Weekend of Socks

It’s Friday night, at the beginning of a long weekend (for Canberra Day) and we are full of anticipation here for a trip away to Sydney. Ordinarily a weekend in Sydney means visiting family and friends and while that’s just lovely, this time we’re having the weekend to ourselves.

This means a hotel in the city, dinner and lunch plans and quite possibly just a bit of sitting around in pubs. It also means a night at the Opera House to see Dresden Dolls front woman gone solo, Amanda Palmer.

The perennial question arises. What to knit? I have an answer. Anyone remember my knee high socks?


I wouldn’t blame you if you’d forgotten them. I almost have. Not because I don’t love them. I just reached the point where I was bored stupid, which is silly really, given I love nothing more than a long stretch of stocking stitch to while away the hours when I need something to do with my hands and not my mind.

Things were complicated though. You might have noticed one of the socks is Off The Needles and yet not finished.


The sad truth is that when I reached the calf increases for this sock, my hands were engaged but my mind was quite obviously startlingly absent. I tried the sock on a while ago and realised I’d been a tad enthusiastic with the the shaping. It was suddenly a saggy, baggy sock around my upper calf. Not at all what a girl needs in a long sock.

So I’ve ripped some back and this weekend in the car, on trains and ferries and in all manner of venues will finish it. With you all as my witnesses, the knee high socks will be finished and ready to wear.

I’ll also finish these socks.


They are much smaller socks, in the same Regia Kaffe Fasset yarn, different colourway. They are Socks on Request, stripey socks for my soon to be six year old nephew Willem. One sock was done this week. Another will be done between now and next weekend.

What else does a girl need for knitting on an indulgent weekend in Sydney but simple, plain socks?



21 thoughts on “Weekend of Socks

  1. Look forward to seeing your finished long socks! Stocking stitch in the round is perfect travelling knitting.

    Hope you have/had a lovely relaxing weekend in Sydney town.

  2. I think that plain stockingette socks are like Valium for me (in a good way). There’s nothing so soothing as churning out lovely coloured stockingette. I have that colour way too, and am looking forward to knitting it.

  3. By now your weekend is well underway. It sounds wonderful. We so seldom go away overnight. I’m not sure why that is.

    I love striped socks and don’t own any. I think I’ll have to fix that.

  4. I do remember those socks, the colours are beautiful. The knitters’ curse: overestimating your size!!
    Have a great long weekend. People I know are off to see Tom Jones!! Why, why, why, Delilah!!!!!

  5. I was wondering when Will would get some knits from Auntie Bells in between all those little girl knits! I love the colors–and don’t you love how quickly little boy socks knit up? Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Oh how wonderful your weekend plans sound – I just sat down to write a post about how lovely Friday evenings are – all that fun to look forward to – just perfect

  7. Sounds fabulous. And I love the colorways you picked. As I ripped out Elijah’s ear yesterday (realizing upon completion that I’d knit it upside down), I was fervently wishing for a nice, plain pair of socks. My aching hands are wishing for it too. I think you’ve made the perfect pick for a vacation weekend. Give your mind a break!

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