Alice’s Birthday Knits – Helena Cardigan and Elijah

This morning I went to visit Alice to wish her a very happy first birthday and take some photos of her in her birthday cardigan. When I arrived, she was hiding behind the couch and came out wearing it! So exciting!


It’s quite big on her but not so big she can’t wear it immediately, and obviously this means that she’ll grow into it nicely!


Isn’t it the most adorable little cardigan? It’s soft, and drapey and suits her so well. Fee and I agreed this was the best one yet. And the weather was most kind today, for the second day of autumn, turning just chilly enough to warrant layered dressing.


I love the shaping of it, the way the shoulder increases look. And I love the modifications I made to it. Someone on Ravelry had done something I thought was brilliant, continuing the picot hem from the cuffs and bottom onto the front bands. The pattern has you do a garter stitch band but I rather liked the idea of keeping it all consistent. So I did for the band exactly what the pattern said to do for the cuffs and hem – eight rows (on a small needle), the turning row, then six rows before casting off. Easily enough sewn down.

I just made sure I kept three stitches back on either side where the ties are (casting on three replacement stitches) and so at the end, made an i-cord tie for each side and voila! It was done! About ten days’ work, in Bendigo 8ply cotton – so soft! – in a sadly discontinued colour, Inferno. Why did they discontinue it? Why?


It was pretty hard to get a photo of her with Elijah, or Stampy as he now been christened. But this one shows her having just put Stampy down in order to sneakily reach for birthday cake.

alice and cake

And I managed to grab Stampy before leaving so I could get a last proper shot, after he’d helped Alice eat her birthday cake. I think one of his (tricky to do) eyes is coming out already. I might have to have another go.


So there you have it. A special day for a special girl. Happy birthday precious Alice. We love you very much.

Love Aunty Bells


32 thoughts on “Alice’s Birthday Knits – Helena Cardigan and Elijah

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  4. Happy Birthday Alice – and how pretty she looks in the lovely cardigan – I want and Elijah too!

    Good thing you talked to the steward – how nice it is to get useful feedback!

  5. You’ve done such a great job making beautiful presents for Alice, and it’s so good to see that they are appreciated too!!
    Now it’s time to make something nice for yourself as a reward!

  6. i love your helena with the picot bands! i only saw this after i’d made mine, but i’m a bit allergic to having to sew hems – i know it’s not really that hard! alice looks lovely in it and it’s a good size with room for growth. what a fabulous elephant too. perfect birthday gifts!

  7. Happy Birthday to big girl Alice. It’s been lovely to see her grow since her arrival. The cardy looks beautiful and it is apparent that Elijah will indeed be well loved. Well done Aunty Bells, good picks!!

  8. Happy 1st Birthday Alice! ! The sweater is beautiful and I love the color. How lucky Alice is to have such a talented and loving Aunt!


  9. She looks really cute! The color is perfect for Alice! What a nice sweater pattern. And Stampy looks loved. Is that chocolate on his feet? Did he enjoy the cake?

  10. I had an awful time with the bunny eyes! It’s one thing to do a French knot on a flat piece–I’ve done that before–but to try to do it on an already-stuffed bit was rotten. I ended up securing one end up near the ears and the other under the nose, and then did the nose over it. But of course, Elijah doesn’t have an embroidered nose, so I’ll have to think of something else for him.

    I don’t think the sweater looks too big at all. The sleeves fit her perfectly. And that explains why I couldn’t find the color when I was browsing the Bendigo site the other day!! I love that sneaky look she has on her face there. Such personality!

  11. The cardigan looks gorgeous – a lovely design in a gorgeous colour (bet Jane loved it!! LOL). You may not have been able to get a photo of Stampy with Alice but I think we can all see he’s much loved already!

  12. Happy Birthday Miss Alice! I can’t believe you’re one already.

    And three cheers for her Aunty Bells and her amazing Helena (it looks gorgeous) and Stampy Heffalump (well loved already)!

  13. Happy Birthday Miss Alice. The Helena cardi suits her so well and the color is gorgeous. I love the picot edging on the sleeves too and the bottom, it makes it very girly doesnt it. I like your i-cords. I might have to do that next time too instead of using ribbon. Why do BWM always get rid of the nice colors! Mr. Stampy looks well loved already and I am sure his eye will be fixed in not time at all. At least he is well loved!

  14. Oh, I love it that Elijah/Stampy has already acquired some personality in the form of a few chocolate cake smudges. Loved already! Darling sweater. Nice job, Auntie Bells.

  15. As the mum of a cute kid, I’m something of an expert on them. So I tell you with great assurance that Alice is UTTERLY ADORABLE. SQUEEEECUTE! EEE!

    Happy birthday to Alice, and cheers to the whole family for cherishing such a sweet little girl.

  16. Best wishes to Alice, and you too. The picot front bands look wonderful. I may have to try that on the next one.

  17. oh happy happy birthday to lovely little alice! how lovely she looks in that beautiful, lovingly, well finished red helena! so glad stampy is a hit as well, with the scarf that matches. all good stuffed toys have a falling out eye you know.

  18. Happy Birthday Alice!

    Look at Elijah Stampy – looks like he’s been enjoying a bit of chocolate cake too! Alice’s mum might need to put him through the wash already!! (Eyes are hard to do aren’t they!!)

    And Helena looks fab, I reckon it will fit Alice for some time yet, just what you want with a gorgeous knit! And agree, the picot edge all the way around is such a good finishing touch.

    Also cannot believe Bendi discontinued the red cotton. What were they thinking!

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