When you’re almost there

The last days of a project are great fun, I think. Pushing on, perhaps quietly setting a deadline for no other reason than you know you can, is part of the thrill of the culmination of our labor of love.

I tend to set mental deadlines near the end of a piece because I know if I focus, if I push on, the end will come really soon and I can say, ‘this will be finished by the weekend. I’m sure of it.’ It works all the time, like I start competing with myself. It’s the best kind of deadline, I think. No one is actually expecting an item I’m making for myself; a deadline is more or less arbitrary, but I know it’s been set and suddenly the race is on.

So I am merely days away from finishing a cotton cardigan I began in about October last year. I put it down for ages in the rush to get Christmas and other knitting done and well, who needs a cotton cardigan in the full heat of summer? Not even the thought of needing something to wear in the office could spur me on because it’s just never cold enough there.

But it’s February, and autumn is around the corner and I’ve got other things to get on with, so the Golden Vintage cardigan is taking top priority right now (apart from secret knits I can’t mention. Always there are secret knits, it seems!)

golden vintage

One of the nicest things about this cardigan is that the band is knitted as part of the body. It’s not added on, which was a bit plus for me because I am crap at that part. I’m yet to knit on a band that didn’t look truly ghastly.

golden vintage band

The band has more of the mock cables in it, the ones that form the band of the body and the cuffs of the sleeves. I hope my hunch that this cardigan is going to be a good one for me is right. A few more days and we’ll know.

+ + +

I’ll leave you with a pretty shot of a generously provided (at a bargain price!) selection of yarns from Ailsa of Knitabulous.

Knitabulous yarns

Ailsa and I came up with a deal whereby I’d buy prizes for my recent competition from her. I need to try and match three of these to my winners. If you’re one of the winners and one of these sock yarns speaks loudly to you, let me know and put in your bid! If two of you bid for the same one, I’ll have to negotiate! So thank you Ailsa. Your yarns will find new homes very soon!



27 thoughts on “When you’re almost there

  1. Oooh, I’ve admired that cardigan for a while now – I really look forward to seeing how it looks on you when finished. Know what you mean about the button bands -I think they’re a real pain to get right.

  2. ooh, the cotton cardi is going to be *perfect* for Autumn and it looks like you are right on track for your deadline, even if it is just a mental note, so to speak ๐Ÿ˜‰

    the knitabulous yarn is, as always, divine! Not a winner, but the green on the far left is just superb. Off to check the etsy site!!

  3. I love the idea of finishing things, and I love finishing things too! But when I get to that 85% done mark, do you think I can pull my finger out and do it?? Just slightly hopeless, I am ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s looking really quite marvelous, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the FO. And it’s such pretty yarn, too!

    BTW, I’ve fallen in love with at least 3 of those skeins, pity I’m not one of your winners!! x

  4. Your photography is so gorgeous I almost didn’t recognise them myself.

    I love the colour of your cardigan, so glossy.

    Very clever to have knitted the sleeves and got them out of the way. I hate knitting sleeves, they always feel like a needless burden after the work has been done.

    Nice work, as always!

  5. Ooh!!! I love them all and just can’t seem to choose, but if absolutely FORCED to do so my picks would be orange, blue, pink, green, red…in that order. I’m making it easy for you in case someone else has dibs on any colors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I noticed as I got to the end of the Slanting Gretel (that I haven’t blogged yet) I started going more slowly. Partly that was because I’d deviated from the pattern and was crossing my fingers it would all work out…I think I was postponing the moment of truth! But also because when I’ve enjoyed something, I stretch it out at the end. Of course, it’s STILL not done, because I didn’t get a chance to graft the underarms last night, and it goes without saying that I didn’t get a chance today. Let’s hope I get to do it tonight, and weave in the ends, and then I need to wait until Husband is home during daylight hours to take some pictures… (nothing is ever, ever DONE around here!!)

  7. Wow, that cardy is looking great…love those knitted-on bands. I know what you mean about making the picked-up ones look good. No go!

    Ailsa’s yarn is really gorgeous. Never knitted with it yet, but hope to one day. Isn’t that bright pinky-red one beautiful?!

    And as for finishing a project, I, too, set these pseudo-deadlines to finish. Love that feeling of coming down the home stretch. But then, when it’s actually finished, I do feel a little at sea…until the next obsession presents itself!

  8. I love the color of your soon-to-be-sweater. Our office is so cold in the summer that wool is not uncalled for.

    I often feel a little melancholy at the end of a project when I’ve enjoyed it. I feel the push to finish but often just a little adrift…..

  9. Oh, yes, I definitely get excited and knit like a fiend when I’m finishing a project. It looks like yours is coming together beautifully, which makes the end stages that much more enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing a photo of you wearing it, looking smug, knowing that once again you made something really cool with your own cleverness.

  10. I definitely knit fastest at the start and end of projects – though I still always underestimate how long that final push will take – looking forward to seeing your FO

  11. those cabled bands look great – i hate knitting on bands too, it’s such a variable thing that can’t be prescribed by directions. hooray that you’re nearly finished! the best thing about finishing is that not only do you have something fab to wear, but you can start something new! and those sock yarns are seriously gorgeous.

  12. I like the way you’ve described nearing the end of a project – I think I feel much the same way. Don’t the colours of Ailsa’s yarns look wonderful together? They glow.

  13. This looks really interesting and I think I need to see if on you … so hurry up and finish! LOL. PS Is this what you ended up knitting when you were looking for something for the office the other day? And how did the move go. I move seats on the same floor in a couple of weeks and I’m not looking forward to it … we’re moving to the boring view brighter side of the building and I don’t wanna! So there.

  14. They say more people drown as they are about to be saved, than n all the time they are waiting before then. I always get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach as I approach the end of a project. I am not sure whether it is excitement or dread!!
    I so hope that this is a good cardigan. Well behaved and fitting.

  15. That cardigan looks more and more amazing everytime I see photos of it. The yarn and stitch definition are sublime! And it’s just going to look phenomenal on you!

    I know about the light at the end of the tunnel… I’ll get there with my swallowtail one day…

    Those sock yarns from Ailsa are just so beautiful! What lucky winners! Am interested to see who will get what. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Sorry for the chronic overuse the exclamation mark, but I really am excited about your forthcoming FO).

  16. I have very recent experience of this push on phenomenon, I think the light at the end of the project tunnel appeals to my inner moth! I think this is going to look amazing and I can’t wait to see it. Then we can procrastinate over seaming together! And knitted on bands are so simple, I don’t understand why designers do it any other way.

  17. I think you’re being a bit harsh on your Something Blue (not to mention your button band skills!). But it is nice to have a button band knitted at the same time as the rest of the garrment, hey.

    Usually, when I get towards the end of a large piece of work, especially a garment, I put off finishing it for ages! I think it’s the thought of seaming it that makes me procrastinate. And the lure of a new project usually gets the better of me. So go you with your finishing sprint!!

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