Winners. And cashmere.

It was so great to read all the entries for the contest this week!

The thing I love most about holding a contest, apart from the fun of giving stuff away, is that it brings people out of the woodwork. Commenting on blogs takes time. Trust me, I know! I try and do it a lot but have you seen my blogroll over there in the sidebar? Keeping up with reading and commenting is hard!

But we all appreciate comments when they come in. That great mix of long time readers, who become a community is occassionally punctuated by comments from readers never before heard from and that’s a thrill! It’s all part of the conversation.

So there were 89 entries in my contest and I chose three winners. One very local. One a little bit local and one very far away. That wasn’t deliberate. It’s just how the numbers came up.

First up we have

Lea of Knitting Sprouts! She’s very local. About two suburbs away so there’ll be no postage required on that one!

Next we have

Dianne of California Girl in Oz – she lives a couple of hours up the road and Dianne has on occasion worked as yarn mule for me on her trips back to the States. I’m only too happy to be giving something back!

Finally, when this name came up, I was extra happy!

It’s Jodi from The Drunch. Do you know the Drunch? No? You should. Jodi and I go way back – she’s mother to four boys under four, including a set of triplets and I’ve been reading Jodi since the days when her boys were much, much smaller and life was really challenging. Now she’s got her new site, and it’s fantastic because Jodi is really funny, really smart and shares in a really accessible way what life is like with a den of four little boys. Jodi also talks about her other loves like writing with occasional dips into stuff ranging from the serious (like marriage) to the lighter side, like make up. I love it!

I’ve been meaning to put the spotlight on her for a while and now I have the chance. Jodi also took up knitting late last year and watching her discover just why knitting is SO GOOD is great fun. She’s recently launched into knitting socks and I’m incredibly impressed at how fast she’s trying new stuff!

So winners, I don’t know what I’m sending you yet. Be patient while I think a little bit about each of you and what I think you’d like. I might take a little while because I really want to get it right.

* * *

Now about the cashmere in the title. Want to see it? This is it.


This was given to me last year by RoseRed. It’s 2300yds of pure cashmere from Colormart. All through December, I was longing to cast it on once the Christmas knitting was over. It was going to be the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace and it might well be, but not yet.

Over the break I spent two agonising hours one morning trying to cast the damn thing on. I hate the circular beginning of a shawl. I tried several different techniques but one after another failed because I might as well have been knitting with ten thumbs. Between that and the Anemoi mittens I mentioned in the last post, it’s not a good time for me at the moment, knitting wise. Something is a bit amiss. Maybe it’s just the heat. It’s been 38C (or 100F) today. Who can think of much with temperatures like that?

I guess we all have bad knitting periods. It’s not like I’m not knitting anything. I have a gift on the go for my sister but it’s the tricky stuff that’s eluding me right now. I’ll just have to be patient.



32 thoughts on “Winners. And cashmere.

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  2. Bugger! I missed it! I’ve been on holidays, so maybe next time 😉

    In the heat I’ve been madly crocheting, but I’ve been longing to start playing with a skein of Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere that needs to be wound, so if I can convince my long-suffering skein holder (husband), maybe I’ll get to start soon! It’s destined for the Lily of the Valley Scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia, which I’ve been drooling over since getting the book a month ago….sigh. Soon, very soon!!

  3. Lucky duck winners!

    The colour of that cashmere is looooovely. It’s annoying when knitterly things just don’t click, but I think you’re right, it’s too hard to concentrate when it’s so hot.

  4. Yay for the winners!

    Your cashmere, just like I said last time, is simply divine.

    I would recommend that you hold off the good stuff until maybe the Easter holidays or ANZAC weekend… when it is cool enough to appreciate the fibre. You should be knitting in silk or cotton and the moment… or crocheting instead. It’s just too hot there.

    Hope the cool change comes through soon!

  5. Part of me always chuckles when a non-knitter says ‘oh, it must be so relaxing!’. Because it is, until something goes wrong and then has the poor grace to keep going wrong and you want to chuck the whole mess at a wall or just scream at it or something really crazy. Not much relaxing in that. Sometimes you just need to sneak up on something wrong from the side and then tackle it when it’s not looking (did that make sense? it sounded so good in my head), and sometimes you have to just give up, burn the thing under the light of a full moon, and toss whatever remains into a local pond.

