Wollongong Knitting Camp 2010

And so another Wollongong Knitting Camp (my third) is all wrapped up.

I can’t show you what I worked on, knitting wise, because it’s a top secret item that’s blocking this very moment, but I can show you some friends having fun. I seemed to mainly pull the camera (or iphone) out at the silliest moments. More on that in a minute. As always, 48 hours in the company of some (but obviously not all) of the nicest people is both thrilling and downright exhausting.

We sat outside on Saturday morning, in the shade of Mt Keira and knitted for hours. Here we have, in the background, new friend Ginevra, and then three old friends, George, me and Kylie/DrK. To spend the weekend with precious friends (including a most excellent road trip with George) was a highlight. Sharing a room, talking for hours, listening to each other snore – oh the memories we’ll have!

Knitting Camp

As always, much of the weekend was spent seated in big and small circles (especially at night or when it rained) inside the lodge. It wasn’t cold enough for a fire this year.

Knitting in the Lodge

See the tables groaning under the weight of all that merchandise/potential stash up the back? We spent various contemplative moments up the back of the room, wondering just how much we could buy and carry home.

I arrived home telling Sean I’d only bought essentials. For some reason he laughed hysterically. George and Jody shown here, examining potential acquisitions.

George and Jody examining the shop

Then, at some point, things got both silly and fun. There’s usually a theme for dressing up on Saturday night and this year it was Op-Shop glam. Last thing Friday, my sister Fee came with me to an Op-Shop and helped me choose a gorgeous outfit. Read on.

This is my favourite photo from the whole weekend. Four of my friends, crammed into a tiny scout camp bathroom, engaged in hilarious dressing up in tacky vintage outfits. Below, from left, Drk, Ailsa, George and Donna.

Playing Dress Ups

And here we are when we were finished dressing up – although Ailsa was behind the camera. My outfit was a mumu. I paid $25 for it from the Salvos. I can’t believe I bought a mumu. I’ll be sure to lend it to friends and family who have need of bad outfits in the future.

All Dressed Up

What you can’t see in this photo is what I’ve got on my feet. Ailsa loaned me a pair of BAD shoes. So bad, that when I exited the cabin, champagne in one hand, bag in the other, I declared I didn’t think they were safe for walking down a rocky set of steps. They weren’t. I fell. Face planted the steps, smashed the glass, spilled champagne all through my bag and, worst of all, wound up incredibly bruised and sore. I landed on one of my hands and thankfully it isn’t broken, just sore.

The dangerous purple shoe

Evil shoes.

And one last favourite photo. Web Goddess, Kris, in full costume and smouldering.

Web Goddess all dressed up

So many laughs. So much knitting. So much wine. I’m happy to be home, full of happy memories and needing sleep and some quiet time. For another take on the weekend, Lyn has written an excellent account with photos of the area and people and DrK has written up her experience!


ps RoseRed, we missed you.

pps special thanks always to Rae, Chris and Kerry for hosting such an indulgent weekend!


22 thoughts on “Wollongong Knitting Camp 2010

  1. What a great time you had (aside from the Footwear Fiasco) – and such gorgeous weather! I can’t wait till we have our next knit camp…big sigh.
    I hope the Secret Knitting can be revealed soon…

  2. That looked like so much fun. It’s great to spend the weekend with knitting friends. We are also having a retreat in June & looking forward to it.

  3. What a fabulous knitting party! It looks like great fun. I hope you’re healing and have no lasting effects from your fall. I had a pair of those shoes once (froma wedding)

  4. First of all: So sorry you fell! Big hugs to you.

    For the rest, those dress-up photos are wonderful. I swear I can hear the gales of laughter clear on another hemisphere!

  5. I am glad you weren’t badly injured by Ailsa’s ‘real’ shoes!! Oh what a panoply of knitters and what a good word panoply is in the circumstances. Glad camp was fun!!

  6. Wonderful photos, Bells. I think your ‘dress-up’ ones really capture the prevailing spirit of hilarity. I hadn’t realised your fall was quite so dramatic or potentially serious. – I hope you’re not feeling too sore and sorry today. However, there is something most evocative of the surprises of knitting camp in the combination of champagne, steep, rocky, dark paths, knitting bag, and towering purple satin heels.

  7. sigh … more sigh…

    Looks like it was fantastic fun, as it always seems to be. Glad you ladies had a wonderful time. 🙂

    How’s the bruising today?

  8. Just think, Ginger Rogers danced backwards in shoes like those! (Well, ok, Her’s didn’t have the suicide sling back. ) You leddies looked mahvahlous! What a grand time!!

  9. Oh! I am sooo very jealous! This sounds like a wonderful time and I’m so glad you got a chance to get away with your friends. There really is nothing better and these pictures are great fun. I’m completely with Ailsa, tranny shoes are fabulous, but they do take practice. I’ve found alcohol and tranny shoes to be a lethal combination as I was forced to sit down quite heavily whilst trying to descend a winding staircase at a very public venue. The horror. hope you’re healed up quickly!

  10. I hope you don’t get any sorer tomorrow – indeed you were lucky you didn’t break your wrist (or worse).

    It was funny this morning because Fee thought the shoes were a ‘prop’ and wanted to take them home. She was visibly shocked when I explained that they were my shoes, and whilst not the most serious of shoes, were worn by me in actual social situations that aren’t fancy dress events. I’m not joking about having tranny taste in shoes.

    I really enjoyed camp this year – as always. Unfortunately I spent all weekend duplicate stitching and have already knit more at home in a few hours than I did the whole weekend.

    Next up – Bendigo!!

    Awesome to meet George – top bird.

  11. that’s awful – having a fall i mean! bad, bad shoes! no shoesday post for them! otherwise it looks like alot of fun, though those tables of yarn look dangerous in a different way. and, i kind of like the mumu, those strong lines and colours look good on you.

  12. I don’t think the shoes are evil, I just think you haven’t had enough practice wearing high high heels!! But really am so glad you didn’t break your arm or glass yourself, that would not have been good at all.

    Wish I could have been there…looks like so much fun (but of course!!) What could be better than lots of yarn, little tiaras, and the bestest company.

  13. Oh you’ve blogged already! It was, as ever,so much fun, tho you scared the crap out of me with the fall. Great photos, another set of great memories with great friends. So lucky we are. it was a bit weird without our lovely rose but I did so enjoy channeling the spirit of queen Vic!

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