A Very Fine Swap

In a long-winded story involving changing swap partners and cat allergies, I ended up doing a small swap, just for two, with fellow Canberra Ravelry member LoveMyClogs.

In an even more long-winded story involving all the obstacles that came between us and keeping a date for the swap, we finally met up at lunch time knitting last week to exchange our swap gifts and there was a strange ring of synchronicity about it all. Having both only met once before, it was kind of eerie how similarly we thought of each other.

Consider, we both made handwear.

I made her a pair of Cranford Mitts.  And yes, fellow Elizabeth Gaskell lovers, they are named for TV adaptation of Cranford.

cranford mitts

And Gretchen made me a pair of felted oven mitts! Here they are being demonstrated by Sean with our roast lamb. Gretchen kindly made them a little on the larger side, knowing that Sean also would be using them.


They are fantastic! So firm and so beautifully protective from the heat. I was truly in awe of her skill when she presented them on Thursday. Thank you so much Gretchen!

The other weird thing about our swap is that we both use the SAME colour! We both the shade ‘raspberry’ in different Bendigo Woollen Mills yarns. I used Colonial 5ply and she used Rustic.

I think we both did an excellent job of knitting for each other.



21 thoughts on “A Very Fine Swap

  1. I’m so glad you like the Cranford pattern – your version are particularly fine!

    Some lovely friends took me to the Bendigo Mill shop a few years ago and guess what I carted back to London with me? 10 balls of Raspberry alpaca! It was long ago knitted up and given away so when I come back to Oz in March I really should buy some more….

  2. Lovely idea and sounds like both parties are pleased which is fabulous!! One question…just how thick are the felted pair and how quick does the heat come through?? I’m completely fascinated!!

  3. I just saw the Cranford series at my sister’s insistence and I’m now a huge fan! I’ll have to find these and knit them up. You do make the best stuff, Helen!

  4. the little wristlets are just lovely – I’m a sucker for them! The felted mitts are ingenioius – so much nicer (and better protection) than the bought ones with their foam padding.

  5. I love the Cranford mitts pattern – it’s fun to knit and looks so elegant. Yours are lovely. Lucky you with the oven mitts as well – they both look good and seem functional.

  6. I love that color!

    Wool is really amazing against heat. I used two layers of an old wool Army shirt to make a new hotpad for the woodstove door handle. It felt so thin – but it works great!

  7. ‘great minds….’ Those are some beautiful handknits. I love the pattern on the hand warmers. I have socks made from that stitch. I love to watch it grow. I need some new oven mitts and can’t seem to find any I like. I never thought to knit/felt a pair.

    And how fun to make a new friend.

  8. What a wonderful idea. I’ve never heard of a knitting swap (being a newbie has such disadvantages!!), but now that I have I want IN!!! I’m going to have to manage to get involved in my LYS activities ASAP. And if they don’t yet do a yarn swap, I think it’s high time to start. 🙂

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