The Brangian Shawl

On the weekend, I finished a shawl that’s been a delightful knit from the first stitch to the last. It was a combination of the pattern and the yarn really – a winning marriage in any knitter’s book.

Here, after a very short gestation period (for me anyway, shawls do sometimes drag on a bit) is my Brangian shawl.  It’s a design by Australian blogger, author and now designer, Bronwyn Parry. She knit-blogs as Yarnosophy. A few of us had the chance to meet Bronwyn recently, a Canberran from way back, when she was in town visiting family and so came along to a lunch time knitting group. Wonderful!


So, the shawl. It’s a lovely design. Simple, intuitive (but not so much so that I didn’t still screw up along the way, more through lack of focus than anything else!) and it’s like other shawls of its ilk in that you can modify the size by mixing and matching the charts. In the end i went with the large size stocking stitch section, worried I might not have enough yarn, and moved to the medium size for the lace part. Turns out I probably did have enough yarn but as it’s end up a not insubstantially sized shawl, I’m happy.

The blocking, as always, was magical.

Brangian blocking

The yarn, which is Knitters Addiction cashmere, was stunning. I bought it during a sale at Knitters Addiction last year. It’s their 4ply cashmere and the colour is Hanoi Grey. I love grey but sometimes worry that as a project, I’ll get bored with it. I never do although by the end I’m usually looking forward to something bright or warm just by way of contrast. This stuff is smooth, springy and gives amazing definition.


You can’t see it in the photos but after washing, the totally smooth yarn bloomed ever so slightly, developing just a hint of halo. It was a lovely surprise and I think it will make the shawl warmer than I anticipated, which is no bad thing.


In the end I used about 480 yards and have got a larger shawl than I expected. It was so tiny when it came off the needles. We all know that lace grows once blocked but I really thought this one was going to be not much bigger than a kerchief. My shawl did me proud and now takes place in my growing collection of triangular shawls as one of the bigger ones – not as big as my Icarus, but a very good size.

So thanks for your wonderful pattern, Bronwyn. I loved every stitch!



38 thoughts on “The Brangian Shawl

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  2. It looks gorgeous! I know what you mean about grey, I tend to avoid it for the same reason, but that does look like a very beautiful grey!

  3. Oh, but that is pretty. I can see both the raindrops and the champagne bubbles in it. I sometimes struggle when knitting with grey, but I think I should face my demons, because grey lace just lets the pattern speak for itself, hmm?

  4. Another comment on your beautiful Brangian. It’s lovely It’s such a great pattern, easy but with lovely results. I started my second a couple of days ago.

    Also left a comment at the KAL for Brangian.

  5. This is the second Brangian I’ve seen lately and it is a gorgeous pattern. Blocking is magic, isn’t it?? The grey is perfect and I love the lace part!!

  6. Everyone else is so right! It really is lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, elegant – my brain is on strike today and can’t think of any other words! I’m off to check out some of those links. Fantastic job!

  7. Oh my gosh, Helen, this is stunning! Thanks for all the info about the pattern & the designer, I’m definitely going to keep this pattern (and yarn!) in mind for future projects!!

  8. It’s come up beautifully Helen. I’ve been thinking about this pattern but keep getting distracted by other ideas, might have to go and give it some more consideration.

    Lovely work as usual, the colour is a good choice too, you’ll be able to wear it with all sorts of things. 🙂

  9. It’s a beautiful grey, and a really stunning finished product!

    I wonder if I will ever get the bug for knitting lace shawls? I love to admire them but can’t imagine knitting one!

  10. Really a wonderful shawl, Helen. Elegant simplicity! And I’m glad to see something so great knitted in the 4-ply cashmere…I’d wondered how it would be to knit with.

  11. Oh such a beautiful pattern, gorgeous yarn, great photos. Look forward to seeing it in person this weekend, and I am glad that one good thing has come out of being sickly.

  12. Oh, pretty! The lace looks like it has bubbles in it… which is an odd observation, I suppose? Champagne bubbles – there you go!

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