The Last Leaf

This isn’t really the last leaf of autumn, but I thought it was a worthy title for a portrait of one of the very last leaves on our Plum tree taken this morning as the light fog was lifting.

The Last Leaf

Now that winter is officially here, I’m very keen to get on with a winter weight cardigan before the days become truly brutal as they do in July. I’ve got plans, big plans that I’m getting very excited about. For the first time ever, I’m going to do a test knit!

I’ll be using this yarn. Cascade 220 in Mallard, a colour I’ve longed to use since the first time I saw some that wasn’t mine.


Now, I have a long history of knitting blue cardigans. For a while there it seemed to be all I could knit. I took a long break. I went for red, dark brown, pale green, anything to avoid the blues. But then there was a sale and RoseRed and DrK and I knew we couldn’t resist a Webs sale. Three of us, with shared postage, knew that indulgence was a must (remind me to pay you RoseRed!).

I fought the Mallard. I really did. Such indecision! Why is choosing yarn in a sale often so complex? Will this be the last yarn I’ll ever purchase? No. Is there an international crisis in the production of Cascade 220? No. Is there some colour out there I’m meant to choose and I’ll render my life meaningless if I don’t get it right?

Pfft. As if.

In the end, I went with the blues. The rich, glorious blues of cascade 220’s Mallard. A fitting choice for someone who loves duck as I do. This really is a perfect colour for ducks. Many years ago, I used to sit on the banks of the Molonglo River and watch the ducks skimming the water as they took flight. My favourite thing was to see the flash of blue under their dirty brown wings as their wings lifted. It’s this kind of blue – rich, shimmering, striking.

And I can’t wait to knit it.

What will I be knitting? Well the information is coming to me soon, from the designer, who put the call out for test knitters a little while ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about it soon and get started, just as soon as I finish my purple Coraline.



29 thoughts on “The Last Leaf

  1. Every time I go to clean my closet out, I discover that I only have three colors in it–black, white, and blue. I love blue, but it is nice to branch out sometimes, so I’m making a concerted effort to bring in more color, a little at a time. I always fall back to blue, though.

  2. It’s a gorgeous colour and if that’s what you like, go for it! (I think we both know a certain blogger who knits pink quite a bit!! LOL)

  3. a test knit! how exciting – can’t wait to see it! love the colours in this post, the faded golden yellow and the rich blue. that yarn is such a great colour and will suit you perfectly.

  4. I’ve been tempted by the Mallard colour before and have so far resisted….but I’m currently working on a cardigan in Cascade 220 and it’s knitting up beautifully.
    I look forward to seeing your test knit, I’m sure it will be lovely in the beautiful blue you’ve chosen.

  5. It’s a gorgeous colour, so much so that I have some in my stash! Sadly not enough to make anything for me, but will hopefully turn into a kidlet jumper before the end of the century!

  6. Your tree seems to resemble our one on the naturestrip, it is nearly bare now too. Your Mallard color looks gorgeous. I always try and knit with different colors but lately I have gone back to a favourite of using greens again. I cant wait to see what testknit you are doing.

  7. Fun! And I have a guess, but I won’t say, in case it’s top secret. Can’t wait to hear how it goes because if it’s the one I think, it looks awesome!

  8. Gorgeous color & blue is my favorite. Most of my projects are in some shades of blue. I wonder what you will be knitting with these lovely blue yarn.

  9. Wow, a test knit. Thats really grownup knitting! I so relate to the Webs sale dilemma – I bought kid classic (mostly on your recommendation – thanks its gorgeous) but no Cascade 220. Even before the dollar went down … Anyway, that blue will look stunning on you – glad you stopped fighting it!

  10. I’d take a little autumn weather – it’s been up and down here, so one day we’re roasting and the next, a perfectly nice 16 C-ish day I’m freezing from the contrast.

    Lovely blue!

  11. So impressed that you’re a test knitter! Can’t wait to see the finished product. I seem to be hung up on reds and oranges lately. Wonder if your knitting color choice acts like those old 70’s mood rings?

  12. I’m using a Cascade Heritage fingering weight yarn in blues like that. I get so much pleasure out of the color (and the yarn is nice, too). I did a test knit once. I think I am way too slow to be of use to anyone (unless they want to know how long a pattern can take!)

  13. I like the Mallard colour, it is almost green!! It looks a gorgeous colour and I can’t wait to see your Coraline and your new secret knitting.
    All the leaves in the world apart from that one are in my backyard!!!

  14. Chris and I cordially invite you to visit us in January. 😉

    Who cares if you have a lot of blue? Go with what you like–and that color is gorgeous. I have a lot of brown. I LIKE brown!

  15. Helen, you commented renttnly on the advantages of a bleak landscape. I’m with you about bleak, wind-swept moors. Like Woden, or Belconnen Mall.

    I love the slow dissolution and creeping senescence of autumn. This pic carries that sense. Good work!

  16. As I scrolled down the post those two images just struck me – the yellow of the leaf and the rich rich blue of the cascade

    yum yum yum a feast for my eyes – thank you

  17. I envy you your Canberra winters – mostly. I love the abrupt change of seasons, and of course the opportunity to wear Cascade jumpers.

  18. that photo doesnt do that yarn justice, because when i saw it it took my breath away, it is the most stunning deep aqua. it is going to look divine on you, and i cant wait to see what you do with it. im desperate now to get the featherweight done so i can start on my own webs cardi. oh webs, how do we love thee….

  19. It really is a fabulous blue! And hey, if blue suits you (as it does), then why not have a whole suite of blue cardis! It’s like black shoes – you can never have too many!

    A tree in our street is like your plum tree – but with one lone branch full of red autumn leaves, while the rest of the tree is bare. Nature is so interesting, isn’t it!

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