The Only Cure is to Knit

There’s a lot of knitting going on, but I’ve been reluctant to show progress shots. Finished shots are always a lot more interesting, but I decided to take some photos tonight for the record and so here they are.

For a little while I’ve been monogamously devoted to my Coraline cardigan, another delightful Ysolda pattern. It’s the kind of pattern where monogamy is really the only way you’re gonna get through stocking stitch on 3.5mm needles over 250 stitches. You just have to get on with it. The Rowan Felted Tweed, which I’ve been storing up for quite some time, is everything I hoped it would be.


Monogamy only lasts so long around here and even the most frenzied bout of it grows wearisome after a while. So I have two lace shawls going. Two! I’m nothing if not predictable in this regard.

Here’s my Brangian Shawl. It’s a fairly new pattern by newbie Australian lace designer, Bronwyn Parry, who is also a romance writer! Nice life huh?!

I started this last night, feeling an absence of mid-weight shawls in my works in progress life. This is in Knitter’s Addiction Cashmere.


And waiting in the wings for a night when I’m not so tired is my Triinu shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia.


Naturally, I need to be knitting for Alice while she’s still small enough to get stuff on and off the needles fairly quickly. Here’s a simple Baby Garter Yoke cardi in Cleckheaton Country. Of course, patterns like this are only quick if you actually work on them more than once a week. As the weather has recently dropped well and truly, I’ve ramped up efforts.

garter  yoke

Sean’s stripey socks are growing nicely, albeit only at the pub or on a bus.


More than enough to keep me busy, I think. Probably need to hold back on casting on for a while now otherwise I’ll never get a sense of completion, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is what drives me when I’m feeling there’s a bit too much on. The only cure is to knit.



29 thoughts on “The Only Cure is to Knit

  1. Lovely KIPs & I love the look of the Brangian shawl – gorgeous color with a sheen. I usually have 3 projects on the go – socks, shawl & garment – so that I have a variety of knitting.

  2. I love the look of tweed yarn and the colour you are using is very nice, you have so much going on different projects which is good if you get bored with a project you can just move onto one of the others.

  3. That Felted Tweed yarn is gorgeous!

    I understand how that feels. I love my Tulip Time, and I am this || close to being done, but I needed a rest from it.

  4. I am just being monogamous to one simple scarf at the moment and even that is proving to be a struggle. I just bought three books of lace patterns though, so am sure by the end of the week, the monogamy will be out the window.

    (do you know what I learned from leaving this comment? monogamy is really hard to spell)

  5. I think you need a variety of projects to suit different states of mind and situations. I love them all!!! But I ahae a sneaking love for the green cardi and striped socks!!

  6. Paid for / downloaded Brangian last night [ well early this morning really ] so it may well be next cab of the rank after Adamas. I’ve got one ball of Knitter’s Addiction Cashmere in the 4 ply but I’m wondering – like you – whether I might be better with a slightly more mid weight.
    I shall be watching !!!

  7. Ooh so many lovely things your making. I always have numerous WIP and it helps to know that at some stage I might finish a few in the same week!

  8. You know I always think about my own knits that FO shots are more interesting and I yet I love WIP posts like this. That Felted Tweed is gorgeous stuff isn’t it – but plain old stocking sticth does need seem friends to keep it bearable – great knits all.

  9. I’m having the same problem, but it’s deadline knitting! I have only ears to go on my Elijah, but that baby isn’t due until June, so I started a sweater, also for a baby due in June, and I have only buttons to sew on another sweater, but then I agreed to make something for an auction this month, so that’s priority–I’m making the same Garter Yoke Cardi and it’s terribly cute–plus I’m trying to sew a birthday present that due the same day as the auction. Sometimes I look at my knitting chair and want to weep. Knitting seems more useful, though.

  10. So many lovely things! Somehow my eye tends to wander when I’ve got less than three things on the needles. It just happens, it’s like they cast themselves on!

  11. I cleaned up my knitting pile a few days ago and found far too many things on the needles. It didn’t stop me from casting on for a simple, simple knit, which is what I’m craving at the moment.

    I like your attitude that the only cure is to knit. I need some completion, but there are some projects that take more mental/emotional/physical energy than others. Because of that, I don’t think I could be a monogamous knitter. At the same time, I’m feeling a sense of pressure and chaos from having too many things going. I suspect that some of my projects need to be ripped and repurposed. Maybe it’s time to go back over the piles with a critical eye… and then settle on 2 or 3 for active rotation.

  12. This is how I do things, too, so I am always glad to see others similarly afflicted – I mean, addicted. BUT, what we DO have going for us is that we tend to finish a bunch of stuff at once (-ish) which makes us feel very productive. Or that’s what I tell myself, anyway.

  13. gorgeous things on the go, Bells. Coraline might be a bit of a monotonous slog now, but its going to be soooooo beautiful. I think a fine gauge cardigan is so elegant, and that wineberry colour is lovely.

    (hey, I’m knitting with felted tweed at the moment too – snaps!)

  14. I love the stripe socks. I’m just starting the second one of a pair for Pk. It seems to take so much longer to make socks for men. I’m also working on my own version of the Travelling Woman. I love this pattern and can see myself making it again.

  15. oh yes, the lure of cardigans and shawls! these look beautiful, love all the colours. at the moment i can’t work on more than one or two things at a time as i feel i’ll never finish anything. how sensible for having a knitting project for every occasion or mood!

  16. Bells, you are an enabler yet again. I bought the Folk Shawls book last week after seeing the shawl you made for your Mum. Now I’ve just bought this beautiful pattern! And joined the KAL on Rav.

    Love that little cardi for Miss Alice.

  17. Oh geez, Kylie stole my comment!! But it’s true – such excellent projects on the needles! I reckon you’ll have the garter stitch cardi for Alice done in no time, and that new shawl – such a great colour, I think it will be a real favourite once it’s done.

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