‘Til Tuesday

Starting today, Tuesdays are to be my at home day. One day a week, at home, alone, being creative. Or busy. Hopefully both.

Isn’t that a lovely prospect? It’s something Sean and I discussed late last year and something I nervously approached management about at work. I learned from that exercise that asking is easier if you don’t approach it with fear and a sense that you have no right to ask. The option exists in our workplace policies to do such a thing, so I did it. I asked with confidence and certainty that it was something I needed to do and so we reached an agreement that Tuesdays would be my day.

So here I am. What shall I do with my Tuesdays? You might reasonably expect I plan to do a lot of knitting and you’d be partly right. But I think it would be too easy for me to spend every Tuesday with DVDs, audiobooks and sticks and string. It’s not really the whole picture.

It’s about having some mental space to figure stuff out, like where I’m going, what I want out of life. Do I want to resurrect my writing life? Do I want to change my career path?

If it all sounds a bit heavy, it’s not meant to be. But I think setting aside time to just hang out with myself and take stock, even if that’s happening while tidying the stash room or going for walks, then that’s a good thing. And I’m excited. I’m kicking off this new phase gently. I started with a brisk walk after Sean left for work, a pot of tea and this blog post, and then I’m going to wash and block a couple of shawls so they’re put away and ready for winter. Then I’ll make soup. Then I’ll knit. Or crochet some squares.

And I will be happy.

Speaking of happy, look at the writing on Alice’s outfit here? See? It’s partly obscured by her tummy but it says Future Knitter.

Alice, the Future Knitter

You can buy one on Craftster. Every baby connected to a knitter should have one! Thanks Kuka for showing it to me! Her parents loved it!



43 thoughts on “‘Til Tuesday

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  2. Enjoy your four day working week – I hope you didn’t have to put in too many extra hours to get tuesday off.

    I gotta get me one of those tee-shirts for Grandbubby the First! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  3. Yay for part-time work. Yay for Bells-day.

    Three things though: don’t let everyone you know assume that because you have the day off you have time to do errands for them. (this happens to me a lot, I get a lot of niece sitting duty on my days off, I don’t always feel like it).

    Don’t let it end up that you work a fulltime job in four days either, although other commenters have said this is good, I think it’s bad. Sometimes working part time is harder work when you’re there than you imagine it might be. They certainly get the work out of you either way.

    Lastly, don’t waste it. Sometimes you can slide into the ‘day of rest’ and not get anything done. One day a week needs a plan I think, or a goal of some sort.

    I’m very glad you’ve made this move, it’s completely deserved!

  4. How cute is that onesie and they have shirts too – humm – Might have to order my little miss one for her Birthday – that will please her dad:) hehe

    Enjoy your Tuesdays off and good luck with the walking and then knitting:)

  5. Enjoy your ‘you’ day – can’t wait to see the knitting/crochet/cooking adventures to come! I agree with all the previous posters that it’s so important to take time out for yourself and in this day and age lots of people don’t have that opportunity. Kudos to your employer as well for being flexible and realising that people have lives and needs away from work!!

  6. it’s so important to make time/space four ourselves – isn’t it funny that we do feel fear and guilt about it? i don’t think i could ever work full time again. so that’s great news for you. and, i’m just off the check out that top …

  7. Well done you! Try to make sure that this day doesn’t get hijacked by housework or errands, e.g. shopping, or you’ll find that your time is simply swallowed up by an abyss!

  8. Bells, I love that you’re getting this time for yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of everyday living and forget to enjoy all the little miracles that make up each day. Bravo to you for having the guts to assert yourself and carve out the best gift we can give ourselves — TIME!! It sounds like you had an absolutely lovely day. I think I’ll follow your good example and have a nice walk myself in the morning.

    And of course, I LOVE Alice’s t-shirt. What a perfect gift!

  9. That’s just plain fantastic. 🙂 I had considered doing something similar at the end of 2008 (and my employer was on board too), but alas my situation doesn’t permit me to now. I think a lot of people suffer these days because they don’t take enough time for themselves, to make sure that they keep themselves happy.

  10. That sounds great! I’m sure you’ll find yourself feeling less hassled when there are odd jobs to do, things you’d like to to try, food you’d like to cook and a little more time in the week to make it possible. But I forbid you to spend Tuesdays doing housework (unless you like that kind of thing, in which case you should never ever visit my house) – washing should go in the machine overnight, floors can be done while waiting for the kettle to boil, and anything else is hubby’s job. (on Tuesdays)
    hmmmm, can you tell that I don’t want to hang out the washing, clean the frypan or tackle the supermarket today, even though all three things MUST be done??
    Knit/hook on, through all free time, with confidence and self-respect – and squee over KF Babette squares!

