The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show

There were many things I liked a lot about my four days in Bendigo.  I’ll show you. Some with photos, some with words.

Bendigo Woollen Mills

Going to Bendigo Woollen Mills felt a bit like a pilgrimage. I loved it. A very welcome, buzzing little shop with the famed ‘back room’ where the sales are. I’ll do a separate post on the shopping.

big yarn

I liked stumbling upon a giant ball of yarn at the Women of Wool display in the middle of town in the afternoon DrK and I spent exploring.

Friends with hats

I liked finding my friends at the show all wearing fabulous handknitted hats.

The Shamrock Hotel - Bendigo

I loved the fabulous architecture of this large regional town, with its roots in the Gold Rush era. DrK and I spent a few hours knitting and drinking very happily in that building, the Shamrock Hotel.

Group photo

I liked hanging out with friends all day at the show, meeting up with people I’d longed to meet in person and generally having a very happy time connecting. Above, left to right at back, DrK, Random Knits, HoneybeeMine. Front, me and Knitabulous. It wasn’t very muddy at the show, thankfully. My feet stayed dry and warm all day!

Chancery Alley

I liked the Melbourne-style lane ways. In this one we found the best cafe/bar called The Dispensary. A place that does coffee, breakfast and cocktails all equally well is a real find!

Knitting at the Dispensary

Here’s a pic DrK took of me knitting there. Great venue. Loved it.


1. Meeting Kgirl, 2. cats mum and drk

I loved meeting people, like the each utterly lovely Kgirl and Catsmum. Sometimes, the online/real life crossover is easy as pie. Both of these meetings, as well as many others, were just seamless and lovely.

I really loved the cathedral that sits up high on a hill over the town, a truly impressive and imposing building. At night the spire is a shining image from all over Bendigo.

Bendigo Cathedral

1. Cathedral – outside, 2. cathedral door, 3. cathedral detail, 4. Cathedral interior

I loved having a quiet, friendly little house where I stayed with Jody, DrK, Yarna and Jody’s Mum. It was a quiet haven from the occasional craziness.

I loved sticking my hand into the damp, warm and heavy wool on the back of a very handsome ram.

I loved sitting around and knitting for hours when there was a chance.

And I loved buying new yarn, but that’ll be saved for another post when I can take some photos of my delicious additions.

I loved the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show. I think I don’t feel the need to go every year and I feel glad that I’ve been. When I post about what I bought, I’ll talk more about what the show was like in more detail.

I’m also loving being home.



32 thoughts on “The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show

  1. Bendigo scrubs up well, don’t she? I lived in Canberra for a number of years, too. There is much to see in both. And both lend themselves to the knitting business….Love your work.

  2. i enjoyed this account of bendigo – so much distilled into evocative vignettes. how fantastic to meet other knitters, caress yarn at its source and knit in good company!

  3. What a great photo essay, and wonderful account of a great trip away. I’m so glad you had such an excellent time 🙂

  4. What a great post. Such beautiful photos. I love those architectural details.

    And what a novel idea, a wool show when it’s chilly! Ours is in usually the hottest humid-est weather of the year. (I’ve always wondered WHY.)

  5. It was lovely to meet you at dinner on Friday.
    Glad you had a good time on your trip you certainly fitted a lot of things in!
    Looking forward to the yarn purchases.

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  7. looks like you had a great time.
    I am planning to go next year.
    I saw a babushka apron in spotlight?? I think and thought of you.

  8. I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay; Bendigo really is the prettiest town. It was a shame we didn’t get the chance to meet but I loved wandering around … it took my Mum and I 5 hours to wander around and had to leave at 4pm or we would have been driving home in the dark. I think I will go back next year … it’s not that far from my mother’s and a nice day out. Maybe next time I’m in Canberra I’ll make a date.

  9. I’m so glad you loved the show and Bendigo, Bells! It was lovely to meet you too, if only briefly. My little girl told me later that you were very nice!

  10. Six degrees of separation: The Shamrock belongs to Dear Daughter’s aunt- and uncle-in-law.

    Was planning to go to Bendigo this year (sob), but DD and family had to make a rushed trip, and if we had been THERE, we would have missed them HERE, if you get my meaning!

    Miss Nearly Three and a Half discovered the piano: progressed rapidly from the whole of hand thumping (quite normal at that age) to a pretty fair approximation of ‘fingering’.
    Then she decided to let rip with HER version of ‘Mamma Mia’ – to her own highly original piano score! Our ribs are still aching.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  11. So glad you enjoyed Bendigo. The Shamrock Hotel is a great place. One of our dear friends had his wedding reception there quite a few years ago now and it was lots of fun! I love the giant ball of yarn, wonder how many sweaters that would make!

  12. I always think of Bendigo with capital letters, because it’s special. I’m glad to see that you found it to be special. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Just enough excitement for memories but also enough down time to not be all crazy.

    And the photo of everyone in handknit hats was so cool! (as I sit here all hot and sweaty with almost 100 degrees of heat!)

  13. I have so enjoyed seeing everyone’s adventures around the blogs. You look so lovely in your red cardi and you are all having so much fun!!! I await your purchases with impatience!!!

  14. What an excellent reporting job – thank you! Loved it! And I’m so glad you went and had such a wonderful time, too! Off to read it again – loved the pics!

  15. I loved hearing all about your trip, I hope to get there next year. Look forward to your next post with details of aquisitions and yummy yarn finds!

  16. All in all it sounds like a fabulous holiday! Going to a beautiful town spending time with great people doing something you love. Very jealous as it sounds like a perfect trip away!! Can’t wait to see your wool!

  17. I’m glad you enjoyed my home town!

    I was sad that it wasn’t muddy. I wore my gumboots (much to my Dad’s chagrin), but felt a bit silly because it was all well, unmuddy.

  18. Bendi is great isn’t – the town, the show, the lovely cafes (oh, and the mill!). Great photos and can’t wait to see the acquisitions!!

    Love the photos of you all in your knitwear! And the three knitted hats, nice one!

  19. it was truly lovely to finally meet you, Bells – so glad we got the chance. My only lament is that our time together couldn’t have been longer, but another time…

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Bendigo-experience – it’s definitely something I think a knitter should do at least once! I used to live in Bendigo as a student, so have a soft nostalgic spot for the sweet town on top of loving the Sheep & Wool show

    looking forward to seeing that stash-flash, and the little Bendi-cardigan for Alice 😉

  20. there is indeed much to love about Bendigo, and your photos are fantastic. home truly is wonderful, i dont think i want to go anywhere for a while now.

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