Scenes from a day at home

I’m still getting into the swing of these Tuesdays I call my own. Last week I actually wrote a little bit, editing a story I haven’t touched for years as a way to dip my toes back in the water.

This morning I rode my new bike (separate post on that to come!) to a small vegetable shop that sells locally grown organic produce, only to find it wouldn’t open til 2pm. Oh well, there was my exercise done for the day.

I had a visit from Fee and Baby Alice (who stood unaided for a short time!) before closing the door on the world and retreating for a few hours to knit and watch Bleak House.

There’s some nice knitting going on at the moment I thought I’d share. First up, thanks for listening to me carry on like a pork chop about Alice’s birthday knit. It’s not so much that it HAS to be perfect, more that I identified at some point that I was behaving like it did and this was causing me no end of indecision. But a decision has been made. I present Helena, in Bendigo 8ply cotton (it’s called Inferno) and it’s going swimmingly. Love love love.


And because so many people seemed to think that a special handknitted toy was required, I shall soon be casting on this little guy. Ysolda Teague’s Elijah.

Won’t it be fun to give her two special gifts?

And finally, because actually my Tuesdays are supposed to be at least in part about me (it was Ailsa who said to me a while back ‘no gift knitting on your Tuesdays!’) I started a gauge swatch (sometimes I still call them tension squares, as a way to hark back to the knitting terms I grew up with) for the Featherweight cardigan. In Knitpicks Shadow (edited since Dr K asked!)


I can do this because my Golden Vintage cardigan looks like this.


Maybe I’m doing better at My Tuesdays than I tell myself.



34 thoughts on “Scenes from a day at home

  1. oh lovely! I have whisper on the to do list this year!!!!!! can’t wait to see your finished featherweight! my aunty did one on ravelry and its just gorgeous!


  2. ooh, I miss that little veggie shop. I used to live just across the road from it.

    I heartily endorse making Elijah as well, I’ve made him 2.75 times now!

  3. I *heart* Bells’ Tuesdays!
    golden all blocked, new cardi on the sticks (mmm, featherweight is calling me too!) and decisions made for gift knitting – all so very productive, well done you πŸ™‚

  4. what a wonderful array of knitterly goodness! your tuesdays sound very productive as well as blissful. your helena is looking great and that elephant will be just adorable.

  5. Both the sweater-dress and Elijah are adorable. Alice won’t remember this birthday but when she’s older and looking through the photos, she’ll see that favorite elephant and know it was something you were making specially for her. That’s a special kind of gift!

  6. Crikey you are doing well! And thanks for the elephant link, I see one of those in my future! I owe you an email life has got out of control on my side of the world!

  7. Oh, I just love, love, love the little elephant. Now I want to make one for every baby I know. You are SO productive. Good for you. And I’m really jealous of your blocking puzzle squares. They were out of them on Knit Picks so I’m having to muddle through with towels. May I ask if you will hand sew your cardigan together or if you can machine stitch it? I’ve yet to do anything with seams and am trying to get an idea of what lies ahead. Congratulations on the lovely projects, Bells!

  8. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t ride my bike right now. There’s no room on the roads because of the snow and the sidewalks aren’t shovelled (and more snow tonight!). I guess I’m going to have a Wednesday for myself. I’ll follow your example and do some knitting for myself.
    btw, I love the color you chose for Alice’s gift. It’ll look wonderful on her.

  9. Oooh, is that your blocking system? Thats a very cool idea if that’s what it is! Even I can afford some of those mats, and the carpet lint wont get on stuff anymore.

    Your Alice knits are going to be wonderful!

  10. it looks like you’re getting the hang of this Tuesday thing – I can’t wait to see your cardigan all assembled, and that Helena looks gorgeous! (there are no words to describe the cute of Elijah, so I’m not trying)
    yay for you, and enjoy planning next Tuesday’s knitting πŸ™‚

  11. You are doing so well. What a great idea “no gift knitting” on Tuesdays.

    Elijah is just too cute (I have made 2 with a third in concept).
    I do think of it as Bells’ Tuesdays.

  12. I love that elephant! Too much to knit – so little time (and I have seven days a week to knit!)

    Yes, you had every “right” to cast on for a new cardigan – looking forward to seeing the Golden Vintage finished.

  13. Sounds and looks like you’re making good progress into your Tuesdays and I’m glad you stopped going on like a pork chop and got on with knitting Alice’s present πŸ™‚

  14. I just love the slightly illicit feel of the days you have off when others are working – my Mondays are (mostly) like that. Even though rationally you know that you are not getting paid for the days off, they still seem like a great luxury.

  15. Wow – go Bells go! I like your tentative ‘no gift knitting on Tuesdays’ rule. And your ‘shut the world out’ rule to make time for knitting. I’m going to have to take some cues from you!

  16. Oh wow, your cardigan looks so almost ready to wear. I would just like one cool day from the last 4 weeks so I can knit…
    Alice is going to be very happy!!
    Glad you are enjoying your Tuesdays!!
    PS I say tension, wool and moss stitch!!!

  17. What a busy little beaver you’ve been … getting so many things done. And little Alice’s cardy is looking so sweet. That colour will look great against her skin.

  18. Your Helena looks gorgeous in the red cotton. I just finished knitting one up in some Harmony. I think Elijah the elephant will be perfect too, how lucky your niece is to have someone in her life who can create such wonderful things for her to cherish! Your cardigan looks so nice and I think it is nice you get to knit for yourself on Tuesdays!

  19. i need a Tuesday to block a few pieces of black bamboo! you are being so amazingly productive, i cant wait to see all of these new things finished and being worn. and what is that gorgeous featherweight yarn?!

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