Special Knits

After the tortured bout of overthinking I went through earlier in the month, I feel really good about how just a few days out from Alice’s birthday everything has come together really nicely. Two of the suggestions I got that day have resulted in two of the loveliest knits I’ve had the pleasure of working on.

Early this morning I finished the hem on her Helena cardigan. I do so love a pretty picot hem!

helena hem

This project has had a dream run. It’s all flowed beautifully from start to near-finish. Now I just have to get through the knitted on band and tie.

Meanwhile, Elijah is spending a lot of time like this, looking out the window asking ‘Is it Alice’s birthday yet?’

elijah - window

Soon, little guy, soon. But in the meantime, he needs to go and hide in the bedroom this morning because Alice is coming over to play while her mum runs some errands. I need to keep them apart for a few days more!



28 thoughts on “Special Knits

  1. how sweet they both look! I love Elijah’s wistful gaze out the window (only to head off to recluse for a wee bit longer!)

    and who doesn’t love a good picot edge, I ask you?

    can’t wait to hear how both are received by the birthday girl 😉

  2. Adter drowning in studying for a week or so I come along and firefox won’t show me any pictures – which means it is about to crash – again – sigh

    I’ll have to visit again later because I am dying to see Elijah – hes on my list along with Otto and Sophie, but maybe after the Ravelympics…

  3. Picot edges are so lovely, especially on little people clothes! And elijah is magnificent. I think you might have come up with the perfect gift, now that you decided you didn’t need to! You’ll have a very happy Alice and a very happy mummy!

  4. Would you consider adopting me? I don’t have ANY aunties to knit me sweaters and elephants. Just because I’m almost 60 years old doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love an Ellyfant.

  5. Oh so very, very precious…on both counts. I need a full-length picture of the gorgeous cardi please! But little Elijah just melts my heart. I’ve already cast him on (after working furiously to figure out the disappearing loop cast-on), but am afraid I’m going to have to rip him out and start again as he appears to have a distinct cone head right now. You MUST stop being so enticing with your pattern choices because I’m simply too far behind right now to do everything you do. But your pictures are so alluring I just can’t help casting it on with enthusiastic optimism. 🙂

  6. Helena looks gorgeous and the color is very pretty. Elijah must be waiting with so much patience. I am sure Alice will love them both and I cant wait to see how gorgeous she looks in your Helena cardigan.

  7. Lovely wistful photo of Elijah. Glad Helena went well. I’m busy churning out burp cloths – never thought I’d see the day when I would knit “washcloths” (but I never thought I’d knit socks either). LOL

  8. Elijah looks beautiful and he is sure to be chewed on appropriately 🙂 Loving the colour of the jacket, will have to check your Rav page to see the full effect.

  9. I do love a project that goes smoothly. And a good hem. They’re awesome too.

    Elijah looks absolutely adorable, and I can already hear the squee of joy when Alice sees him. Make sure to get photos.

  10. Hmm… are you babysitting on a Tuesday? 😉

    I can’t wait to start Elijah!! My bunny just needs a face…I was too tired last night to trust myself not to mess it up. Helena has been in my queue for ages, too. I can’t wait for the full picture of yours!

  11. they are both TOTALLY gorgeous, and perfect for little alice! i do so love a picot hem, they are totally worth the effort. nice work aunty bells xx

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