Springtime Bandit Shawl

One of the secret projects I’ve been working on in recent weeks is my sister’s birthday present. The Springtime Bandit shawl, for Fee, who turned 28 last week.

I wouldn’t have thought to make her a shawl. It didn’t strike me as something she’d wear but she picked up one of mine last year and declared she’d love one, so I filed the idea away for her birthday. Of course, having a birthday in the scorching heat of January is not conducive to knitted gifts, but they can always be saved for later.

This means of course that the photo shoot has to be fast. It was hot here today, too hot for alpaca shawls, but Fee knows the drill.

Pale blue is definitely her colour isn’t it? Looks great on her.

Springtime Bandit Shawl

This was such a fast shawl. Ten days from start to finish, which was probably really only five given it was too hot to work on it for much of that time so I only worked on it early in the day or late at night on half those days. 8ply, small shawls are one of the best instant gratification projects out there.

Springtime Bandit Shawl

I like that it’s not really given to the pointy edges. As much as I like those, I think this shawl works just fine without them.

And I love the big leaves in the edging too. They’re huge, adding a nice dramatic effect to the shawl.

Springtime Bandit Shawl - side

So the yarn is a discontinued Bendigo Woollen Mills alpaca/merino blend called Caprice. I bought it years ago for a jumper for myself that was a failed project. It sat around for a while waiting to be something else and I think this is a fine end to the story. There’s plenty left over for maybe something for Alice, so they can match, like maybe a little cardigan or something because that would be just too cute.

Speaking of Alice, she of course had to play along. When we were taking this next photo, one of her older siblings declared ‘It’s the Virgin Mary!’

Alice and shawl

And now I want to go digging through the stash to find something so I can make one of these for myself, but winter’s a while off yet and I’ve got too many other things on the go. Many birthdays in my family occur in the first few months, not least of all Alice’s first, which is looming and I’ve not yet begun!

Flickr set here and Raverly project page here.

The important thing to note about this pattern is that the designer doesn’t ask for payment, but rather a donation to the PSPCA – the Pennsylvanian equivalent of our RSPCA instead. I am sure the designer will agree that donating to our local version is just fine.



29 thoughts on “Springtime Bandit Shawl

  1. The shawl is gorgeous & I love the color. This pattern is on my list too. These shawls are great as gifts & for 2010, that’s what I am knitting for birthday gifts.

  2. What a great gift! But I am super bummed to hear that the yarn is discontinued. My eyes lit up when I saw the color and eagerly read the post to find the yarn and color. Oh, man!

  3. Pale blue is Fee’s color (and Alice’s too!). What a nice gift that was. I think I’d like to make shawls for my aunts this year. Something substantial, not light and airy. Something I can work on and not get mired in frustration (I think the evenstar shawl will be good for that!)

  4. Lovely shawl and a fast knit too. I enjoyed doing mine last year as it was quick and easy. So what colour doesn’t suit little Miss Alice. She looks gorgeous there.

  5. Lovely! And the color is definitely perfect for her. Cannot imagine the torture of modeling it in mid-summer though. Wish I had something nearly as interesting on the needles right now. Slogging through another Fair Isle Hat. Have to finish this one and one more, then I’m going to make something for myself. I MEAN IT!!! Of course, by then it will be sweltering hot here, too. πŸ™‚

  6. It does look fabulous!

    And I think I want one too – I already did the donation when I queued it, but I might do another one, and do some for people I need gifts for

    I think a damson is in order too – and doesn’t Alice look lovely in it!

  7. Lovely colour, lovely shawl – happy recipient: what more could you ask?

    I love the idea of a matching cardi for Alice – wil that be her birthday present?

  8. Alice is all set for the Nativity play for the ten or twelve years!! She’s very Madonna-like.
    Th3e Springtime Bandit looks beautiful and the pale blue is perfect for your sister!! Such a fast knit too!!

  9. Even with those specs you got that done in superfast time. Its the perfect shawl for fee, not too trizzy and definitely her colour. Nice work bells !

  10. What a lovely gift!! I agree about the lack of pointyness on this shawl, it works without them. Also easier for your sis to wash & reblock without messing around with pins!

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