  11. Oh you lucky girl!! An extra day to yourself during the week to do whatever you want!!

    Taking stock is always a good thing I think it helps keeps us balanced in so many different ways. I hope you find what you are hoping for in your days. Just don’t dwell too much!

  12. Funny, I was just thinking this morning as I trudged up the steps from the train station, that I would like to work less and have more time to just be Me. I would take less pay to have an extra day off. I don’t know what I’d do with it but I know I would like it. I get as much (or more) work done in less time than anyone in my department so I could easily give up a day and still carry my full workload.

    Unfortunately, we are not set up that way. Twenty more years and I can retire…….

    Enjoy your Tuesdays.

  13. I have one day a week when I only work half a day. The rest is for doing things which make me happy and feed my soul. I don’t know how I ever got along without that half-day.

    Enjoy your Tuesdays!

  14. Oh, Bells! That is sooooo wonderful! I am so happy for you – that is such a great opportunity! We all need some time and space to figure life out – that is awesome!

  15. Good on you! I know I would have jumped at the chance to do something similar back when I was working. Now I’m thinking of sending the little man to day care one day a week so I can do something similar! All the best for whatever you decide to do on your Tuesdays.

    Alice and that t-shirt are so cute!!

  16. If it’s Tuesday, it must be Bells-gium!!! That was a good film, I expect it would be awful if I watched it now. I am so glad you have a Tuesday off every week. How exciting to plan your special day and to mark off your achievements whatever they may be: knitted, crocheted, written or thought.
    Ooh Luck Alice, nothing lie being initiated into the wonders of Knitting at such a young age!!

  17. My 4-day weeks (and the glory month of 3-day weeks) were the best thing I ever did. Just having that time and space for yourself (whatever you end up doing with your time) does wonders, on so many levels.

  18. Good move. I’ve always been a fan of working not quite full-time. I don’t like the idea of work taking over life, which I’m always afraid will happen if I work full-time. ESPECIALLY if you’re not sure that the work you’re paid to do is what you really want to do with the rest of your life!

  19. I’ve been on a similar path myself and, yes, I am happy that I did take time to myself so I could sort things out.

    Thinking of you – and looking forward to seeing the creative things you come up with!

  20. One day a week for yourself sounds like such a wonderful idea. Time to take stock is a good thing, we all grow and change and acknowledging it can only make us better as people.

  21. Lucky, lucky you! I can so relate to the need to reassess and regenerate. It is exactly what I’m feeling lately. Congratulations on knowing what you need and having the confidence to ask for it. Love that t-shirt. Is it possible that Alice gets cuter every day?

  22. Yep, I learned that asking-with-confidence bit after my first was born. When my maternity leave was up (12 weeks, I think I could legally take, and we’d saved up so I could take all of it), I realized no way could I go back to working 40 hours, even though I was working from home. A bit high-need, that baby was. I think I got the confidence to make my case because I really had no other choice. I said with confidence that I could be more productive in 20 hours than a replacement would be in 40, and my boss knew I was right. (It helps to be really good at your job!!) So I worked 20 hours per week instead. And it was a lesson well learned. The worst someone can do is say no. I’m so glad you asked for your Tuesdays.

  23. As a four-day-a-week worker I thoroughly recommend it – though I’m not sure I use my day off particularly productively. But I do think it gives a better balance to work and the rest of your life.

  24. aaaaw that little top is gorgeous!! wish they had been around when my girls were little ones!

    hope you have an enjoyable Tuesday!! bit of knitting will go down well 😉

  25. I like the idea of taking a day off in the week – I hope that this semester I’ll be able to work from home a couple of Fridays a month. So still working but it feels different.

    In terms of the little outfit – I almost want to buy one now to set aside for the future because it is so cute and I know I’ll forget about it

  26. Sweet! (both the outfit and the day off!). I loved having a day off during the week (although mine was every fortnight). I didn’t do a lot of thinking (because I never really do) but it was good to be able to do jobs that couldn’t be done on weekends, even things like the grocery shopping, because it meant that husby and I had more free time as a couple on the weekends, and that was nice! I’m sure you’ll be more productive than me though!!

  27. i have a good feeling about your tuesdays! i think its a very wise move, especially the ‘hang out with self’ part. heres hoping for much peace, creativity and productivity. you do deserve it xx

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