Autumn Alice

You’ll have to believe me when I tell you that my knitting is at a very exciting point. I have no photos and can only assure you that I hover, this minute, on the brink of the good stuff.

Tonight, I join the sleeves to Coraline and begin the smocked yoke. I don’t know how that happens since I’ve not read ahead on the pattern – is that unwise? Should I have? Only time will tell. Be assured I’ll be back with stories to tell.

I’m also about to cast off my Brangian shawl. I am excited to be able to have it blocked and ready to wear to next weekend’s World Wide Knit in Public event in Sydney. We’re heading up for the weekend to visit Adele and her family so I’ll spend the afternoon in the city with the knitters.

So my week has been all about getting the knitting up to speed, going through some heady busy stuff at work, suffering a chest/throat infection that kicked in properly today, and spending yesterday afternoon with Miss Alice. Our front yard is under a heavy bed of oak leaves right now and as we were wanding around the yard yesterday, I had the impulse to trickle a few leaves over her head. Well, that began an hour or so of tremendous fun!

waiting for the leaves to fall

Look at her overalls. My mum made those and they’re just the best. Covered in patchwork teddy bears and so cute!

We built up a pile of leaves around her and rained them down on her head. She went all serious and quiet, so that you could almost think she didn’t like it. But if we stopped, she grabbed handfuls and threw them over herself!

falling leaves 2

Sean kept up the leaf throwing while I snapped away, loving every minute of the fun.

falling leaves

After a little while, she crawled over to a bed and began exploring the dirt (I was chuckling with Sean about how we were going to be sending her home very dirty). Apparently, eating dirt is fun!

Alice eating dirt

If this face doesn’t express the wonder of a mouthful of dirt, I don’t know what does!

Alice with a dirty face

She’s growing up so fast, and every moment that’s a first with her is so very precious. She’s seen leaves before of course, but we hadn’t done a pile of leaves with her like this and it made for a great way to spend the last moments of the day before the evening cold set in.

I’m pretty sure that later on when her parents got her ready for her bath, they’d have found dirt and leaves all down inside those adorable overalls. Moments like those feel like just the sort of thing an aunt and uncle should do – get the baby dirty and send her home for cleaning up!

I’ll be back when there’s more knitting to show, hopefully with a successful yoke underway.



23 thoughts on “Autumn Alice

  1. although it’s winter already, it only seems like autumn has started properly here too. alice looks so serious and sweet in the autumn leaves! good to see you’re helping her immune system too!

    the knitting sounds exciting. – a new shawl! i often don’t read through patterns even though many recommend this. it’s good sometimes to dive in and tackle it in small chunks without being overwhelmed.

  2. What beautiful photos – it takes me back to when my two were that little, and exploring autumn leaves for the first time too! And you’re exactly right about the role of aunty and uncle – send ’em back dirty πŸ™‚

  3. Yep, a dummy that’s been dropped on the floor will seem like nothing when GS#1 discovers these joys! Thanks so much for sharing the fun with all of us.

  4. Alice is so gorgeous, Bells! And obviously very happy to spend quality time with her aunt πŸ™‚ There’s nothing quite like rolling around in autumn leaves.

    I love the teddy overalls, too – now why can’t we grownups wear fun things like that??

  5. Alice looks like she had a great time, and a wonderful snack as well. πŸ™‚ My DH as a small child used to go into the house and get a spoon so he could eat dirt (the only civilized way). LOL

    Being an aunt is awesome, I have my nephew and niece here today. We are going out for ice cream in a while. πŸ™‚

  6. There is something magic about a pile of leaves. I stil like to walk through them and listen to the rustling (and I have been known to throw them in the air, too).

    I’m looking forward to grandchildren so I can play with them and let them get dirty and then send them home!

  7. To me, that is the perfect arrangement for kids–get them all covered in dirt or something equally fun to pay with (play-doh is another good substance to explore), fill them with cake or candy or ice cream, and hand them over just in time for the parents to clean them up, deal with the cranky little one, and put them to bed. I find myself wishing that a close friend would have a baby, so I could be the fun aunty, without having to have a baby of my own (since we’re years away from considering that).

  8. Great pictures! Dirt is good for kids. My first was so funny, he could dig a hole and not get himself dirty at all, so that I started telling him it was fine to get dirty, go ahead, please! His younger brother, meanwhile, could crawl on the grass in the vicinity of somebody else’s hole and somehow get covered without even going near it, like he had some magnetic property when it came to dirt. Cracked me up.

  9. You left out an important element. You’re supposed to get them dirty, FIll them will Candy, shake them up real good, and then give them back. She was looking for the candy. That’s whay she was eating dirt.

  10. What lovely photos of Alice, I can see so clearly the fun she is having and I think it is very important to eat a little bit of dirt and sand when you are small. I know I did!!!
    I don’t read ahead in patterns: I like surprises!!

  11. I remeber how much fun the boys were at that age. I can hardly wait for my grandbaby to get here. It will be more of the spoiling and soiling and sending her home. Its nice to know the knitting is on track and I eagerly await photos.

  12. Perfect, get her dirty and give her back. What a gorgeous little thing she is. Very excited to see the coraline miracle. And the new shawl next weekend. Yay!

  13. Just gorgeous, Bells. You’re definitely right about the role of an aunt and uncle. My grandchildren all regard the DIL here as just the best and always have. Imaginative presents, great books, loads of games. She got down on the floor and rolled around with them, told them great jokes etc. It’s good to start early as you’ve done with Alice. expect a phone call later in teh evening when Alice has been put to bed.

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