Yoked Cardigan for a Baby Boy

I thought long and hard before I made a knitted item for the RoseRed’s little guy. He’s 8 weeks now and winter is moving along and I thought I’d better get a wriggle on if I was to get something to him that he might actually get some wear out of before the weather warms up.

I went through so many options, from the Baby Surprise Jacket to pants to heirloomy style crochet jackets. Nothing seemed quite right.

Some time ago, Amy in Rhode Island sent me some amazing Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton. It’s worsted weight and soft as a cloud. A single skein she had left over from something else. Into the stash it went.

Single skeins are great for baby items, particularly those tiny newborns. Here’s what I made. It’s a quick knit. Blink and you miss it.

Yoked Cardigan

It’s the Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig (she of the Featherweight Cardigan). As an item on its own, un-modelled, it’s dead cute. It just screams cuddly new baby don’t you think? I thought with the short sleeves it might have some scope to be worn on chilly spring days, as well as a layering piece as winter continues.

Yoked Cardigan

It has all the appearance of the perfect baby cardigan. Knit top down in a nicely written pattern, it’s very easy to recommend.

Then RoseRed sent me a picture yesterday of her not-so-newborn wearing it and it was clear it wasn’t a great fit. Ok, but not great. I was disappointed.

The problem is as I suspected once I’d finished it – the neck is a gaping chasm of openness. It’s wide and lose. I had a look at other finished garments on Ravelry today and there aren’t so many shown on babies. A few shown on older children, but not so many on babies. I wonder if its the kind of pattern that fits people with shoulders better?

RoseRed says she might crochet a row or two around the opening, with some dark blue cotton to match the buttons (I ran out of my cotton). That might help.

This pattern is a rare find in that it’s written for newborn to adult. So it’s well worth the purchase given the vast array of sizes you could make. But I’ll rethink the neckline before I try it again. I had intentions of whipping one up for Alice, but I’ll look around at others first. Maybe when she’s a little bigger, with more developed shoulders.

That said, it is a fun knit and I think there’s scope for improving it. And it’s lovely to have made something for RoseRed’s little guy.



20 thoughts on “Yoked Cardigan for a Baby Boy

  1. The little cardi looks great. If you do knit it again, cast on less stitches for the neck & that will bring it higher & you will need to knit more rows before reaching the armholes.

  2. I didn’t realise it went up to adult sizes either.

    It’s a sweet cardi, I’m sad to read it didn’t quite work out. Am sure crochet around the neck edge will fix it though.

  3. Oh that’s disappointing indeed. But it’s nice to have a recipient like Rose Red with that can-do spirit. (My sister is still diligently putting the vest on Ellis even though he doesn’t much care for it!)

  4. Marvelous combination of fiber and yarn. It looks as if the neck is ribbing. What would happen if you just knitted an inch or two of the rib before starting the increases?

  5. That’s interesting. I have been looking at that pattern myself but never thought why I saw very few FOs on tiny ones. Hmmm. I still want one for myself.

  6. Hmm… always good to be skeptical when the finished product isn’t shown on any actual babies! It’s still cute, though. I’m with MadMad. It’s really hard to knit for good friends!

  7. And with yarn from another good friend! That makes it even more special! (Why is it always so hard to pick a knit for a friend? I am always stumped. Knit for a stranger? No sweat. Someone you like…? Well, the possibilities are endless, and I am frozen.) And I’m sure you are harder on yourself about the end results than anyone else would be – it’s cute!

  8. I didn’t realise it was sized right up to adult, that’s pretty cool hey!

    Yeah, I think that’s the problem with making a garment for all sizes – babies aren’t quite people shaped in the same way adults are! But I think the crochet edge will be a good fix for a minor issue.

    And yes, it’s so very special to have a lovely soft handknit garment for the little guy from you. xx

  9. It is such a lovely unusual garment, such a shame about the fit. I think you have picked the issue, with the shoulders. I think this happens with so many designs, not everyone is built the same in that dept so wider necks are always risky. Even so, beautiful knit, gorgeous buttons, and the thought that counts.

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