Matching Cardigans

I couldn’t resist.

Alice came for lunch today (with her mum, obviously) and when I arrived I found she was wearing her Helena cardigan, the one I gave her for her first birthday.

Not only that, but I was wearing my February Lady Sweater, which is also red. And didn’t we look a picture together?

Two girls in red cardigans

Note the sugar packet in her hand. It’s her favourite toy at cafes. We manage to rescue them before she consumes too much sugar and replace them with fresh packets. I’m sure the staff love that.

Me and alice

I love these two cardigans. I think Alice’s Helena Cardigan will fit her til she’s four or five. It’s so roomy but in a good way. She’ll grow taller and expand and it will just fit her differently every year. It’s almost like a dress right now. Next year it’ll be shorter and tighter and still just as nice. The cotton is wearing well.

And my February Lady Sweater is a year old now and today was its first outing for the season. It’s worn so well. I adore Cascade 220. It’s solid and sturdy and with my recent weight loss, I think this fits me even better. It hasn’t dropped or drooped and I have felt good in it all day.

After this photo was taken, Alice cirulated around the cafe tables. For her age, she’s really quite fearless and brimming with personality.ย She approached everybody. She looked up and smiled and said ‘Hi!’ in her cute, girlish voice. She shook hands and got pats on the head, with people commenting how friendly she was. Then she got snarky when Mummy wanted her to come back. We placated her with a spoon and a little hot chocolate froth. For a minute or two.ย  She’s really becoming quite the Little Miss Independance.

A great lunch outing. I really can’t tell you how happy I was that we were in matching cardigans. Such a satisfyingly-knitterly moment.



23 thoughts on “Matching Cardigans

  1. That is a perfect picture. You & Alice look so great in the cardigans. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see handknits being worn so well.

  2. Don’t. Ever. Cut. Alice’s. Hair.


    The first photo would have to be the cutest photo I have seen of both of you together. It is my all time favourite to date.

    Good work on the cardigans lady, you are a knitting superstar!

  3. Oh my gosh! I didn’t even realize it, but this is the exact cardigan I poached the bodice from for my Pekin-esque cardi!!! I swear I searched through a hundred photos on Ravelry before I settled on this one because its stitch count was already a perfect match. (11+2 and 12+1 are the same at 145 stitches, FYI). I think this one is just gorgeous, and if I decide to do another, I’m going to use this pattern completely. Love, love, love it. And you both are so cute together in your reds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Cascade 220 is wonderful. Love it!! (And who says red doesn’t go with pink, Rose Red?! She’d probably gasp at the outfits I let my children wear!! But I have bigger battles to wage than that!!)

    I have to get some pictures when Grace and I are wearing our matching Lily/Daisy cardigans. Mine is currently drying after a bath, though. Isn’t it great that Alice (and her mum!) appreciate your knitting?

  5. Yay! An Alice post! As much as I do love your knitting I have to say when pics of Alice are included in your blog it’s extra special. What a beautiful Auntie and Alice together!

  6. I love the expression on Alice’s face and am totally with her on the sugar packet habit too.
    Your cardigans look gorgeous and maybe you need a Helena and she needs a February Toddler Cardigan!!!

  7. what a vision of red knitterly goodness you both are! helena is such a great design, i’m knitting my secong one at the moment, and your fls is looking great. mine is a bit floppy and droppy, and i was just thinking i should have used a firmer yarn.

  8. That is a wonderful knitterly moment. Both cardigans are great, and it’s especially satisfying to see them a year later and know they’re still in great shape and being worn. Lovely.

    The expression on Alice’s face in the first photo is priceless. So cute. “OOoo! Ham for the camera!”

  9. I get great pleasure out of seeing someone wear something I made. It’s so satisfying. One day, your post will start out with “I had lunch with Alice today….” and it won’t naturally follow that her mother brought her. Won’t it be nice to have lunch with a grown up Alice? You are forging a relationship that you will both treasure.

  10. Awww – too cute! Love the look on her face in the first picture, too! Don’t you just love when knitting works out so well (ie. product itself and being worn?)

  11. I really should invest in some 220… And make a FLS out of it. One Day.
    You two look very swish, very stylish and as DrK said, totally gorgeous.


  12. lovely cardis made by the same lovely person! totally gorgeous. you both look great, and if i ever make another FLS (somewhat unlikely) it will be in c220 after seeing how well yours and RR’s has worn. its a great colour for you. and seriously, could alice get any cuter?!

  13. I think you’ll need to make her a February Toddler Sweater!! (and also teach her that pink doesn’t go with red!!) (tee hee!)

    Isn’t c220 the best!! I’m so pleased I made mine in that too. I just wish it’d get cold enough to wear it now!

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