Selfish, monogamous knitting

This week, I’ve engaged in what I think is a well deserved bout of selfish and entirely monogamous knitting.

After handing over the gifts to my nephew and sister, I stopped and thought about how it’s March and already, the bulk of my knitting time this year has been devoted to gifts.

I’ve loved it, really. Showing the people I love most how much I love to make things for them is really one of the things I enjoy most about being A Knitter. But given the short time frames I gave myself in some instances, it’s been a little trying at times as I raced the clock. But it’s not a bad output.

Gift knits

1. Willem’s birthday socks, 2. Rosy Posy Cosy, 3. Alice in the Helena Cardigan, 4. elijah – window, 5. cranford mitts, 6. Springtime Bandit Shawl

But enough’s enough. Time for me to get on with some delayed cardigan knitting. Autumn in upon us and I’m so far sans new cardigans. While my Golden Vintage waits to be sewn up, I’m knitting wholly and entirely on my Featherweight Cardigan in Knit Picks Shadow (colour Basalt Heather).


As far as cardigans go, you can’t beat this for its go-everywhere-ness. Literally feathery in its weight, all in one piece and ultimately very plain with its ongoing stocking stitch design, I’ve worked on it every morning in the car, on the way home on the bus, over coffee and drinks and lunch and dinner. Everywhere. And I imagine that’ll continue when I get to the sleeves and the band because it stuffs into a small project bag with ease and can be picked up and put down again and again.

And I’m not stopping the monogamy til it’s done. Probably. Never say never.



19 thoughts on “Selfish, monogamous knitting

  1. You have been very busy with your knitting this year, and it is all so lovely. Cardigans are great for when it is cooler, can go most places and over most clothes. Keep going with it, it will be all done soon.

  2. You have made so many beautiful gifts & it’s time that you consider yourself. The FW cardigan is a great project & I love it too. I have made 2 so far & will not hesitate to make another.

  3. I think all of us should do more selfish knitting! That is one of the loveliest sweaters around — and I admire those of you who have the diligence to do a fingering-weight sweater.

  4. I do like that sweater!

    After I learned to knit it was years before I thought of knitting for myself. Seriously. Not even a hat. I think mittens was the first thing, and that would have been…at least three years in. Can that be right?!

  5. And just in time for fall, for you! It looks very soft and warm. I love yarns like that.

    (That’s the main thing I don’t like about the internet, not being able to smoosh things and feel them.)

  6. i know, it’s always hard to combine knitting what you want, as well as what you want to make for others. the feathgerweight is a lovely design and perfect knitting for autumn. love your choice of yarn, and really looking forward to seeing it soon.

  7. I’m crazy over this cardigan. And in awe of your output!!! I have to admit there’s an earless Elijah crammed in a knit bag right now because all those m1 rights and m1 lefts were just killing my hands (perhaps I shouldn’t knit so tightly?). And then there’s the abandoned mohair lace. Now I’m onto the aran dress. Come to think of it…I’ve only managed a pair of socks for the whole year! I’m going to slink off and be ashamed of myself for a while. 😦

  8. Wow – that is a HUGE output for so early in the year! You are definitely entitled to some “me knitting.” Love that cardigan, and it sounds like the type of knitting that is right up my alley these days. Off to queue it. Can’t wait to see yours!

  9. Race ya! Seriously I am finding it hard to knit anything else but this myself at the moment, and hence am surprised at how quickly its getting done. Funny that. This is going to look lovely on you, so keep on being selfish. I think you’ve earnt it!

  10. I love KnitPicks yarns and that color is truly a “go with everything” one. I’m positive you will enjoy that cardi for a long time.

    I admire your attempt at monogamous knitting. I have so many things I want to make that I sometimes have difficulty focusing on just one.

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