Long time readers of RoseRed’s blog will know that for a long time she ran a series of posts on Tuesday each week and called it Shoesday. She wrote no fewer than 75 posts about her shoes. Seventy-five! Eventually she ran out of shoes to blog, got pregnant and presumably didn’t buy as many fancy-pants shoes anymore.

I don’t buy many shoes either and never have much in the way of that to contribute (which is not to say I don’t love shoes; I’m just not an addict).

As I can’t really show you any knitting either (because it’s all dull to look at or Secret Squirrel stuff) I have to find other things to blog about.

So I bring you someone else’s shoes. They are lovely. Adorable. And tiny. I took Alice out shopping at lunch time today for a proper shoe fitting and bought her a pair of red shoes. Who doesn’t love red shoes? Especially teen-tiny red shoes!

alice's new shoes

She was so good. She sat, looking on with what I like to think was wonderment, at the nice lady who fitted her and informed all present that Alice has very broad feet. Well, Fee and I concluded, she’s one of us. Welcome to the world of broad feet. Turns out her dad has broad AND flat feet. She was doomed, really.

I suppose they don’t really go with pink stripey socks but her mum wasn’t to know we’d end up choosing red shoes for her today. She’s in very fine company. All the best people have shiny red shoes.

She’s such a confident little walker now. She ran around the cafe in her new shoes with glee. And then she rode the escalator with her dad.

Alice rides the escalator

Beautiful girl. Every girl needs to put on a new pair of shoes and go out, even if it’s just to ride the escalator.

I want to knit her some socks but I see her so often rip off the socks she wears. Is she too young to bother with knitting her socks? If I make longer socks will it be harder for her to rip them off? I’ve made them for my nephew, Will, but he’s older and seems to like wearing them. Is 14 months, with an inclination to tearing all footwear off unless it’s tied on, just too young? I’d be interested in thoughts and ideas.



33 thoughts on “Shoesday

  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! I was thinking that stripy tights would be fab for girls but they would be a bit hot out there wouldn’t they?

  2. I would knit her socks, such a small size does not take long, or much yarn, and is so much fun!
    Alice might even think they were fun too :). If she doesn’t , one of her teddies could wear them instead. My son’s teddy has some great socks.

  3. The shoes are so lovely & I love the shine. I have broad feet too & buying close shoes is a problem as most shoes are too narrow. I think you should knit Alice a pair of socks to match the shoes. I have knitted socks for my nieces & nephews & they love wearing them, especially the cotton ones.

  4. Two Alice posts in a row, I’m in heaven! I wouldn’t bother knitting her socks just now, I’d wait a bit. Love those shiny red shoes, Auntie!

  5. Maybe you could make her rainbow socks that are just ribbing (no heel) so they’d fit for ages. Or start making her socks that will fit later and give her a week’s worth when she’s three or something ;D

    Baby socks are SO cute, but maybe not quite as cute as those shoes!

  6. Oh, the picture on the escalator is just adorable! She’s so teensy weensy! I just want to snuggle her right up. I’d say wait a bit on the socks. When she’s just over two she may actually really like them and agree to keep them on. Now I want red shoes!!! 🙂

  7. Every young person (particularly a young person grown up enough to look so confident on an escalator) deserves shiny red shoes. Some particularly discerning older people also deserve shiny red shoes.

  8. Lovely – but I made my children “indoor shoes” ie knitted slippers with knitted flowers on them – they always used to pull socks off/

  9. CUTE!!

    As for socks, I’ve found handknit socks don’t fit inside regular kids’ shoes all that well, but are great inside snow boots. I’d wait until she was older too, just because that way you’ll know if she’s okay with wool on her tootsies or not. My oldest can’t stand wool on his feet. The next loves thick socks in the winter. The third likes to be barefoot, except when she’s insisting on snowboots when it’s 70F outside. 🙂

  10. Those ARE adorable! Just like she is! I have no input on the sock thing, because different kids allow different things, but maybe if she “knows” her auntie made them for her/gave them to her or whatever, she’ll like them?

  11. What a cutie! Those shoes are lovely, I always feel it’s a shame that kids shoes don’t come in adult sizes!

    Personally I would not make socks for anyone who hasn’t asked for them, but that’s because I like to keep them for myself!

  12. Those shoes (and the wearer) are just too cute.

    Although I’m the mother of two, I can’t comment on the socks issue. It’s so cold in Wisconsin that everyone wears socks for at least part of the year!

  13. Alice’s red shoes are just wonderful and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz had wonderful ruby red shoes too, lol! My daughter had a very similar pair when she was that age, although they were black and not nice red ones. I am sure if you knit her some socks in beautiful soft sock yarn she could wear them with her beautiful red shoes!

  14. Oh yes, socks with a ruffle round the top!! Pink socks with a white ruffle, she definitely needs some. She looks so confident and grown up walking down the escalator!!

  15. Perfect little girl shoes even with the pink striped socks. Alice may be one of those people who just likes to be barefoot. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t need socks to wear out but maybe she’ll be the first to wear sandals in the spring and the last to give them up in the fall.

  16. gorgeous! i bought the same shoes for delphi recently, only in dark pink. my two pull socks off generally, but they love wearing their shoes, so this keeps the socks on. they will even try and put them on themselves. alice looks so pleased with her new shoes, and who wouldn’t be?

  17. Bells, she is adorable and the shoes … so very, very cute.

    Definitely knit Alice socks to go with the red shoes. Tell her they are special socks especially to wear with her new red shoes!

    I love taking the little ones out to buy new shoes and they always want new socks to go with the shoes.

  18. I love kids’ shoes – they have the best shoes! (Although, I do still buy way too many Mary Janes.) I say knit her the socks! I knitted some for a 1.5 year old – some Dobby socks in different colours. She thought they were cool. She’d take them off and play with them, but that’s okay too.

  19. I wish there were shiny red shoes like that in my size. They’re perfect!

    As for socks – I’d wait a while, just until she understand what they are, and the initial growth spurt (that will happen the moment you finish the socks) subsides…

  20. Perhaps in the winter they may stay on? I’ve made socks for all of my grandchildren even as babies.

    Miss 2 ( at the time), told me they were very “combubble” meaning comfortable. Her younger cousin wore his till they were so small the heel was under his instep. I’ve just handed over a pair for 11 year old grandson and Miss 7 his niece. They were meant as bedsocks which they like. They have worn them the last two nights, even the alpaca felted ones. It’s not cold up here at all at the moment.

    MIss 5 has appropriated her mother’s birthday present of ivy vine cowl and wears that to bed along with the Ishbel beret I downsized for her. She must look weird but it’s good to know they appreciate my knitting.

    So I’d say give it a go. Perhaps some shirring elastic in the ribbing would help them stay up? I’ve found if things don’t buckle or slide around, the little ones eventually forget they are wearing them and so don’t rip them off.

  21. Yes, all the best people have shiny red shoes! how wonderful to have a new member of this very exclusive club (tee hee!).

    I have no answer to the sock question – except I think it might be better to wait until she’s a little bigger and fully understands that socks on feet = cosy, not annoying! But if you don’t want to wait, knee highs would definitely take a bit more tugging off than anklets, I suspect!

  22. she is the most adorable little thing, and you are the most adorable aunty to buy her such lovely shoes. now shes one of The Best People, although i think mine are lacking some sparkles! i think long socks that arent too tight at the top but that stay up would be good for winter, harder to pull off. and in red or pink stripes. not both tho 🙂

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