Return to the Blue Cottage

Six years ago, just after we decided to get married, we went on holiday to a small, pretty town in Victoria called Daylesford. This week we’re going there again for a little retreat.

We loved it so much in 2004, and especially loved the cottage we rented for the stay. Amazingly, given Easter is such a busy period, we were able to book the same little blue cottage that was ours all those years. ago.

I’ve been reflecting on what it’s like to go back to the same place this morning. When we first had the idea, I wondered if it was silly to go back when there are so many great places we could choose instead, but we are in some ways different people to who we were in 2004, and I like the fact that it will be an opportunity to think about where life has taken us in the intervening years. Not too much of course, because holidays are for fun and relaxing, but I really like a bit of thinking time, too.

In early 2004, we were newly engaged, still living in our one bedroom house in the inner suburbs and we didn’t yet know that we were going to face infertility.

Significantly, I wasn’t yet knitting. I was crocheting and had made some blankets and baby clothes for friends, a cardigan or two for myself but I don’t believe I’d picked up knitting needles since childhood by that point. I remember I spent that holiday crocheting blanket squares for my yet to be born nephew, Willem, who was only a couple of months from entering the world. I even have a photo of the blanket, which is odd given I hardly photographed anything I made back then.

Gosh how poorly did I photograph that? Flash in a darkened room? That’s another thing that’s changed in the intervening years. I know a little more about photography now (but am still entirely self taught).

On that holiday in 2004, I bought some needles and some wool. Not there, but later, when we went on to Melbourne. But I didn’t knit anything in particular until a few months later.

This time, I’m returning with no fewer than four or five projects on the go and a bit of excitement about checking out the local wool shop, Purl’s Palace. I know of a few local knitters from blogs and Ravelry and hope to maybe see anyone who’s around if there’s a weekend gathering planned at the shop? Let me know if you’re from Daylesford and know of anything happening over the break. Maybe I’ll see you around?

We’re so looking forward to five days of resting, walking around, riding our bikes, exploring the mineral springs the area is famous for, eating out and enjoying the lovely blue cottage where it sits on a rise on the outskirts of town.

Not to mention the hours of knitting time on the journey. I have promised Sean I’ll do my fair share of the driving but even with that, it’s an eight hour drive and that’s ample time for getting loads done.



29 thoughts on “Return to the Blue Cottage

  1. I hope you’ve enjoyed your break. Lovely time of year for it. Tim and I just got back from a week at Mollymook where we had our honeymoon. I totally get why you’re drawn back to Daylesford.

  2. Daylesford is so gorgeous, and that house is beautiful – how lucky are you it was available?!

    and coming full circle on the knitting front is a lovely journey. Can you even imagine a life without knitting now?

  3. Make sure you get to the convent gallery, it’s just lovely. Particularly the feeling when you go into the very very very top room. Oh and my two favourite shops there are the dog shop and the cat shop, naturally!

  4. I LOVE Daylesford – in fact my partner & I would love to move there. If you get the chance pop into the Convent Gallery and indulge in the Sweet Decadence chocolates at Locantro on Vincent St.

  5. Oh! The Blue Cottage. I think we’ve found your story title. All you have to do is write the book to go with it. 🙂 And how sad is it that your worst photo looks like the majority of mine. *sigh* Note to self: find time to read the photography books you keep buying.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  6. Sounds lovely – we decided to sell our houses and move in together while on holiday in Daylesford, so a special place for us too. You are such foodies, that I know you’d enjoy the Lake House restaurant, if you can get a reservation. I had one of the best meals of my life there a few years ago, and long to go back! And Purls Palace is a gorgeous resting place – she selects her stock with great care.

    Have a lovely time!

  7. Daylesford Makers Market is on on Saturday, so you might want to fit that in. Daylesford Town Hall, Vincent street. Curlypops will be there with her clever makings as well as a host of others. Hope you have a great break, the house looks lovely.

  8. Nothing wrong with going back to a favorite place. And what a beautiful place you’re going to! It’s a lovely cottage. It sounds like a perfect week of peace, quiet, relaxing and restoring. That’s what vacations are for.

  9. Daylesford sounds lovely, some friends of ours rave about the springs there. Have a lovely time on those bikes and snuggling up in that fab looking cottage!

  10. Have a great time! Chris and I had a favorite spot in VT–the first place we went away for a weekend as a couple, and we returned yearly and eventually got married there. We’ve taken the boys there, too. It’s definitely fun to go back to favorite spots! Enjoy!!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    I’m about to have my sixth wedding anniversary too (04.04.04), and I desperately wish we could afford to go back to the same place (the Observatory Hotel).

    I hope you have a wonderful romantic time 🙂

  12. Your post title sounds like a book I would love to read, which is very appropriate since you are a writer!! The Blue Cottage looks lovely and I know you will have a wonderful time!!!

  13. Yes, 6 years can bring many changes in a life. i’m sure you’ll have a great time. i just love daylesford and hepburn springs. one day i must get organised and plan a trip. you were lucky to get any accommodation at easter time! may i recommend cliffy’s cafe in daylesford (cute, rustic, retro but great honest food) and lavendula lavender farm, near hepburn (gorgeous buildings and gardens and interesting history).

  14. have a fab retreat. i was in daylesford a few weeks ago and wandered into purl’s too and it’s a wonderful spot for browsing and buying. i can’t wait to see what you get and hear how much you still enjoy daylesford.

  15. Such a pretty house! I don’t blame you for going back to the same place, it looks great. Funny, isn’t it, 2004 was about when I started knitting again too, although I was crocheting on and off too.

    I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing all the knitting progress on your return!

  16. have a fantastic time, all that fabulous food and wine, and make sure you pick yourself something special from the wool shop! i expect to see a finished featherweight on your return. and i hope that this trip creates a whole new set of happy memories!

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