Golden Vintage Cardigan

Six months in the making, I finally finished my Golden Vintage Cardigan – a beautiful design by Thea Colman. Six months is ridiculous for such a simple cardigan but what can you do when you start preparing for Christmas knitting and perfectly fine, easy knits go by the wayside.

Anyway, it’s done in time for autumn now and I’m pretty happy with it. No buttons yet. I’m undecided if I will include buttons. The holes are so tiny they don’t even show up so I can probably get away with it. But maybe it needs a couple?

golden vintage2

In this photo you can see it falls open slightly awkwardly – or maybe it’s just how I was standing. So maybe some sort of closure is needed.

golden vintage1

I’m really very happy with it. I’m just not sure about the yarn. The Bendigo 8ply cotton has dried sort of Β hard. It didn’t feel that way when I was knitting with it – perhaps it needs a shot in the dryer to soften it up? It has that ‘stiff as a board’ feeling which I think is not conducive to wearing it. Maybe it’ll soften on wearing, like jeans do? Thoughts anyone?

I’m very happy with the neckline, which I improvised. Just before I began what should have been a simple i-cord neckline, I realised I’d always envisioned it with something a little prettier. I grabbed a crochet hook and half an hour later (so fast!) had a neckline I think suits the design really well. Yay for improvisation!

golden vintage neck

Also, I was skeptical at first, but the cable rib band is left open at the bottom of the cardigan in the pattern and I thought I’d try it, and if I hated it, I’d sew it up afterwards. I think it works. I think given the cardigan is quite snug, the band might be too fitted without the venting at the sides.

golden vintage splits

I only modified the cardigan a bit. I changed the shaping of the sleeve caps after I realised I must have messed them up, or the body and had to make them a little less sloping, a little more bell shaped. I lengthened the sleeves just slightly and that was about it. All in all, a great pattern that deserves more people making it. Simple, elegant design – I especially like the band. It’s knitted as you go, with easy mock cabling.

I love Bendigo Cotton – the colour is Gumleaf – now discontinued, and a gift. It just feels crunchy and stiff so perhaps it just needs to dry in moving air, like the in the dryer or outside with air moving around it on a breezy day. Would appreciate any insights on that.



37 thoughts on “Golden Vintage Cardigan

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  2. I agree with Kylie, the colour really suits you so much.

    Kylie knows of this colour business. I do not, but when people point it out I can see it.

    Love the edging too.

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  4. It looks lovely on you and the colour really suits you. The dryer does make it softer. Don’t know if you are a fan of fabric softner but that helps a little as well.

  5. It looks gorgeous (and can I say how incredibly envious I am that you have not only seen Tori but also Amanda – my 2 music goddesses in the most beautiful shawls! – Deeply deeply deeeply envious)!

    How much yarn has your featherweight taken? I have 900m of something nice for a featherweight and am wondering if it is enough…..

    • Am about to start the band (have not done sleeves yet) and am nearing second skein of knit picks shadow. Not sure of yardage but that might help?

      Amanda was great. Am more of a fan now than before. Sean was the big fan but her solo show changed my view!

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. Beautiful. Of course, I want to start one immediately, but I’m knee deep in at least three projects right now (not counting the abandoned lace). So thrilled to have our dsl up and running. Almost a full week without access to bellsknits has been it’s own sort of purgatory. I don’t know if I’m permanently the better for it, but I can say that all my laundry is done and the house is clean. But what a horrible price to pay for it! Wonderful to see you again and your lovely handiwork. I’m off to catch up on a week’s worth of posting. πŸ™‚

  7. Looks great on you & I love the color. You did a beautiful job especially the crochet neckline. I like the way you wear it open without buttons.

  8. It’s a beautiful pattern and suits you well. I think I’d add a hook at the top to invisibly hold just the top together and let the rest fall open. The crochet neckline looks like it belongs.

    I hope the shot in the dryer helps soften the cotton up. I know that when I hang cottons to dry, they come out all crisp but when they’re heat dried they seem to be softer.

  9. looks great! i’m sure the cotton will soften up – lots of people just rave about the bendi cotton. as for a fastening, i am reminded of old-fashioned cardigan fasteners, like two brooches or clips with a chain between them. that would be a cute solution if you could find any that you liked.

  10. Looks great, I’d put a closure at the top, maybe for about 10cm or so.

    Hopefully the dryer will soften it, abut I agree the fabric softener too.

  11. Perfect finish for the neckline! Stick it in the dryer with a damp towel for five minutes to soften. What a lovely, lovely cardigan!

    I’d go for buttons just for the bling.

