Celebration of Wool Day – An Exercise in Restraint

Today, I am very happy to report that I came through the wonderful Celebration of Wool day with a great sense of having chosen what I most wanted, without compromise or excess.

Is this a sort of coming of age as a knitter/yarn buyer? To emerge from a potentially orgiastic experience having maintained a level of self control that neither inhibited my enjoyment nor damaged my budget? (Here’s an indication of how far I’ve come. Last year, I had our weekly grocery money in my purse. I spent it. Oops.)

I arrived early at the markets. They start at 10am but you’re able to go in earlier if you don’t mind being around stall-holders still setting up. After a few minutes of wandering around, feeling a growing sense of anticipation, I found DrK and Georgiegirl (Rav Link). Soon after, we found our friends Donna and Ailsa at the combined Knitabulous Yarns/Random Knits stall. Bags and yarn. Yarn and bags. So much to take in!

Knitabulous yarns

We paused for a photo because as much as these days are about the wool and the products, they are also very much about our friends.

Group of Friends

L-R, Me, George (back) Donna (back), Kylie/Drk, Ailsa. Look at us all in our oh so fine hand knits. These gatherings are always a feast of gathered knitwear. There’s always much stroking and admiring.

So, my purchases. Just three skeins and a bag.

First up, Glenora Weaving. I love these people. Their alpaca silk is the best thing they have to offer, I’m certain, although it’s all gorgeous. Last year I bought vibrant, vivid colours from them. This year, both DrK and I bought something more subtle from them. It’s called Camel.

Alpaca/Silk - Camel

It’s my favourite from today. That sheen! The yardage! 1300m/1421yds! Drk and I are both throwing around ideas, just a few hours after purchase. Shetland Tea Shawl? Something Estonian with a crazy amount of nupps? Who knows!

Next I headed to the stall by Canberra’s Own Buttontree Lane, Michelle (who has an Etsy store) and newbie Indie dyer, Carrie, of the as yet unlinked Fibre Webs.

Two very pretty skeins of Carrie’s jumped into my bag. This red one, which I bought because I realised I have little in the way of straight red sock yarn. And reds are hard to get right – Carrie did a good job on this one.

Fibre Webs - Red

And in a move that was quite different, I bought a delicately hued, subtly variegated yellow, such a creamy shade. It’s for Alice. For something.

Fibre Webs - yellow

After more wandering, I engaged, unwittingly, in my only shameless, brazen display of greed. I’m blushing even now thinking about it. Michelle has a newly designed project bag. I knew when I saw them that I’d probably want one but went back later in the morning, unsure if there’d be any left. The one I most wanted was still there and when I arrived at the stall, Michelle was showing her bags to customers. I caught her eye as she held aloft the bag I most wanted, indicating not-so-subtly that it was THAT bag I wanted.

A wink and a nod later, I was handing over cash as another woman’s jaw dropped in shock and disappointment. She had just been pulling money out of her purse for that very bag, the only bag made from a particular fabric. There was an odd, awkward stumbling moment whereby I didn’t know whether to relinquish the bag and she didn’t know, I presume, whether to fully express her true disappointment.

The bag, in the end, was mine. And here it is. Isn’t it cute? Can’t you see why I had to have it? With my background in studying Russian, and my love for many Russian things, these Babushka dolls were for me. No doubt about it.

Buttontree Lane Bag

You can read about Michelle’s bags, for which she is taking orders as they’re new and there aren’t many yet available, here.

So, all in all, a great morning. We were out of there relatively quickly, having said hello to people, done several circuits and escaped with a very pleasing loot gathering experience knocked over all before lunch.

Well done to the newbie stall holders. You have great talents and made a fabulous contribution to yet another Celebration of Wool day!



30 thoughts on “Celebration of Wool Day – An Exercise in Restraint

  1. Nice haul! I’m particularly jealous of your Buttontree Lane bag. Not only does the bag design look very roomy and practical, I’m a sucker for matryoshkas.

