There Goes Sunday


I took this photo a few minutes ago, the first time I’ve stepped outside since much earlier in the day. The concrete is scorching, everything is wilting but inside we are behind closed curtains, keeping up the fluids and watching TV. Today, we finished Series 2 of The Wire. That’s kind of growing one me but really, today I’d watch anything as long as I could stay inside.

I’ve been knitting but it’s been one of those knitting days where you have to chalk the whole thing up to GaaK. What’s GaaK? If you read RoseRed, you might recall a few months ago she coined the phrase GaaK. It means Growth as a Knitter. And there are days when it’s quite apt. Here you will see all that is left of several hours of attempting to start Eunny Jang’s Anemoi Mittens. Two balls of Knit Picks Palette in Lipstick and Cream. Honestly, should it be so hard?


I set out to learn the tubular cast on, as per the pattern, and that was fine. I mastered that quite nicely over the FOUR TIMES I began the mittens and got almost an inch into the cuff. It seems nearly everyone on Ravelry has had the same problem with these mittens. Starting on 2mm (size 0) needles on 56 stitches makes for some tiny, teeny cuffs. Four attempts at upsizing and I put it aside for the day in favour of something easier. GaaK indeed. At least I got a new cast on technique out of it. Let us not discuss this further.

So, to something cooler than mittens, how about a great summer dessert? This is a dessert that Sean and I have used numerous times over the years and we dragged it out again as a ‘bring along’ dessert to George’s house last week.

If you don’t like yoghurt or berries (yes, RoseRed, I’m looking at you) then this Jamie Oliver recipe will be a bit of a turn off for you. If you do like those things, then perhaps you’ll love this. It’s a quick assembly dessert and always looks so pretty.

Yoghurt and blueberries

It’s Yoghurt with Blueberry Jam and Elderflower Cordial and I’ve always served it in these blue glass goblets. Perfect don’t you think? When we served this at George’s house, we replaced the Greek yoghurt with a good quality vanilla yoghurt since we’d be serving it to little people and it worked a treat.

The way you see it here, layered with the yoghurt, then jam, then cordial and blueberries is only for presentation. Once you have it in front of you, stir it all up and it’s delicious! Elderflower cordial isn’t hard to find but it was a few years ago when I first started making this. Back then it was only in speciality shops, but we found some, albeit an English product, in the supermarket. The additional blueberries on top are my modification. They’re so cheap at the moment that I couldn’t resist!

Yoghurt and Blueberries

I actually employed George’s 4 year old PJ to help me assemble these when I made them, so it was both entertaining and tasty and everyone scarfed them down. We came home and made them for ourselves the following night, using the left over ingredients, which is how I came to have these photos.

Don’t forget to leave a comment by midnight Saturday in order to be in my contest!

Sean has just cracked open some beers. Time to go sit in front of the fan.



30 thoughts on “There Goes Sunday

  1. Those mittens caused me fits. I remember one of my first posts was about those mittens. In fact, I don’t think I ever made a second one. Too bad because they are so damned beautiful.

  2. yummo! They look delicious! I’ve been looking for a relatively small colourwork project for the Ravelympics, perhaps these mittens would be a good option… Keep us updated with how they work out!

  3. Some heat would be good here right now! Its hard to imagine that anywhere else in the world is warm.

    Learning a new cast on is good, and as for Gaak – I’ve always thought that “learning experiences” were horrible.

  4. Thats a shame about the gloves, try another pattern. I can’t imagine the heat there, I have nver been so cold here in my life as we are at the moment!

  5. I just hate it when knitting doesn’t work out! I don’t think I’m sanguine enough to really take comfort from GaaK.

    Love the new blog – it’s most elegant…and it lets me comment with much greater ease.

  6. oh yum doesn’t that look beautiful in those glasses! perfect for those blueberries! oh yum, I must try that!

    sounds like a nice way to spend a hot day! I got in trouble for spending too long in my sewing room and online yesterday but it’s how I like to stay cool!!!!!!!!


  7. Ha – there is a Tasmanian Elderflower cordial which is all over the place – if I can get someone from Canberra down here (or even meet up with them somewhere) I can get some to you – It is lovely and Australian – what could be better!


    I know your pain – but at least you have the tubular cast on all set now….

