Happy Bellsday

Today is that one day a year where you get total permission to indulge y ourself, and be indulged by those who love you. Today I inched a little closer to forty. I celebrated in a variety of ways – and the fun’s not over yet.

I was collected for an outing by my sister, brother and Alice. We went to a lovely tea house called Adore Tea and, well, drank tea. And ate cake.  Alice was cute.

me & Alice

The rest of the day was devoted almost entirely to preparing for the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show. Why do I always leave this stuff to the last minute? I don’t know but I’m pretty much there. I’m packing light. Truly I am. I won’t be home until Sunday so I do need stuff, just not everything I own. I swear I’m packing light.

Now, the evening is here and Sean is preparing a lovely dinner for me – lamb cutlets are one of my very favourite things to have for dinner and he’s out there putting it all together now while I have a glass of special birthday Sparkling Shiraz and contemplate what else I need to pack.


See the Wollmeise there? It was a surprise arrival in the mail today from Lauren, who is probably known to many of you from the Ravelry forums. Those wollmeise colours are incredible aren’t they? They never fail to impress with such depth and richness. Lauren was very sweet to send such a beautiful skein to me.

And that badge was a great find today. It’s been so long since I last saw it and I was worried I wouldn’t find it again before leaving for Bendigo. It’s good at these events to have a name badge isn’t it!  Just so you know, if I meet you at Bendigo, I answer to both Bells and Helen! Amongst friends and family I’m known by both in fairly equal measures.

As for the title of today’s post, if you happen to follow me on twitter you’ll know it’s a bit of a joke. I’m not sure who started it now but today was declared a mini holiday – Bellsday. I’ve gotten a fair bit of mileage out of it today and a lot of laughs.

If you’re heading to Bendigo, see you there! If not, see you on the other side.



30 thoughts on “Happy Bellsday

  1. Happy Bellsday to you! It sounds as though you have a truly wonderful hubby who loves to cook you delicious food, how lucky you are. I hope you enjoy your day and what a wonderful gift of the Woollemeise too. Can I ask where you got your ravelry badge from as I am hoping I can pop up to Bendigo on the weekend!

  2. Happy Bellsday! Today is also my precious daughter’s birthday, she’s 29 today. Same age as you? I’ll be hitting a “9” year in September, 59. Are you a “9” this year too? Have a great time at the Wool & Sheep Show. Someday I’d like to visit Australia.

  3. Sounds like a week of wonderful celebrations! Lovely skein, always lovely niece, lovely dinner cooked by your favorite chef, and sparkling Shiraz–not heard of that before but am looking it up on the net to see if I can score some in Cali! Say yes to yourself a bunch at the Bendigo fandango!

  4. Happy happy Birthday! Yes, you can indulge yourself without guilt. Actually, I think people should indulge themselves a little bit all the time. Life is too short to live with guilt for small pleasures. Enjoy the wool festival. It sounds like such fun.

  5. Happy Bells day – hope you are having a great day

    good luck with the packing

    and might I suggest that the whole week be the festival of Bells and continue through and beyond Bendigo!!!!

  6. Happy Bellsday hon.

    Expect something from me in the mail after you’re back from the Bendi.
    Have fun and I’m glad you’ve been spoilt. *hugs*

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