Blue Sky and the Open Road

I’ll invite you on the road trip we took today.


We drove out to a small country town called Young, the town where Sean spent his childhood and youth until he moved to Canberra to go to university. His parents and several brothers still live there and we visit from time to time.

I didn’t take any photos of Young itself. I’ll do that another time. When we go to Young we tend to be at my in-laws’ house for the day without getting out and about much. We should rectify that because I really don’t know the town well (although it does have a nice yarn shop I’ve been to before!).

I always enjoy the 90 minute trip out onto the country roads which, in the last decade, have improved a lot. It’s now just a nice drive, as opposed to a scary trip onto dusty, corrugated roads. You feel less like you’ve taken your life into your own hands by deciding to drive on the roads now.


It’s a given that it’s always dry out there. We rarely see green other than land that’s farmed, or brief bouts of green after some rain. It’s never long lasting. This view is normal. That grass like straw waving in the breeze.


The area is famous for cherries. Beneath that pale grass is red soil all along the slopes and hilltops that’s just perfect for growing what are reputed to be Australia’s finest cherries.


I love the red soil against the blue sky.


And here’s a cherry orchard, right near the little township of Wombat. Wombat appears to have a pub and not much else. See what i mean about parts of it being green?


And one of my favourite parts is the cemetery on the way into Young, literally on the edge of town.


I grew up in a small coastal town and find the graveyards in small communities so evocative. They tell as much of a town’s story as anything else does and one day, we’ll actually stop and wander around.


I imagine this is a road we’ll continue to drive on, back and forth, for many years to come and I don’t mind in the slightest. Inland Australia is as beautiful to me as any of our more obvious picture postcard regions because I love the wide open spaces, the contrast between sky and land and the way the landscape seems to settle my mind. There’s a peacefulness in that windy, open space that really appeals to me.

Knitting while making the trip probably doesn’t hurt with the peace and quiet I feel either!



26 thoughts on “Blue Sky and the Open Road

  1. Travelled that road last November it is pretty to go along. I had some of those famous Young Cherry’s yesterday at a family’s home in Sydney, they had inlaw’s visiting from Young for a family birthday….yummy!

  2. The landscapes are beautiful, and to borrow a word from you, evocative. And I, too, love that the road is named Wombat Road. It’s a silly word that for some reason makes me think of childhood insults (oh yeah? well you’re a…a.. wombat! that’s what you are!).

    There’s a cemetery in a town not far from where Jim and I grew up, and it’s full of these little plastic glow in the dark crosses. So one night while we were exploring (this was back when gas prices were cheap and we could afford to play ‘left, right or straight?’), we decided to take a look and see who was buried there. It turns out the place is full of soldiers, many of them who died recently. Once we figured that out, it seemed wrong to disturb their peace with our curiosity, so we got back in the car and headed off.

  3. Oh we haven’t had a picture tour for ages!!! (From you or RR) I love the blue of our skies, it’s pure and clear. Our bush is all straw as well, the green is fading fast.

  4. The colour of the sky in your photos is so striking! I’ve only been to Young a couple of times (for cherry picking, of course!), but I really like the township and the trip to and from.

  5. Beautiful shots! Looks quite a bit like California in the late Spring… Love your new blog, but I need to find your new RSS feed!

  6. The photos are fantastic. The one of the cemetery reminds me of roadtrips to Adelaide with my family. Mum would always point out the death centre of the town. Now that I am a nurse, on the couple of trips we’ve done she points out the hospitals as we go past as well!

    I will try to keep the cool blue sky of your photos in mind this afternoon while I sit in my dark house with all the windows, curtains and doors shut to try to keep the place cool. It’s 28 degrees in here at the moment, don’t think it is working.

  7. yep only at Wombat . great pub tho … .((.plus my parents would have driven past mums donkeys ….LOL))
    its extemely green over that way as they received huge amts of rain over xmas 5-7 inches depending on where you live ,
    OHH… wait….. bells there is something else at wombat ..a WOMBAT ON A ROCK just opposite the pub ….LOLOL.

  8. I think I’ve only been to Young once that I remember, for a wedding where I hardly knew anyone. (I was there to keep the bridesmaid company – the things we do). I love your photos, especially the knitting ghost! I find cemetaries fascinating. I once spend ages wandering through Waverley Cemetary in Sydney, it has an amazing site right on the coast.

  9. I love going home too – seeing the countryside (although the constant dryness and empty dams make me a bit sad too) – but driving along the so-familiar roads, seeing the landmarks which tell me we are nearly there, it brings back so many memories and makes me just a little excited to be nearly home, even though it’s a town I could no longer live in because there’s just nothing there.

    I love old cemetaries too – I often wander around when we go to visit Dad, and think about all the back stories behind the graves and inscriptions.

  10. Love wandering through cemeteries. Loved it when I was a child, so interesting. Maybe that is what started me with genealogy, so that now I have an excuse – to find rellies.

  11. I agree with alwen, the blue sky is gorgeous. But my favorite part is that the road is named Wombat. And the hotel is Wombat Hotel. I just like that word.

    Drives like that are so relaxing and peaceful. I love them. I can’t wait for the warmer weather so we can head out again.

  12. Except for your red oxisols, a lot of that looks like Michigan in the summer! What a treat to see your blue sky. It’s been a pretty gray and snowy week here.

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