Icarus at the Opera House

Twice in the last few months I’ve had the chance to go to a concert at the Sydney Opera House. First, for Tori Amos last November, where I wore my Myrtle Leaf shawl. Next was two weeks ago on the weekend trip to Sydney where we saw Amanda Palmer, another singer-songwriter on piano. I have a bit of a weakness for piano playing women, I confess.

This time I wore my Icarus shawl and Sean took these photos which I thought I’d share. I just think Icarus looks so striking against black clothing, and the way she’s blowing in the wind makes her come so alive!

Icarus on Opera House steps

The steps of the Opera House were filling up, not just with the Goth girls in their incredible outfits inspired by Amanda Palmer, but also with people who’d come out to see the Queen Mary II in the harbour. You can see that in the background above.

Icarus on Opera House Steps

I really don’t have much in the way of good dress up clothing. I tend to wear the same tops and skirts and pants over and over. But I’m getting a lovely collection of shawls and find they are just the right accessory to dress up old standard clothes.

Any excuse to knit a new one, I say.



22 thoughts on “Icarus at the Opera House

  1. Doesn’t it look lovely? I am the same as you. Lots of dark clothing, none dress up, that I wear til the end! I need to get my act together to knit shawls I think.

  2. a couple more and you’ll be able to do an Opera House themed mosaic of your knitwear πŸ˜‰

    I think all your beautiful lace deserves such fitting background. Icarus is stunning – the colour is magnificent

  3. you look very sophisticated in icarus. lovely to see it in action. are the shetland triangles feeling left out that they haven’t been to the opera house?

  4. You look gorgeous in the pics and the shawls are perfect. I do the same thing — wear black and dress it up or down. But I don’t have any handknit shawls — though Ishbel is hibernating.

  5. Your photos look lovely Bells, I’ve always liked Icarus, will have to make one myself someday soon…….and as you say there are always plenty of shawls to be made to dress up any outfit, I know my list is outrageously long πŸ˜‰

  6. What beautiful photos – you looked lovely in your Icarus – I must have a shawl or two for myself – so perfect as you say for dressing up an outfit. Also lovely gifts for the birthdays – lots close together in your family – always a challenge for a knitter!

  7. It really does look fantastic blowing in the breeze! Interweave photographers take note!!

    (and I reckon you didn’t need an excuse to start a new lace shawl!!)

  8. Oh what a beautiful colour and style! Icarus really suits you Bells!

    Speaking of piano playing song writing females – are you going to Regina Spektor? I know you’ve only found her recently, but when I got my tickets I thought of you.

  9. Your shawl looks gorgeous on you. I am sure another shawl will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe so you can have another choice to wear! I have only knit one lace project so far but I do plan on one day knitting another!

  10. thanks for the comments — can’t wait to see that cardi all done up – and on the new one, I’ll need a tester if you are interested…..

  11. that colour is just so perfect for you, and you really do have a way with wearing shawls. i dont think i could carry it off. look forward to seeing many more!

  12. And I was just thinking how cute your “standard” outfit was. I love the pleats in your skirt. I don’t know if it’s my complete lack of waist or my knock knees but this is a look that I’ve ALWAYS loved but has NEVER loved me back. Green with envy. Also that you can knit lace. I’m working one in ARAN now that I’ve shelved the mohair. I’ve had to pick out and knit every row twice. I think I might be lace-challenged. πŸ˜‰

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