Featherweight Cardigan

Just in time for the onset of chilly, autumnal days is my Featherweight Cardigan. A beautiful project designed by Hannah Fettig to be knit in laceweight yarn. I’ve longed to make this one for some time and I’m not disappointed. I love it. I knitted this alongside Drk who I know loves hers as much as I love mine!


I’m a big fan of lightweight cardigans in milder weather and to be worn under heavier coats in winter. I might wear a heavy coat to work, but I don’t want a bulky piece under it, so those light, soft cardigans you can get anywhere for next to nothing are a great and loved piece for me. I have heaps. Now I have one I made myself!


The yarn is Knitpicks Shadow, a soft, fuzzy laceweight and I used just a smidge under three skeins. ย The colour is Basalt heather and the tiny flecks of purple in the yarn don’t show up in the photos, sadly. Very heathery and pretty.

The original pattern has you knit it shorter and with shorter sleeves but I knew that wouldn’t work for me. I plan to wear this in winter, and shorter sleeves in Canberra’s chill won’t work. I learned that last year!


So I added a couple of inches all round. I think it made it infinitely more wearable for me.

For those who think a laceweight cardigan must be the most tortured knitting, take heart in the fact that it’s knit on 4.5mm needles so it’s not really fine. But still, if you’re used to heavier weight cardigans, you’re in for a slower ride although really, it’s on piece, top down and makes good knitting for tv or social knitting. Just go on and on and eventually, it’s done.

I chose to do the ribbed band/collar because I thought it would sit better. I think it does. The blowing open in the photos is because it was windy this morning.


I will make this again and I’ll iron out some of the imperfections. I think I muffed my sleeve sizing a bit although truth be told, the pattern needs tweaking there because everyone finds it’s best to pick up a few extra stitches when you begin the sleeves. I picked up six in total on each sleeve.

I knitted the band and sleeves on holiday and to be honest it got me down a bit. It felt a bit relentless despite being my constant companion at pubs and cafes and tucked up in front of DVDs at night. Truthfully, when you’re facing a wine-fuelled holiday, you don’t want to do anything fiddly. Acres of stocking stitch is just the ticket, but it did feel relentless and not very exciting.

But then I wanted it done and I knew I had to make the most of the stretched out days so I’m glad i did it. Swings and roundabouts, you know?

Now, when can I start a new one? Maybe not just yet. I think I’ll make sure I have a new one for Spring.



34 thoughts on “Featherweight Cardigan

  1. Love the Featherweight cardi. I had every intention of making it myself, yet the thought of so much knitting with lace just sent me running for the hills. I admire your patience. It looks great on you!

  2. I’m jealous! Yours came out so much better than mine. I didnt make mine long enough and the front panels are not wide enough. What a lovely job. You should be proud of yourself.

  3. You look great in your FW. I do agree with you about the pick up on the sleeves. I also pick up more stitches & then knit them together in the next round. I live this pattern & had knitted 2 of them.

  4. It’s lovely Bells, although I’m going to have to click away now – so many half-done things to get on with!! (although I am of course going to queue it and check the mods – I’m intrigued by the double moss stitch idea!)

  5. Damn girl, that is just fine!!!! It looks so stunning on you. What a beautiful colour, and perfect fit!

    Between you and DrK, I think I may just put my geodesic down for a few weeks and hammer out a featherweight. You are, once again, an inspiration! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I really do want a lightweight cardigan but the thought of all than knitting has put me off. this one is great and may even be the inspiration I need

  7. Agree with all the above comments – the colour and the length are perfect. I had parked my Featherweight cardi because of the relentless never-ending stocking stitch but I have been inspired to bite the bullet and pick it up again.

  8. I agree this is the perfect weight for a knitted cardi – even in Canberra. It’s not bulky, so you can wear it under a heavier coat if needed, and it’s perfect for air-conditioning. Well done you – and what a great colour choice!

  9. How funny, this is the second Featherweight I’ve read about on blogs today! Both blue or bluish-violet shades, too.

    Luckily you are having more success with yours than the other one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Just a gorgeous cardy, Helen. And that colour is perfect on you, too. This one will definitely make it onto my queue! Always nice to have another use for all that laceweight, too!

  11. Lovely Featherweight and so was DrK’s. Any light cardy is bound to get a lot of wear in Oz, dodgy weather that we have! Liking it with the extra lengths too.

  12. I’m working on a geodesic cardigan just now, and eyeing the featherweight as well.

    Oh, bands…. I’m working the band on a baby jacket just now. What is it about them that just weighs on you?

    Your cardi looks lovely!

  13. I had passed this one over – the extra length makes it much more flattering and wearable, and I like the ribbing much better. I love sweaters like this, and now may have to see if I have enough laceweight in stash to make this. Lovely job. You may have inspired my next knit (provided I finish up a few of my languishing knits.)

  14. It looks so nice, I am tossing up whether to knit the bands on the cardigan I am knitting without buttonholes, I never use them anyway, I will have to see when I get to that bit. I think I might have to make a light cardy in the near future…well sometime in the future.

  15. oh I just love it! so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to make one so badly! …and you know what you matched it to your skirt perfectly! I agree on the layering!!!!!! if you wear bulky on bulky you end up sweating it out as soon as you get anywhere indoors!!!

    ahh canberra winters, I don’t miss you!

  16. I’m kind of lining them up in my head. I love your shadow one, and I’ve got some pf that (but not enough) and I love Kylies malabrigo and I’ve got some of that too (but in a poxy colour) – I really don’t want to buy any yarn because i’ve got huge lace stash but … Charmaine made one in Malabrigo pearl ten and it’s gorgeous. I could also give it a go in zephyr?

    My next one is going to have the double moss band – it’s a favourite of all the modded ones.

    I love yours – the heathery grey is really snuggly.

  17. It looks great! It’s just the type of thing I have been searching all the shops for! I particularly love the (see my lack of knitting knowledge) ribbing around the cardi. Looks like it just sculpts to the body rather than droops everywhere like my current cardi. When you start an etsy shop to sell all this amazing stuff – let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I just love this on you, and the fabric is stun
    ning. I think your extra length works a treat as well and I will be copying you when I start my next one. Which will be tomorrow! And it was so lovely to see you in it in person this weekend xx

  19. It looks amazing; it’s in my queue to make as well, but I’m in the midst of a Geodesic cardigan now, and don’t know whether two laceweight cardigans at a go will work. But we’ll see, because I totally want one of those – it’s beautiful! And yours is a great color on you, too! Love the band change also – nice touch!

  20. That’s really pretty. I’m still dubious about knitting a laceweight cardigan – even if it is on 4.5mm needles – but it does sound like an ideal “mindless” knitting project. Hmm.

  21. I so want to knit one of these too!! Such a practical cardi, am not surprised you want to knit another one! The colour is really great too! And I love that you can jazz it up with a fancy brooch to close it if you want, or not. Fabulous!

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