  2. I bought some of that glenora camel last year. It is simply stunning, isn’t it? And so soft! Yarn caking is a bit of a nightmare though – just a warning! 🙂

    And that is such a lovely photo of the lot of you – love Dr K’s clappy – so chic!

    And very well done on the restraint. Of course, buying for me must have been fun too. *grins*

  3. I remember my first fiber festival… It was about three years ago, and I indulged in a bit of a buying frenzy. I’ve still got most of it, and some of it makes me wonder where my head was when I picked it out!

    Restraint, I’m getting better at it!

  4. You did well, I love the first yarn you have pictured. The bags are great. I have just got my first Buttontreelane bag and its perfect.

  5. elegant sufficiency indeed. you got a lovely selection of things. lovely photos – your shawl is gorgeous, and i am transfixed by ailsa’s divine tunic – did someone mention it was remedy? off to stalk ravelry …

  6. Love the pic of you all in your knitteds. You’ve been so restrained in the face of such temptation – and this year you still have your housekeeping money!

  7. All the blog posts I’ve read have been very favourable! Next year, hopefully, the Markets and BM Knitters’ Guild (at which I was tutoring) won’t be on the same weekend. I’m assuming the markets are third Sunday of the month – that’ll be the 15th and BMKG is third Saturday of the month – that’ll be the 21st! Yay!!!!

    See you there!

  8. Lovely purchases & I love the bag too. I bought a bag from Michelle with the same fabric last year. I do wish we have a market like this here in Perth.

  9. It was wonderful to see you, and you’re right, it’s as much about people as it is about the merchandise.

    What’s next on the fibrous calendar??

  10. Oh very good restraint – and for every bag winner there has to be a bag loser 😉 I have a traingular Buttontree Lane bag in that fabric and it always makes me smile. Love those dolls.

  11. Love it all, wish I could have been there. Speaking of spot the pattern (RoseRed) are you wearing a “Verdaia” shawlette? Love the fabulous color. And that soft yellow is a great choice to knit Alice a…something. 🙂 And congratulations on managing to hold onto your grocery money this year. I’m not sure I could have done the same in the presence of all that delicious yarn.

  12. I think there is nothing so satisfying as feeling you have been nicely restrained in your spending and still coming home with something you really, REALLY wanted.

    1400 yards of alpaca silk! Squee! And won’t lace look drop-dead *gorgeous* in that!

  13. Bravo! What an excellent selection. The alpaca/ silk is soooo yummy! It must feel like the hair of angels.

    As for the lady who lost the bag you bought, some people only want something if someone else wants it too. She probably wouldn’t have really bought it in the end.

    How I envy you! What a marvelous day you had.

  14. I am not usually drawn to yellow (I don’t think many people can wear it well) but that delicate color is gorgeous. And the red is a good color for you!

    The bag really is a treasure. What a wonderful day!

  15. We did really well! Top quality goods with no nasty spending hangover. And we still had room for iced chocolate. A most excellent day on many fronts xx

  16. that alpaca silk is a prime example of why i must be kept away from all such temptations as obdm and bendigo. sobs quietly, but knowing full well, i have enough stuff already.

  17. I agree with Rosered – it should be Bells in her shawl – is it icarus? Knitabulous in Sage remedy – I was wearing mine today, George in a clap , Donna letting the side down – unless it is hidden, Kylie in mountain view and also in a clap

    want the bag – and the yarn want want want!!!!

  18. ok, when it comes to shoes and bags (of any description) I have a ‘take no prisoners’ theory. You displayed that with your new knitting bag, I am so very proud of you! 😉 Don’t feel guilty, it was meant to be yours and I am sure the other person found a bag she liked just as much if not more!

    ps they are very cute, I may have to go and have a look myself!!

  19. Oh, really really excellent purchases! Love them all. That creamy yellow will go with Alice’s hair so well!! And red sock yarn will never go astray!

    Love the pics of all of you in your fab knitwear! Did you play spot the pattern all day? So envious! Hope I can get there next year!!

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