Trinkets and a Sleeve

First up, I’m happy to announce the first Coraline sleeve really did pass as quickly as I hoped it would. A rainy weekend with not much else to do is good for such things. Kudos to Kgirlknits for her ‘Hello Sleeveland!’ gag in the comments on the last post. Loved it. The second one is well underway, including the slight fussiness of the hem. I love that once these are done, there’s just the magic of a smocked  yoke, which is entirely new to me, to look forward to!


Secondly, I received a gift and a prize this week and decided they were shown to their best advantage in a series of Alice photos. She came to stay over last night and though we’d intended to take her to the Roller Derby, the night was dark and wet and we had Minestrone on the stove and so decided a cosy night in was better (apologies to Kgirl – nothing against the Roller Derby!)

First up, a prize from a contest held by Anna of Dillpickle Unfinished. It’s a beautiful linen bag which I just adore. I haven’t yet decided what I’ll use it for (top contender at the moment is a plastic bag holder) but in the meantime, Alice thought it was fabulous headwear. We played peek a boo with it for ages this morning. Thanks Anna! I really love it.

Alice and the string bag

Next was a surprise gift in the mail from Pinry. I think Pinry and I have a shared love of little girl knits (she has twins not far in age from Alice) and other things such as similar approaches to cooking and reading. But recently when I mentioned a love of Russian things, I got an email soon after from her asking if she could send me something. Sure! During the week, a parcel arrived. Look how it she wrapped it! Inside a vintage knitting pattern!

This delightfully wrapped package contained a set of Matryoshka doll measuring cups!

Gorgeous idea! And so thoughtful of Pinry to see them and think of me!

This morning Alice played with them for some time, thinking herself rather clever for working out that they could all fit inside each other.

Alice and cups

And yes, gratuitous photos of her wearing her Garter Yoke cardigan again. Such a great knit and you know what? She’s awfully cuddly in it. I just keep grabbing her and squeezing her belly!

For now, I’m heading back to Sleeveland and making the most of this rainy Sunday. But before I go, a reminder that my sister Adele and I are cooking our way around the world on our new food blog, Big Food Safari. Here’s a photo my budding blogger of a sister used to illustrate our ‘About’ page earlier this week. It’s a real favourite of ours, from around 1977.



24 thoughts on “Trinkets and a Sleeve

  1. I love the photo of the two of you – too cute for words! And the Alice photos are of course adorable – and I bet the Coraline in that colour will look stunning on you. Have fun in Sleeveland!

  2. i love those Matryoshka measuring cups!!!!!

    pop over to my blog to see the fabric I am using to make my DD a quilt.I think you might like it!!

  3. Now that’s a cheeky grin! What a wonderful photo of your two. And Alice is just adorable. You scored big time with those cups and that great bag. (Though, I’m with Alice – it makes such a fetching hat!)

  4. Such an adorable picture of you and Delly!! Too sweet. And your knit bag and matryoshkas made for a terrific windfall this week. While I admire your sleeves and your patience for socks, I need a huge lesson on gauge before I attempt anything along those lines again. How can the same pattern knit on the same needles by the same person yield two differently sized socks? If I could figure out that magic loop nonsense, I swear I’d try to knit two at a time. As fast as you’re going I bet you have the whole thing done by next week. 🙂

  5. I saw those measuring cups in a kitchen store and thought of them as a gift for my youngest daughter who loves those dolls. But when I went back, they were gone. Then I forgot. Maybe I can get them for her birthday. I have to head back to the kitchen store. What a hardship!

  6. alice does look so cuddly, and that is a great cardi! my little ones also love containers and putting things in and out of them. is that a pi blanket or a hemlock i spy beneath alice? sounds like a nice night in. and glad you like the measuring cups.

  7. Looks like a great hat to me 😉

    I can’t wait to see the finished cardi – I’m loving the pics of the work in progress. The yarn is such a lovely colour!

  8. What can I say about Alice? cute cute cute! And you and Adele were also very cute! I love the 70’s so many cool clothes and photos. I had the best purple knitted dress…… I really loved it and wanted to wear it all the time. Memories!

  9. The sleeve looks very pretty in that color. It has been wet and rainy here too, perfect weather for staying indoors and knitting away. Alice does look so adorable and snuggly in that cardigan. What a lovely gift too, those little cups look so cute. I love the photo of you and your sister too, how nice to go back in time.

  10. I’m in sleeve land too today, but you are getting through yours very quickly. Can’t wait to see you in coraline…do you think you might knit a little one for Alice? Cute little pixie!

  11. such a cute photo of the two of you!

    I’m in sleeveland at the moment too. But with a less happy ending – I have to rip one back to before the raglan shaping … sigh. Stupid short armed husby!!

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