Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan

This morning I gave Alice a new cardigan, fresh off the needles. It’s the Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan, a pattern I made for myself last year in the adult version. We were both wearing our cardigans today and I didn’t think to get a photo of us together!

But I did get plenty of Alice wearing hers.


This pattern is written for 6-12 months but is easily adaptable, being top down, which we all know by now means ‘figure it out and please yourself!’. It’s written for 5ply – so I made it in 8ply, upsized the needles to 4mm and that was about it. Didn’t change the stitch count or anything, but I would next time, because this is snug – but it’ll be easily upsized next time.


The yarn is Cleckheaton Country and I used 3.5 balls. The wonderful thing is that this cardigan cost me less than $10. The Country was $2 in a sale at Cassidy’s last year and the buttons were $2 at the Old Bus Depot Markets last weekend. Don’t they look just gorgeous – little red love hearts, for a little love.


I only had to modify the pattern a little to make this the perfect winter cardi. Apart from making it larger by changing the gauge, I made it longer by about 3″ and made the sleeves full length instead of three-quarters. I also tapered the cuffs, because as written, they were wide and floppy and couldn’t you just imagine a 15 month old getting long floppy cuffs completely filthy within 5 minutes of being set down to go on her merry way in whatever fun she decided to have?

I can see several more of these in Alice’s future, with more modifications. Next time I might knit the garter stitch band as I go, or put a lace pattern in the bottom half or, who knows?!

Special thanks Gretchen (or LoveMyClogs on Ravelry) and her three delightful little girls who sang a song about a Bumblebee to Alice in order to get these cheery photos. Great fun!


ps More on this later, but my sister Adele and I have started a shared food blog based on the book and TV series, Food Safari. Adele kicked it off with her first ever blogpost a few days ago. Check it out!


31 thoughts on “Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan

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  3. Catching up after a morning of no electricity, and I find everyone’s said what I was going to say! I taught my niece to stick her tongue out early on, too! πŸ˜›

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  5. I haven’t been around much recently, but just wanted to say how much I’ve adored seeing your baby Alice posts and knitting whenever I have managed to check my reader. This photos are just too cute for words! Anna x

  6. Cute! Love the buttons and the colour is great on Alice. Very sweet pattern and seeing yours again makes me wonder whether I shouldn’t knit myself one

  7. Cheeky devil, sticking her tongue out!

    It looks great on her Bells.

    I could see contrasting stripes in the garter stitch sections looking really nice too. That said, I’m a sucker for stripes in garter stitch.

  8. It looks great, I will ask my friend if her baby wants one! I have had that pattern in my sights for me as well for a while.

  9. Alice looks fantastic in her knew cardy! You did a spectacualr job on it…i love the wee buttons too, just brings it all together.

  10. You know what’s really cool? Adele can put these things away and someday Alice can use them for her children (long range planning here!). They’re so cute and well made. I love the red buttons on the green sweater.

  11. I don’t even want to tell you what my version of this sweater went for at the school auction. My sister says I live amongst philistines. I tend to agree. Alice looks beautiful. The good thing about such a quick pattern is you can easily make more when she grows!

  12. oh look at her little cherub face! My personal favourite is the first photo. Great knitting. love the colour of the cardigan and the buttons are delightful!! Good work there lady!

  13. Alice has a new coiffure (Hairdo – I can’t spell in french.) and she looks ready for anything. The bumblebee song absolutely did the trick. Great photo skillz

    The sweater is huggably adorable. Bravo!

  14. It’s gorgeous, and not just because it’s so beautifully green wither. Alice looks so happy, the song worked a treat!! Lovely buttons!!

  15. a great looking and very practical cardi! luckly little love! the new food blog sounds fab, i’ll be sure to take a look.

  16. Another job well done! Alice looks so cute in her new cardigan. It is such a good pattern, I gave mine to my Mum last year so I’ve been thinking of making another, you’ve just spurred me on to it a bit faster πŸ˜‰

  17. The buttons are delightful – must get details from you of where to find cool buttons at OBDM or other Canberra places

  18. Another triumph! Is this the best dressed kid around or what? She must really love winter in Canberra with you on hand. Love the buttons. Adorable!

  19. Oh Alice looks so sweet in her little cardi! The buttons suit it perfectly. Dont you love it when you can knit up a sweater in lovely wool and it doesnt cost much at all. I am sure it will keep her snuggly warm during this winter which seems to be getting quite cold here the last few days!

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