    Also, the cashmere is lovely. Absolutely lovely. And now Momolla’s ordered some, and I have double yarn envy. I’m thinking that with this next paycheck, there will be some stash enhancement.

  6. I actually meant to leave a comment when you asked us to, but didn’t get around to it. But I guess it isn’t too late, so I’ll just say now that I really love your blog – it’s so funny and warm and full of useful knitting stuff. AND you’re a fellow Tori Amos fan 🙂

  7. circular cast ons are a pain. I’d advise looking at techknitter, but they’re still a pain. Luckily they soon turn into big circles, which can also be a pain. But circular shawls are beautiful. Don’t they say something about pain and beauty?

    Leave it till it cools down. And I forgive you for not picking me for the contest.

  8. Congratulations to the winners, I’m sure you’ll find something special for each of them.

    I totally understand about the knitting frustration at the moment, I’ve been going through the same thing, so finishing up a project that has been sitting around for too long is now taking place! The cool change will come and your knitting mojo will be back no worries.

  9. I am very impressed by your desire to sit down and think what each would like rather than sending something you had already decided on! So, congratulations to the winners: you are doubly blessed by such thoughtfulness.

  10. Woo hoo!!! I’m so excited to be a winner on your fabulous new site. And your description of The Drunch was extremely flattering. I thank you most sincerely. As to your cashmere…it looks dreamy and I cannot wait to see what you come up with for it. However, the thought of knitting cashmere at extreme temperatures? Not so tempting. But if anyone can YOU can, Bells! XOXO!!

  11. Lovely lucky winners! that cashmere is gorgeous. i feel for you with the cast on and stuff. I had a moment like taht recently, well days of it actually. All my knitting was rubbish. Sometimes it just goes like that.

  12. tubular cast on? extreme heat? sounds like a bad mix. Try some garter stitch, or stockingette socks to get over the hex.

  13. Aww nice – congrats to the winners – and I should think simple knitting only is definitely required in those temps – if only we could balance things out a little – but the cooler weather will be back with you some day!

  14. Sometimes things need to percolate in your brain for a while until they make sense. I find it interesting that sometimes I can pick up something that I previously couldn’t do and suddenly it falls into place.

    The cashmere is gorgeous. I want some! Now I’m off to colourmart and see if I can find a good deal…..

  15. Oh, I struggle with circular cast ons too! It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? The cashmere us magnificent, and will wait for your knitting planets to re-align:)

  16. bah the heat has hobbled me at the finish line.

    You will get the cast on eventually and then it will be all – what was I thinking.

    And I just need to add Mmmmm Cashmere!!!

  17. oh yes, it’s great to get comments and feel that something you’ve written/pictured strikes some kind of chord with someone, or is at least vaguely interesting! i for one really appreciate the time you take to comment – makes my day to find a bells comment!

    the weather has been vile, certainly no time for challenging knitting. maybe cotton dishcloths (which is what i feel like after this heat!). that cashmere is truly beautiful and will in its own time transform into something wonderful under your direction!

  18. Well, that is just too cool for words! I won! Thanks for letting me be a winner, Bells!

    I know what you mean about the circular cast-on. I can do it, but I’m never 100% happy with how it looks.

    I’m suffering pangs as I progress on my Print O’ the Wave Shawl, because it’s now certain I’m going to run out of yarn on the knitted-on border. Don’t know if KnitPicks still carries the Sunset colourway in the Shadow laceweight, but I think I’m about to find out! Good thing we’re going to California next month!

    I’m working away on he paper-pieced quilt at the moment, too…see my blog for pics…but BOY do I dislike paper-piecing. So messy and fiddly…never again!

  19. Lucky winners!

    Mmm cashmere…I can help with that circular cast on – if you want…although I’ll totally get it if you want to do it yourself – it’s all about the GAAK hey!

  20. yay for fabulous winners. commenting is hard sometimes for me and i have a blogroll like one hundredeth of yours! and i know i love my commenters. as for knitting ‘mojo’, you have been knitting lots of complicated things lately. maybe you need to do some mindless stocking stitch for a bit. in green cotton say….

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