My Mum’s Cranford Mitts

Hopefully by the time this post goes live, my mum will have received a package in the mail from me. Inside the package will be a bag, a bag that I made. When I posted recently that I’d learned to make a lined drawstring bag, mum asked if I could make one for her. I chose some fabric in the Addicted to Fabric sale a few days later and here it is. I also made one for my sister, Adele from the same fabric.

mum's bag

Inside the bag are some fingerless mittens my mum asked for, before she asked for the bag.

Cranford Mitts in Rowan Felted Tweed

My mum suffers from arthritis in her hands and like me, uses her hands a lot. I think winter must be very hard for people who use their hands but suffer with pain. So when mum asked for some fingerless mittens in something light and warm, I thought immediately of the Felted Tweed I made my Coraline cardigan out of. In the weeks since I finished it I’ve loved how light it is to wear but how very warm it is. It’s the alpaca in the mix, I think. It seemed the perfect yarn for mittens that could be worn while working at the sewing machine.

Cranford Mitts in Rowan Felted Tweed

So these are Cranford Mitts, a great pattern by Jane Lithgow, who I was fortunate to be able to meet a few months ago at RoseRed’s baby shower when she was visiting from London. I made these for mum not only because they are a lovely pattern, but because, like me, she’s a big fan of the adaptation of the novel by the same name, Cranford. The Elizabeth Gaskell miniseries was one of the best things to come out of the BBC and the pattern’s nod towards women wearing something nice to keep their hands warm was a fitting tribute that I knew mum would appreciate.

I made no modifications except to up the needle size to 3.5mm because the yarn was heavier than the pattern specified.

It’s a lovely, simple pattern that took a few short days to complete. Hope the Felted Tweed warms your hands so you’re able to keep working, Mum.

Special thanks to my sister, Fee, for modeling them at my birthday morning tea.


Ps edited to add – they arrived and she loved them.


21 thoughts on “My Mum’s Cranford Mitts

  1. Helen, I just loved all the comments about the bag and especially the gloves. I do love them, they are so soft and warm and they will help with my hand quilting and cross stitching. Looking forward to the second episode of Return to Cranford Sunday night on UK/TV I will wear them while watching it. Thank you so much, they are very special. Love Mum xox

  2. There’s a certain magic in things knitted with love. Those mitts will keep your mom extra warm and comforted.

    Beautiful bag. Love the fabric!!

  3. The bag looks great! The mitts too, of course. I’m sure they’ll help. For about a year after Nicholas was born I had joint issues (still don’t know why) and I had to wrap my fingers around a hot mug every morning to get them going. Does your mum knit? Knitting actually helped keep my fingers more limber. I remember that when it had been a few days without knitting they’d start to feel worse.

    I hope you’re having a ball right now!!

  4. Love those! I’m always looking for something to make for my older sister because she’s so picky. She’s a huge fan of the Cranford series and these would be perfect for her!

  5. that’s a lovely pattern, and the stitch definition is really nice in that yarn. i’m sure your mum will be thrilled, and to have them beautifully presented in the bag makes them a real treat.

  6. They are very nice and look so warm, you mum is going to love them. I love my fingerless gloves in winter and they are great if I need to keep them on while at work on the computer.

  7. They’re gorgeous mitts, I’m not surprised she loved them! Hopefully they’ll really help with sore hands in cold weather. And the bag is great too πŸ™‚

  8. Look at you and your fancy bags! Very nice! And the mitts are just lovely. Lovely felted tweed!

    And DrK – way to make me even more envious of the two of you!!

  9. Love gaskell, love cranford, love the mitts and bag, love that your mum loves them. Love remote blogging from bendigo, love commenting while sitting across table in pub from you! Xx

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