Third Time Lucky

After I made two of the cotton Mitered Hanging Towels as gifts late last  year, Sean began agitating for one for us. It struck me as odd. He’d never before shown any particular interest the collection of handtowels and dishcloths that adorn sinks and rails around the house.

I always suspected he secretly detested them but knew better than to say. He’s generally quite vocal about the things he loves that I’ve made (he’s currently loving watching Elijah the Elephant emerge from a ball of cotton and some DPNs) but the hanging towels and dishcloths seemed to be not high on his list of knitted items to appreciate.

That said, I have seen him using them many times. The cottons cloths we use as face washers get used all the time. He washes up and wipes benches with the dishcloths, some of which pre-date my knitting life, going back as far back as 2001 when I crocheted them. I’m just so used to him praising my work that when he says nothing, I have no choice but to assume the item doesn’t do it for him.

Then I made the Mitered Hanging Towel from Mason Dixon Knitting Between the Lines and that was when the requests started coming in.

“Is that for us?”



A little while later, “You should make one for us.”


In the lead up to Christmas, I made another one. It was red and being made for Dr K.

“Is that for us?”


“You seem to be making them for everyone else. Why not us?”

“I’ll get to it,” I assured him. I think he didn’t believe me.

Then, sometime in January I cast on a new one. In a bright blue Lionbrand worsted cotton. As soon as my knit-loving husband saw what I was making, I let him know this one was for us. For him.

Mitered Hanging Towel

It turns out what he loves most about them is that they’re more appropriately sized for a man’s hands. The others I’ve made are narrower and a little softer, made from thinner cotton. This one is sturdy, wide and quite a bit heavier. Now when he dries his hands, I can look on with satisfaction knowing there’s room for his hands to get properly dry.

Who says romance is dead?



21 thoughts on “Third Time Lucky

  1. These are great hand towels, I’ve just knit 4 in a week! Two as gifts, and then two for us. I love them – and Hubby likes them for the same reasons as Sean.

  2. Helen, do you think if I made a few of these my husband and sons would clean more often? I think we both know the answer to that one! They’re lovely and I just may make a few anyway.

  3. Fantastic. I really should try knitting up washcloths and handtowels. I’ve never done that before… and that looks very squishy and effective, and what a beautiful colour…

  4. Peter Kevin has asked me to make him some face cloths since I made some for my aunts last christmas. He really liked the way they felt. I’ve been putting it off. Maybe I’ll let your towels inspire me to make him some.

    I love the color!

  5. Isnt it great when your man loves what you knit, although I cant see my partner being excited about a hand towel unless it was hanging outside in the garage for him to use all the time! Your handtowel looks great, I really must get around to knitting up that pattern as I have the book sitting on my shelf!

  6. That’s a lovely hand towel & I am sure Sean must be very happy to have one at last. My husband loves wearing my hand knit socks & always ask for a pair before winter.

  7. It’s so nice when you know that your man appreciates the knitting. For me, I am more flattered when he comments on my knitting than when he notices me. Weird, huh?

  8. its the little things that keep the love alive! i love my red one, it gets used a lot by both sets of hands. i want to learn to make one too. or i could just keep nagging you like sean did and get one every christmas. and birthday. cant wait to see more elijah either!

  9. Aww! I’m such a follower. Every time you post a picture, I think, “Ooh! What a good idea. I want to do that, too!” I keep reminding myself I have a crazy backlog of projects to get through. But that looks like fun. 🙂

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