A Celebration of Wool – that time of year again

Some events, after a while, begin to take on a life of their own and create such a stir of excitement that word spreads and there’s a sense of impending celebration.

The Celebration of Wool day at the Old Bus Depot Markets is now such an event. This Sunday will be my fifth or sixth time at the celebration and as such has become a bit of a marker of how far I’ve come. I feel like each year I learn a little bit more about myself as a knitter and wool buyer.

Each year, my interests grow and change and I know a little more about what it is I’m looking for, what suits me and what doesn’t. The first year or two, I was clueless. Really. I didn’t  undertand the terminology, the vast array of weights and fibres, or what half of it would be used for. As the years go by, and my knowledge increases, I approach the room full of wonders with a stronger sense of what I need, what I will use and how I will most successfully add to my beloved stash.

This doesn’t stop me from losing myself, just a little bit, to that thrilling, heart pounding, head ringing joy of being in the midst of people just like me – people who are there for the colour and the oh-so-tactile magic of being around THAT much yarn. And that for me is the tricky bit – to go there knowing I will give myself over the sensory deluge, that I will be overwhelmed by vast numbers of people to talk to and spend time with and yet still want to come out of there knowing I got good stash.

It’s a balancing act and one I wouldn’t give up for anything.

This year I’m a little bit excited that there are friends of mine amongst the stall holders. Friends of many of yours, too, I imagine. This year, Ailsa of Knitabulous Yarns and Donna of Random Knits are sharing a stall for their combined talents – hand dyed yarns from Ailsa and project bags and needle rolls from Donna.

dress rehearsal

Ailsa is very kindly giving away a skein of her gorgeous stuff to the first person who tells her they read her post on the Markets and introduces themselves to her. They’ll be there with Canberra’s own Michelle of Buttontree lane selling her project bags, which we all know are great products and her friend Carrie who also produces some wonderful hand dyed yarns.

So if you haven’t been before, come along, see how it all works down on the Kingston Foreshore from 10am. Many of the usual market stall holders will be there too, sharing space with an amazing array of wool and other fibre products from around the country. And yes, rumour has it that a certain attractive farmer from country Victoria will be putting in an appearance this year. For more on that and other wonders from last year, see my post from the 2009 Celebration of Wool day, to hopefully whet your appetite.

Hope to see you there!


ps all photos, except the last one, courtesty of the Old Bus Depot Markets, with permission.


23 thoughts on “A Celebration of Wool – that time of year again

  1. i wish I could go to that! We have a Rare Breeds show which nas mainly animlas and spinners. Every year I go as a different sort of knitter/spinner and it does make you realise how you have moved on doesn’t it?

  2. I am off on Saturday to the local craft market and another market to see if I can find the wood and wood/silk blends all the crafters make through the winter – I learned the hard way that they make it and then sell it out during the year – so I had to wait until now. Your pictures of your celebration of wool are great, and I am hoping to find some good wool as I want to start an international wool exchange (from hither to yon with skien)

  3. Yes! They are awesome, with all the wool fumes. I even enjoy the little conversations that spring up while waiting to pay. There are so many people you know are not going to say silly things like “You could just buy one!”

  4. OMG! OMG! And now that I’ve been at the old bus depot market I realize how profoundly awesome it will be. Oh, lucky, lucky you!

  5. I’m nervous and excited to be a part if this event, and can’t wait!

    I hope I’ll get time to see stuff too, I want the mulled wine! And some polwarth silk.

  6. I see all that, and I can’t understand what happened back there in the 90s when all the wool shops closed, and it was so hard to find wool…I even remember a woman in one store stacked with fabrics and a disappeared wool department telling me, ‘but no one knits anymore’.

    Wish I’d followed my instincts and opened a woolly shop right there and then.

  7. all that wool would be so overwhelming! but i have faith that you’ll keep your wits about you, and emerge triumphant!

  8. I would love to come, but have reluctantly decided I just don’t have the time. I want lots of descriptions after Sunday (please?) so I can strengthen my resolve to get there next year.

  9. Oh, I so wish I could be there to see all that yarn in one place and meet so many like minded people. Unfortunately it’s not to be this time, maybe next year….

    Have a great time, I know exactly what you mean about being lost in the feeling, enjoy!
    Oh yes, and don’t forget to show us your stash enhancements as soon as possible too 😉

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