Cherry Ripe Slice

This weekend, for the third year in a row, I’m heading off for a fabulously fun weekend at knitting camp. Three great women from Wollongong, the owners of the wool shop, CR&K Daisy Designs, host this wonderful event each year, high up on Mt Keira where the world is green and damp and secluded. Sadly, this year RoseRed won’t be joining us although it’s not really sad because she’s putting the finishing touches on her little bundle, who is not very far from arriving.

Here’s a look at last year.

This year, I’m taking some baked goods with me. One of the recipes, Cherry Ripe Slice, was given to me by my sister, Adele. When I wrote about it on Facebook last night, lots of American friends seemed curious. So here it is. It’s a no-bake recipe.

cherry ripe slice

There are recipes out there for fancier versions, using real instead of Glace cherries, and involving cream and eggs and baking and I’d love to try one, but here, for a quick fix, is the simple version. I just ate some for breakfast and feel slightly ill. But don’t let that put you off.

It uses a whole block of copha – or vegetable shortening. Are they the same thing? I am sure my arteries are groaning this very minute and I only ate a tiny square.


125g Copha
400g can sweetended condensed milk
250g Milk Coffee biscuits (or milk arrowroot) finely crushed
cochineal (or pink food colouring)
100g pkt glace cherries, finely chopped
2/3 cups desiccated coconut

125g Copha
250g choc bits

Place Copha in medium saucepan and melt over low heat. Do not boil. Add condensed milk, crushed biscuits and a little cochineal to give pink colour, stir until well combined. Remove from heat, add cherries and coconut, mix well. Press mixture into greased Swiss roll tin. (I didn’t grease my tin. I just used baking paper. It made lifting it out and slicing it so easy.)

Melt remaining copha gently and stir in chocolate, stirring until it’s all melted together. Pour over slice and refrigerate until hard.

This morning, I was amazed to see that overnight it had well and truly hardened up. Not surprising really, well you think of all the copha.

It’s delicious but oh so rich and sweet. I’ve cut it up into tiny squares because I think anything more than a mouthful is deadly.

I also made ANZAC biscuits, because it’s ANZAC day this weekend.


There are recipes for these Aussie stapes all over the net but here are a couple you could try. Cindy2Paw published hers earlier this week. Here’s one that works for chewy versions. I sent Sean to work with some of the excess biscuits and will leave him some Cherry Ripe Slice in case he gets the munchies over the weekend.

Meanwhile, I have knitting to sort out. And packing to do. And a visit from Alice shortly. See you after the weekend!


29 thoughts on “Cherry Ripe Slice


  2. I have made this recipe without copha – as it isn’t available in the UK..but as an Aussie, I am very familiar with it – so as I was missing Cherry Ripes (also not available in the UK) , I decided to improvise. Simple add butter ( not Margerine) to the Chocolate to melt for the topping, a couple of tablespoons or you can add a dollop of cream – both do the trick. Instead of copha in the base, you can use white chocolate which I particularly like or coconut oil – which solidifies when cool and is actually VERY good for you – works well and tastes lovely. So for all of you who can’t get copha or are concerned about the fat contact – try it, it really is scrummy!!

  3. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I shared a link to this post in the Weekend Roundup post on my blog today. Iโ€™d love it if you came and checked it out. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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  5. Knitting camp sounds awesome. The food must be the awesome-sauce – it looks yummy!

    I haven’t seen anything coconut-oil-ish in the store, but it’s been a while since I looked. When I was a kid, my mom used to get popcorn that came with coconut shortening to pop it in, and I used to sneak the shortening out and eat it! Poor arteries.

  6. It looks wonderful but I’m not sure I know what the ingredients are,LOL! Doesn’t translate into southern,USA for me. But it looks SO good!

  7. Yay for knitting camp! Food, friends and knitting. What more does anyone need?
    Have a really good time. I don’t know if I could make the cherry slice with all that shortening (I’ve never heard of copha, i’ll have to look it up) but I love cherry and chocolate especially together.

  8. Oh take that cherry slice and apply it directly to my hips, because that’s where it’s going to wind up1 How pretty1 How yummy!

    How jealous I am. Have a grand, grand time!!

  9. Wow – it’s been a whole year already?! Can’t wait to hear/see the details; it always sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the recipes, too – they look like they’d be a big hit!

  10. ok I’m back to report the slice was gorgeous! however in my rush to buy ingredients and dinner I totally forgot the nappies (the whole reason I was at the shops). TIllie and Keira had 2 slices each! i’ll blog tomorrow with a link back here so expect some visitors for the recipe…….

  11. Oh my. Well. Can’t eat coconut, so I don’t even have to contemplate the whole shortening bit. Oh, I don’t like cherries either at all! It’s just as well I couldn’t go on that trip to Australia with my husband, hmm?! I’m an utter fail at your classic desserts!!

    He did mention he saw HUGE cases of TimTams at the airport but didn’t bring it home because of the gluten. I told him he should have brought them back for his office, though.

    Enjoy knitting camp!!!

  12. Thanks for posting the cherry ripe slice recipe Bells, it’s been on my mind since you mentioned you were making it last night.

    Have a lovely time at knit camp!

  13. thank you thank you for sharing the recipe! I have to duck out for nappies and now can make the trip worthwhile and make these for dessert….I don’t think hubby will like me as he’s trying to lose weight but yummo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your photo sells it!


  14. Oh yum, and have fun. I look forward to see your report on knitting camp. Which reminds me, I really should write you ladies a *proper letter* sometime, shouldn’t I?


  15. I love cherry ripe slice, just without the chocolate. I try not to think about the Copha!! Small pieces are the way to go, but not for breakfast. I just had some grilled bacon (from a pig the deli owners knew) and I poached free range eggs on sour dough rye. Mind you yesterday I had two crumpets!! Mmm ANZACs, I have decided I like the non-coconut ones best, after a lot of tasting (not for breakfast!!)
    Have fun at the Knitting Camp, I live vicariously through your adventures each year.
    Ohh, too much Alice is never enough.

  16. Hi. The slice looks just like it should. It was a recipe from Molly Dye’s Quick and Easy Biscuits and Slices. Yum yum. Although, having said that, I’m not a big fan of glace cherries. I have to chop them up very fine to eat it at all.

  17. what wonderful weekend plans you have – sounds blissful! i love good old-fashioned slices, and this one looks authentic due to the inclusion of both copha and consensed milk! very CWA. i’ll be making anzacs this weekend too. have a great time!

  18. I will miss you all too!! (but not the cherry ripe slice – ugh cherries!!) (although it does look very good – can’t believe you ate some for breakfast!!!). And the Anzacs look just perfect. Definitely making some this weekend!

    Have some champagne and some gossip and some laughs for me this weekend!

  19. weeee no more sleeps till knitting camp. cant wait to see you and your baked and non-baked goodies later today. thanks for sharing the recipe too! cherry ripes are my FAVE! xx

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