Socks for a Six Year Old Boy

Those of you who asked for the recipe for the Chocolate Malteser cake, all you need to do is make any chocolate cake, top it with an icing that sets (I used 20g of butter and 185g of dark chocolate buttons melted over a saucepan of hot water), then go to town with the maltesers! Too easy!

As well as the tea cosy for Adele’s birthday, young Willem’s birthday was also coming up and at his request, I whipped up some new stripey socks for him as the last pair, made when he was four, were long ago outgrown.

Willem's birthday socks

The Kaffe Fasset colourways for Regia really are so good. I’d asked him what colour stripes he’d like and he said blue, which was a damn good thing since that’s what I’d bought, again from Kemps in the UK for next to nothing.

We babysat Willem on Saturday night while his mum and dad went to the football and after bathtime, we put the socks on with his PJs. Pulling them on he declared, ‘Abracadabra! I’ve got stripey socks!’

will's socks

As you do.

This was my second time of winging it with toe up plain socks and the recipe seems to have worked. They’re probably slightly big for him but that’s ok. Better than too small.

On 2.75mm needles cast on 16 stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast on.

Increase every row until 24 stitches.

Increase every other row until 52 stitches.

Knit until foot measures 5cm. Increase on one needle until 52 stitches on that needle.

Work a gusset heel according to Wendy Johnson’s instructions in Socks from the Toe Up.

Knit until leg measures 6cm. 1×1 rib cuff for 1cm.


And they only took one ball of the Regia yarn so I reckon I’ll make a spare pair for him!



20 thoughts on “Socks for a Six Year Old Boy

  1. Bells! Thank you for introducing me to Kemps. I can’t believe how cheap the clearance yarn was. I got some rowan bamboo tape that I have been hunting for for less than $10 for 6 balls!


  2. Aw, just look at that face – what a cutie! I bet he loves them (as he should, they are GREAT!) Love the cosy, too – and the cake. Ahhh, that cake. YUM.

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  4. what a sweetie in his magic socks! love the yarn – that kaffe never lets us down. one day i’ll knit socks … or at least make a chocolate cake

  5. Thanks for posting the cake tips, it looked awesome with the mix of dark and milk malteasers on top.

    The socks too turned out great, I especially like Willem’s cheeky expression!

  6. Willem looks quite happy with his blue stripey socks. I am going to have to try a pair toe up one day! Your cake did look delicious and thanks for the advice. I may have to try that out very soon.

  7. I hope my kids want socks for their birthdays… but I fear it will be “Shoes!!!” for my now-1yo daughter and “a metal band saw like Daddy” for the boys… lol.

    And why shouldn’t Willem lovem? Those socks are undeniably cool.

  8. What lovely socks, but they lulled me into a false sense of security. My eyes started at the toes and slowly moved up, to the cuffs, where the stripes Stopped Matching!!!!! Oh No!!
    Lucky Will, and that is definitely the right reaction!!!

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