tell you that story, sorry!

    Love the new digs!

  17. I decided the same thing but I had my thought a little earlier in Dec (fortunately). I decided my husband HAD to get handknit socks for Christmas. I am not a fast knitter but some good old project monogamy got me through.

    I love the red toes and the herringbone pattern. There’s nothing like handknit socks.

  18. Not that I’ve ever done colourwork myself, but Carrie swears by knitting colourwork inside-out. That way (apparently) you’re assured of never pulling the yarn too tightly…

    Never tried 8ply socks before, but they sure do look thick and warm – perfect for bed socks! πŸ™‚

  19. I love the rose red toe – it could be added to almost any sock and would be a little secret that only the wearer and knitter would know about it. It would certainly be a great addition to work socks too!

  20. Nice socks. It’s just reminded me I’ve to knit a similar pair for my husband. He hasn’t got any handknitted socks yet!

  21. Love the socks, and if they’re really too big, Sean can “hang them by the chimney with care” next Christmas…

    How many stitches did you cast on, btw?

  22. Wow, how fast was that, you have to hand it to 8ply when you need something done quick. I have some country and will be starting some 8ply socks soon which are going on a trip to our troops in Afghanistan.

  23. I love the new blog site. It is so much faster loading for me than the old one. I’m always interested in seeing what you are knitting in Australia (more just to see how much the same or how different the knitting scene is there than here in Canada). I also very impressed with your Icarus shawl. It is lovely and the colour is to die for.

  24. Socks in my two favorite colors – gray & red. Love them. Love your blog – It makes me long for a extended holiday in Australia.

  25. Wow, socks knit in 2 days, I’m envious. πŸ™‚ They are fabulous, and the red sets off the gray so nicely. πŸ™‚

  26. Those socks are inspiring and I may knit some for my brother who lives in Colorado where it can get very cold. Love the new look to your blog.

  27. Beautiful, warm looking socks. I wish I had some on right now with all temps below 0 Farenheit here lately. I am loving the new blog – congrats on making the change!!!

  28. Well done with the socks! Knitting for men is so hard because all they ever want is dark colours! They sound as if they’d be lovely and warm – perfect for the blizzards we’re experiencing in england at the moment!

  29. Ooh, you’ve been working on the pages section, I see! Last time I looked, nothing, and now there are links in the project gallery. (See how I’ve been paying attention?!) I’m quite curious to see what you’ll be putting under the Fiction page.

    Nice socks! You sent me two skeins of Jet, yes? Is that enough for a pair of socks like that?

  30. a pair of socks in two days! how satisfying is that! they look great – my favorite colours too (really love the red toes). now i’m inspired to try some some 8ply socks …

  31. Ooh, I think I can comment on this new-style blog (couldn’t always get it to work on the old one). Super socks, love the red and grey. Have to admit I’m a bit jealous of the Canberra winters since I became a real (ie. obsessive) knitter …

  32. Hi Bells…..I’m coming out of lurking here πŸ™‚ I have been reading your blog for ages. A contest is a sure way of dragging me in from the dark LOL. Of course I love all the projects you are working on……especially enjoy seeing your work on your little neice, Alice!!!

  33. I love the hounds-tooth pattern (I make mine too tight too) and the Knit-Your-Own-Explorer-Socks :KYOES, is wonderful. Love the Red Toe (RR TM??) They look deliciously squooshy and warm!!

  34. Those socks look so lovely and comfy, I really have to try a little harder to learn how to make them myself…..maybe once my addiction to shawls wears off!!!

    I like the blue look too, have fun tinkering with your new site.

  35. Wow what a fast knit!!!The best I can do is a week and a half!!!Though I did knit a sock in Patonyle for Mum while staying at her house,asked her to try them on and did they fit,then annouced they were hers,she was tickled pink!!!!

  36. gee, and I never would comment otherwise!! heh! Excellent speedy sock making! Nice use of the red toe!

    Also like the blue blog – not that there was anything wrong with the green, but the blue is nice too!

  37. really? must i really leave a comment? sigh, well ok. seriously tho, it was great to see you wizz through those quickly. i admire your committment to them, and they turned out fantastic. lucky sean.

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