It’s Fun to Lose

Well, it’s not really but the Smells Like Teen Spirit line floated through my head more than once today.

I had only one entry to the Canberra Show this year. This. My Myrtle Leaf Shawl.

Myrtle Leaf Shawl with Willow Border

I wasn’t certain of winning, but I had a degree of quiet confidence that I was submitting something really special. Special to me at any rate. It’s something I’m really proud of, that I got a lot of pleasure out of making, that I admire as a piece of knitting almost as if it’s something I didn’t make myself. You know that admiration you feel for someone else’s work when it’s lovely? I have almost got that feeling a few times when I’ve looked it and kind of forgotten for a moment that it was something I made myself.

So saying that, not winning a place for it essentially doesn’t matter, because I love it. I made this shawl over 10 months without any expectation of winning anything but knew that I’d probably enter it in the show when the time came. I basically have a rule that says I don’t knit for the show, but if I have something ready at the time of entries going in, I’ll submit it.

I haven’t gone yet to see what I lost to but I’m informed by Drk that I appear to be in the wrong category. I can’t actually remember what category I entered but it would have been one for lace, I’m sure. I do wonder if it was obvious that my shawl was in the wrong category, couldn’t the judges be kind and re-classify it? Shouldn’t I have been notified that I, or someone else, had made an error?

So Myrtle goes without a ribbon, and that’s ok, but being in the wrong category feels a bit foolish somehow, like they might have looked at it and said ‘she put this in what category? Is she stupid?’

Mistakes can be made, by any of us. Losing isn’t a big deal. It happens to us all. But did I lose because of classification, or just someone else’s work was better on the day? I’d like to find out.So when I go to collect Myrtle I’ll seek some feedback and tomorrow I’ll go have a look at all the great work there and celebrate the friends who won prizes for their hard work.

I do think I’ll give her a go in the Yass or Goulburn shows next. Myrtle deserves to be out and about!



18 thoughts on “It’s Fun to Lose

  1. I NEED to know what the feedback is on this. From where I sit, that is gorgeous outside of all measure and beautifully executed as well.

    I haven’t submitted anything to judging yet. I keep threatening to send something to the county fair, but every single year the deadline shoots past on me. Perhaps because I always decide whatever I WAS going to submit isn’t good enough, and perhaps I ought to go for something even MORE insane…no, no, that’s TOO insane, that’s just fiddly for fiddly’s sake…well, maybe THIS…no…nooooooo…it’s got that one twisted stitch somewhere around row 54,279…

  2. To me, you are a winner to produce such a gorgeous shawl. Judging standards are very peculiar as I entered a pair of socks in our Royal Show & won 2nd place with the judge commenting that my socks looked too tight to be worn ! Did the socks not fit her & is that a judging criteria?

  3. Like I said, I’m amazed and mystified. Would dearly love to know what the feedback is, because I stand in awe of your Myrtle. She reaffirms my faith in lace knitting.

    I think she deserves a go at the other fairs – Melbourne has a big one too, but she may have missed the deadline for it…

  4. It’d be really good if you can get some feedback – judging at these shows is so mystifying. Look forward to seeing more pictures of the entries (if you are up for it!)

  5. i’m astonished that myrtle didn’t win! i think she’s incredible, both as a garment and as a knitted item (i have the pattern, and know that she’d take more patience and skill than i have!). hopefully your enjoyment of her and our admiring comments will form enough of a prize for you 🙂

  6. When I visit our local county fair’s craft section, I often wonder what the actual qualifications are. What are the judges looking for? I can’t hope to fathom that, since I don’t think plain stockinette socks are all that impressive just because someone used self-patterning yarn, and yet, those sorts of socks win ribbons. It sounds like you have the very healthy outlook that it’s your own judgment that matters most, not outside validation–because who knows what criteria anyone else is using anyway?!

  7. Obviously a judging error. Myrtle is incredible, and I covet her something awful. Glad you’re going to give the old girl another chance in other shows. She just needs to find the right venue. 😉

  8. Is your shawl not lace then to the judges?? I hope they clarify it for you, so Myrtle can go on her winning way to another Sow. I do love your Myrtle photos!!

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