Out with the old

Or as Dr K says, The Toilet Post.

Something a little bit exciting (for us anyway) happened here yesterday. After loathing our toilet tiles for the nearly four years we’ve lived here, we finally got new ones – and a new loo! I wasn’t going to post about this but RoseRed assured me that before and after photos are always fun.

In this case, I think I would now agree. I was born in the 70s but I don’t remember them vividly as icons of bad fashion. Thankfully some houses still display the gross vulgarity of the decade in all its gawdy glory so that we can be reminded. I present, the before photo.


Horrible huh? Note how the skirting tiles aren’t even a close match. They’re in fact left over from the bathroom tiles, circa 1977. Note that some close to the toilet are in fact lifting by themselves. That started right around the time we decided to re-do the room, as if somehow they knew that their days were numbered and wanted to get out before we removed them.

And here, after much deliberation and the work of some nice but non-communicative tradies, is the after shot.


A million times better! I mopped them this morning, to get rid of the debris, and it was the most pleasurable mopping experience I’ve ever had in my whole life, and I say that as someone who despises housework.

This little venture in renovation land was an experiment, to see if we enjoyed the experience. The experience? Not really. The result? Definitely. And I guess that’s why people do it.

Oh and psst, don’t tell my Featherweight Cardigan, but I’m seeing someone else. It’s the Triinu Scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia and I am very much enjoying having a bit on the side.


Jaggerspun Zephyr in Peacock. Yummy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Dr K is here and we are watching Black Books. Also, she’s having a contest with a beautiful prize. Check it out.



32 thoughts on “Out with the old

  1. hehe the tiles remind me of my parents place. They have orange kitchen benchtops with dark brown tiles and woodwork, so gaudy 70’s interior design brings back fond childhood memories. Having said that, the new tiles look great, it looks a lot less busy.

    The lace is looking lovely, the colour is beautiful!

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  3. Rose Red is right; before and after pictures are always fun. It is such a nice feeling to have one’s loo nice and neat and easy to clean!

    Monogamy to a featherweight seems unreasonable! Of course you need some variety.

  4. very tasteful toilet photos! as much as i like retro, i think that the 70’s was not a great period for tiles (or colour combinations). your new tiles look very smart, and that lace knitting is delectable. i think it’s good to have a lace project on the go as well as a plainer one.

  5. For the want of a better inane comment – “oooh! Shiny!”

    New loo looks quite sleek and modern, and that triinu is going to look absolutely amazing – what a beautiful colour!

  6. Fantastic redo. The new tile is very nice, and I know how hard it is to clean that old kind of tile from experience – we have similar ones in our house from the same era. Ugly. Never redid them, but dreamed about it. I’m sure it makes a giant difference!

  7. Must be something in the air, my parents have just had their toilet floor retiled and a new loo put in!
    The scarf looks beautiful, I particular like that colour.

  8. Wow! Now that is a lovely transformation. And you’re right – most of us do it for the result not the experience! Thanks for sharing; RR was right – before and after photos are exciting.

    I, too, despise housework! Oh, the time that could be spent on other pursuits!

    I was going to buy “Knitted Lace of Estonia” from a well known Sydney yarn store the other day but it was 40% more than buying it from the Book Depository so I left it there.

  9. Oh, see what you mean, a million times better! (Didn’t quite understand why you were so excited on twitter, but seeing the before, I’d’ve been excited too!)

  10. the new toilet looks wonderful … but i haven’t decided if the gain is worth the pain. the jury’s still out for me.

    but the shawl looks wonderful … so nice to have something fun and interesting on the side.

  11. My bathroom has optical illusion 70s wallpaper that makes you dizzy when you look at it, and brown tiles and then blue and white Dutch-style ones too. The toilet is in the bathroom, as my house is from the olden days. Your toilet is very swish and must be so easy to clean. Good decision!!!
    I won’t tell the FW Cardigan about the scarf if you don’t tell the Stargate cardigan here about the socks!!!

  12. Wow – I’m very impressed! You did that all yourselves? That’s awesome! I cannot imagine the marital strife it would have caused us here… I’d need a little bit (of knitting) on the side after, too, hahahhaha!

  13. Ooooo, those “before” tiles re the same ones we had in our bathroom when we bought this place…only in blue and white. Yuck! The new looks is a vast improvement!

    Isn’t that Peacock Zephyrspun a delight to knit with? I love my Kiri made with it.

    Off to CA again Thur…unexpected trip due to family situation requiring our help. Only got back from there 2 weeks ago…feel like a pingpong ball!

  14. Oh, those old tiles were probably full of lead, too. Good riddance!! I hate having work done, but I very much like HAVING HAD work done. 🙂

  15. Speaking as a professional cleaner, smooth tiles are SO much easier to clean. You can never get all the ick out of tiles with little grooves and curlicues.

    (I never expected to be a professional cleaner. How weird did it feel to type that!)

  16. Next time? You and Sean do the time and then you will see how exciting it is! Truly. I kid you not. Tiling is one of my most favorite things to do on the planet other than knitting. It’s lovely!

  17. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing myself with excitement upon the conclusion of Project Toilet! (although I do think your previous edging tiles match the previous floor tiles in a very 70s kind of way!!)

  18. Looks great Bells, but what’s that I spy in the corner, I hope the loo rolls are in the basket and not another stash of wool ;).

  19. I would just like to report to your readers that the new loo also ‘sits’ very well! It does look great. Very good tile selection. And the triiunu is spectacular. Now where’s my cake?!

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