Stripey Long Socks

True to my word, I did indeed finish the Long Socks on the weekend in Sydney, although my attempt was not without its obstacles. Early on Sunday morning, woken by the sounds of a city that is far too noisy for my liking, I was knitting in bed. When I put the knitting down for a moment and was doing something else, like reaching for the TV remote I think, I leaned on the needle – a 2.25mm knit picks harmony.


No more needle.

Thankfully we’d chosen a hotel not more than ten minutes walk from Morris and Sons and so after breakfast we were able to head there and avert the crisis. I’m being honest when I say I hadn’t planned on a visit to one of Sydney’s best yarn shops while there but I’m sure no one will believe me!

Anyway, I worked on said socks at any spare moment on the weekend, including over quite a few beers at the Lord Nelson Hotel at The Rocks and at the Amanda Palmer concert at the Opera House. All the way through the show! You’ve gotta love a sit down concert where listening is everything. It’s perfect for a huge slab of stocking stitch.

So without further ado, seven months in the making, my Knee High Socks, with stripes. And baby. Love our coordinated knitwear!

Alice checks the toes

When I pictured how these photos would look, I had visions not quite like this. Alice was not at her most cooperative today, despite all the effort Mummy went to with her outfit.

Alice crawls away

She honestly wasn’t as grumpy as she looks here.

Long Socks & Alice

So, about the details. These started out because DrK gave me two balls of this Kaffe Fasset Regia Sock yarn for my birthday IN JULY LAST YEAR. I was then offered a spare ball by Nellie and I thought, oh yes, knee high socks, with stripes. Away I went.

Nearly four balls later – well three and a bit – I have my knee high socks and I love them. I’m not sure what possessed me to do them on 2.25 needles. I’m sure that slowed things down but it was worth it because they are firm, and solid and will hopefully stay up for a long time.

I didn’t follow a pattern with these so much as just took a few pointers from others in terms of how and when to increase. It seems to have worked. A few people on Ravelry have written some helpful notes and so I took tips from them, cobbled together more or less what seemed to work for me and seven months later (way too long – I hate that they lingered for so long) I have my toe up knee high socks.

And I love them. But now, I think I need an interesting pattern. That’s enough stocking stitch sock knitting for the next little while. Oh wait, I still have my nephew’s socks. Best get cracking.



27 thoughts on “Stripey Long Socks

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  2. Oh they are so lovely – I wish I had the inclination to work on my kneesocks, last touched on my October holiday – oh I wish life was ALL knitting 🙂

  3. They are fabulous socks. I love the colours, and the 2.25 needles, although tiresomely fine, make such a firm, well behaving – staying-up sock. Nephew socks will go like a flash after these!

  4. Oh they make me want to knit some now. The color changes are beautiful and they fit you like a glove, ooh I mean sock. Maybe Miss Alice is just admiring how beautiful your socks are and would like a mini pair to fit her!

  5. Those are just a testament to stick-to-it-ness! Yikes, I get bored with normal-sized socks!! I love the stripes.

    I have to take the girl’s photo on the sly. Once she sees the camera, she wants to hold the camera, and then picture time is pretty much over!

  6. Oh, no! That little crack, such a bad sound. And you know at once what has happened.

    I love your socks, and you take the cutest pictures.

    That is the exact ball of Regia I have. (Why did I buy just one!)

  7. Nice socks. It would take me much longer than seven months to knit knee-highs. You do excellent work.

    Is the comb in the one photo one of Alice’s toys? When the Goober was that age her favorite thing was a tea strainer. Amazing how fascinated they are by the simplest things, isn’t it? And, oh yeah… SHE’S SO CUUUUUUTE!

  8. I’m in awe that you did these without a pattern. I stop everything at the calf muscle because I’m afraid of calf shaping. You rock, Bells. And the fact that Alice consented to being in the picture AT ALL is a minor miracle. I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday trying to get a decent shot of all four boys together. I’ve still got the headache to prove it. 😉

  9. Wee babies are a law unto themselves. When they want their picture taken it’s fine, but wow, can they be stubborn when they don’t want to!

    Love the socks, they’re just lovely!

  10. Your weather should just be getting perfect for knee highs anyway. I like striped socks. Self striping yarn is just genius. I am going to a Los Lobos/Leo Kotke concert in March and will start a pair of plain socks to take with me. I just got some striping yarn from a club and I’m anxious to see how it’ll work.

  11. What a feat! Congratulations on a beautiful pair of knee highs! Speaking of feet, I see baby toes…maybe she needs a pair of matching knee highs like Auntie’s?

  12. Fabulous socks on fabulous legs!!! I love your striped socks, they were definitely worth every moment you spent knitting them. Alice is a lovely accessory!!

  13. Such a great colour for knee high socks!! And hey, who hasn’t had a wip or two hanging around for 7 months…or more!! As DrK said, you wouldn’t have worn them over summer anyway! I think they are great! And 2.25mm means they’ll last longer too, I reckon.

  14. they are so amazingly gorgeous!! the perfect colourway for knee highs, and i like this yarn on 2.25s, it makes such a great fabric. well done bells! you couldnt have worn them really before now, so dont fret over the SEVEN LONG MONTHS!!

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