  8. Pity about the mittens but a big yay for the tubular cast on. I havent tried that cast on before but hopefully one day. We had a hot day yesterday but today is the scorcher with 43 expected, and me hiding inside all day knitting some more socks! Those desserts look great, and I think the goblets make them look extra delicious.

  9. Shame about those mittens, I’ve been eyeing them up. Maybe I’ll leave them for a while now!

    Those deserts look fantastic, and the blue glass dishes just make them perfect.

  10. The post about actual knitting I don’t get, but the post about travels and cooking I love. I am sure the knots and string stuff makes your life complete though because you seems to write about them a lot. well done.

  11. It looks delicious, and absolutely beautiful in those glasses! You’ve reminded me of the struggle I had with the Anemoi mittens. I must say though, now they’re done, that I totally adore them and wear them all the time.

  12. Oh, no! That’s too bad about the anemoi – I totally love them and have intended (for a while now, obviously!) to make them someday…. I guess maybe I shouldn’t, though!

  13. The desert is beautiful and looks yummy but I am not a fan of yoghurt. I eat it because it’s good for me but I don’t enjoy it. Everyone said to try greek yoghurt and Pk loves it but I still think it’s not for me.

    I’m sitting here at 9 am and my toes are cold already. I’m sorry you’re so warm and it’s a good reminder to me that our cold january is NOT going to last forever.

    I’m going to turn on the space heater and spin this afternoon. I wonder if I could steal GaaK and make it GaaS? (growth as a spinner) Somehow, GaaS has a strange sound to it.

  14. I like you stayed in side today, cranked up the air con….stitched up my jumper and baby items and got started on some bootees. Bad luck with having to start the mittens so many times and still no joy with them. That dessert look delicious, blueberry’s are so nice.

  15. It’s entertaining me to think of you wanting to be inside because it’s so hot as I sit here wanting to be inside because it’s so cold – I love how opposite our lives our – it’s a good reminder that summer will come again. I look forward to trying this dessert then in the meantime I’ll make rice pudding 🙂

  16. The dessert looks so yummy & the presentation is great. I love blueberries but they are so expensive here in Perth. A friend is taking me to a blueberry farm & we can pick fresh ones for $6 per kg.

  17. I love most berries (but not blue berries) and yoghurt is okay as long as it’s the Greek variety; however your dessert does look pretty in those glasses!

    Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you that all the participants at my sock workshop in October were taught a form of tubular cast on! GaaK is good for all of us every now and then!

  18. i love that photo of the light shining through the leaves. yes, too hot to be out and about, and it’s going to be 43 degs here tomorrow! knitting mittens does seem strange in this weather, but a small project that’s not draping over you is a great idea. and so of course is that dessert, sounds like a lovely combination.

  19. I saw Jamie make those on TV, I think and the cordial was impossibly to find, but I have bought it in the supermarket too, in a beautifully shaped green glass bottle. It looks especially lovely in those goblets and there really is nothing ,like child labour for assemblage of food items!!
    Bah humbug about starting the mittens. Once you are over the starting hump you’ll be fine. It’s hot here too, too hot for any of us….hotter tomorrow. I am grateful that Gilly helped me with the tomato plants last week by digging them up because my next door neighbour’s are all being cooked by the heat.

  20. I do feel your pain, as I’ve grown as a knitter this weekend too. I got almost to the end of Eris (down to the hem splits) then decided that it was too big and was never going to either fit or suit me.

    However, I have cast on for Solaris using the same yarn, and it seems to be going well – so far…

  21. Oh geez, bummer about those mittens…but hurrah for the cast on!

    Yeah, not my kind of dessert, but it does look extra pretty in the glasses!

    Oh, it was a hottie here today too, although a nice breeze helped cool things down a bit. Wish I could have a beer though, that’d go down nicely!

  22. Sorry about Anemoi, Bells, but I’m glad to learn from your experience. These have been on my to-knit list for awhile, but I think I’ll leave them to marinate a bit longer!

    I’m knitting another Eunny Jang pattern at the moment, her Print O’ The Wave, in KP’s Shadow laceweight (merino) in the Sunset colourway. This may be my oldest WIP, and I’m finally making good headway. In fact, I’ve started the knitted on border…hooray!

    Finally cooling down a bit tonight, after another scorcher. How about for you? We’re down to 23 C. with a nice breeze!

  23. so sorry to hear about the mittens. im glad you mastered the tubular cast on, not only because i need to learn it, but for the Gaak. Still, a most disheartening day. I feel your pain.

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