A Gift from Far, Far Away

When I posted recently some photos of Alice playing with my Icarus shawl, playing peek-a-boo to be precise, Amy in Rhode Island wrote saying that at the same age, her kids had all loved playing with ‘Play Silks’ and would Alice like one? I’d never heard of Play Silks but the idea sounded lovely. A package arrived from Amy this week and today I got to have lunch with Fee and Alice so I could give it to her. We had sushi, then moved onto Koko Black for coffee, cuddles and playing.

Below is a series of photos showing Alice from receiving the parcel to playing with the gift.

silky1Oh pretty ribbon!

After playing with the ribbon, an impressive part of the package, we opened it. I love the furrowed brow of concentration. Meanwhile, Mummy taps away on the iphone trying capture the moment.

silky2What’s inside Aunty Bells?

It’s red silk!

silky3Red stuff! I like it!

We played Peek-A-Boo!

silky4Where’s Alice?

We found her!

Here I am! Hiding!

It was a great way to spend a lunch hour!


So thank you Amy! It was an instant hit and she carried it away with her in her pram at the end of lunch. Fee said she could tell it was going to become a favourite toy. We like to think of it as Alice’s first fan mail!



28 thoughts on “A Gift from Far, Far Away

  1. I was the first to comment on this post, but it got eaten!

    what I said was: this is one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read. It shows the wonderful warmth and generosit of the knitting community in there, and the expressions on both yours and Alice’s faces are captured beautifully.

    What a lovely gift – awww..

  2. Personally, the picture of you and Alice smiling at each other at the very end is my favorite. You both look so happy, and Alice is so plainly pleased with her new toy.

    Also, Amy in Rhode Island gets lots of sneaky points for helping introduce Alice to fibers early. Way to indoctrinate the next generation! Before you know it, she’ll be extorting fiber from friends and family and blowing her allowance on a skein of something lovely.

  3. Oh my gosh, the face! So expressive. The “what’s inside” photo where she’s poking the package is hilarious! THE EYEBROWS! EEEE! CUTE!

    A fun day, a happy kid, a lovely gift. Looks like a winner.

  4. Oh, I remember peek–a-boo!!! Make her play it as much as possible now, because she will insist on growing out of it long before you’re ready to give up the game. Love these pics of you two!

  5. What great photos!! I’m so glad Alice & Fee like it. Ours have become all sorts of things in the course of make-believe. I hope she enjoys it for many years. πŸ™‚ A play silk for every baby, I say!!

  6. Such lovely photos. It’s true isn’t it that the simplest things provide the most fun for the little ones. My son had fun playing with a paper shopping bag today! Sometimes it makes me wonder why we have so many toys lying around πŸ˜‰

  7. You’ve absolutely reminded of why I love babies … and spend so much time with little ones whenever I can. Your niece is such a cutie and such great photos.

  8. What a lovely niece you’ve got, such a beautiful face expressing so much :D)
    (And I know we have talked about this, but sitting here now, looking out on the snow, it really really looks good with all the green and not so much clothes)

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