  12. Oh Bells it looks beautiful! You have done a great job with the yarn and cardigan. The colour suits you and I kind of like it being open. I don’t have any suggestions for the softening up, maybe wash with fabric softener? Good luck! πŸ™‚

  13. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out–that’s the same cotton I just ordered, right? I’d add a closure of some sort at the top–it looks nice in that picture where you have it together at the top. I’ve noticed in my own cardigans I either just fasten them at the top, or the bottom, depending upon the fit. That one definitely looks like if you’re going with just one button, it should be at the top.

    Lovely color!

  14. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would not have noticed any stiffness at all – that’s a very pretty knit!

    Since I usually dry laundry either outdoors on the clothesline, or indoors on a drying rack before the soapstone stove, here’s my tip for less-crunchy cotton:

    I usually tumble the damp clothes, straight out of the washer, in the dryer on the “Air” or no-heat setting before I hang them up. I don’t know why this makes a difference, but it does make my cotton towels less crispy.

  15. Truly lovely, Bells. I agree that it would be good to have a closure of some kind at the neckline, because my experience with the open cardi is that it falls open as I wear it, and then the back is facing out. Granted, the back of the fabric may be lovely too, but it’s just hard to get things to lie correctly. I am enchanted by your crocheted edge and wish I could crochet!

  16. Lovely work. And six months isn’t bad, considering everything else you’ve knit and finished at the same time. Heavens, you knit an ELEPHANT! A job well done. I like the edging.

    Cotton should soften with wear, and if you didn’t use fabric softener when you blocked it, you might want to try it next time you wash it.

  17. Ooh pretty pretty! Hope the dryer makes it softer which might also give you a different feel re buttons or not? Love the neckline addition – and six months for any kind of cardi is fast in my world!

  18. I think it looks great – and what a pretty color on you, too! I’ve decided to put buttons on things these days, mostly because I find these open cardigan look only works well if you’re not moving. But if you’re walking a dog, or a kid to school, or whatever, they blow behind you annoyingly. But maybe that’s just me. Speaking of walking, missy, you – and not just the sweater – look GREAT!

  19. πŸ™‚ hope it softens up and gets lots of wear!

    Maybe hooks and eyes if you dont’ want buttons? Just a few where you need “em?

    Or some adorable vintagey tiny ones that don’t need to be closed unless you want to?

  20. I think it looks wonderful on you and I dont think it really needs a closure at all. I love the edging you added and the color looks so nice on you too. I hope the dryer works too so the cotton softens. I know if I wash cotton and let it dry inside it does become rather stiff so maybe the heat will help soften it up.

  21. Beautiful colour, lovely design. Hope it softens up to your satisfaction.

    I have four balls of BWM 4ply cotton (for future grand-daughter knitting) so I’ll be interested in what happens!

  22. It’s so pretty. Love the crochet edging! I don’t think it falls “funny” at all. It looks wonderful on you!

    So funny to think it’s autumn somewhere. A neighbor told me she’s seen some crocuses!

  23. What an amazing colour on you! That looks incredible!

    Don’t say that about the Bendi cotton though – I’ve just bought 2 balls in the Sepia to make myself the Petrie out of the latest Knitty… and I don’t have a drier… but I do have more humidity, does that count for something?!

    • i think as long as it doesn’t sit in an airless house for two days, but maybe gets some breeze coming through it will be ok. Mine’s in the dryer now so we’ll see how it goes.

  24. I love seeing you smiling! I can see lots of occasions to wear it, it brightens up the black so much. I think the crochet is a great touch, simple and pretty.

  25. Gorgeous, I love the faux cabling and the neckline is so pretty and perfectly suited. sadly, I have no hard cotton (as opposed to Fine Cotton) hints. Hurray for cardigans!!

  26. Yep, I’d pop it in the dryer, either for a little while at first (and then allow to air dry completely), or at the end before it’s entirely dry. I don’t think completely air drying (even with a breeze) will soften it, it will probably need the sort of wetter heat of a dryer for that.

    And I’d maybe put some buttons at the waistline, or maybe at the bust, just to give the option of closing it – although you can use a nice shawl pin if you really want!

    A great cardigan!! Your mods have worked out really well, the collar looks great and it fits you beautifully! Hurrah for a timely FO!

  27. it is so incredibly pretty and the colour suits you perfectly, i love your little modifications. i can see the stiffness a bit, which is weird cos it was lovely and soft on the ball. but when i think about it, everything cotton (sheets, towels, undies!) dries stiff when i hang it on the line, and not stiff when it goes through the dryer. i think thats worth a try. it would be a shame not to wear it because of that, it really does suit you! well done bells xx

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