The Bendigo Haul & a Giveaway

While the first post about Bendigo covered the experience of being there, meeting friends, experiencing the town, this post is more specifically about the show itself and what i bought there.

I’m pretty pleased with how it played out. I didn’t go crazy. I bought a couple of gifts which I can’t show, but the rest was good stuff for me.

On Thursday morning, DrK and I went to Bendigo Woollen Mills. Lovely, lovely experience. I know some people were a bit disappointed by what they did or didn’t find in the sale room out the back but I did well. I got stuff I plan to use for specific projects.

This discontinued colour, Cayenne, in the Rustic 8ply will be a Hemlock Ring blanket, or some such.

cayenne Rustic

This is another discontinued colour, Inferno, the one I used to make Alice’s Helena cardigan. I snapped up some for me and some for RoseRed. Amazingly it’s the same dyelot as the leftovers from Alice’s cardigan.

inferno cotton

I bought some of the amazing Melody which is part cashmere, part merino, part microfibre. At $4 a ball it was a bargain and I began knitting it up that afternoon into a Garter Yoke cardigan for Alice.

garter  yoke

Then there was the show itself. Early on I saw a kit for a delicate crocheted scarf. I never got over it. It was expensive and so was my main purchase for the day. I’m not allowed to start it until I’ve finished my Babette blanket. There, I’ve said it. Such lovely muted colours. I think it’ll be a good summer project.

Crochet project

From Pear Tree yarns I bought some 8ply alpaca which is deliciously soft. It was very cheap and last night Sean put it against his throat and asked if he was getting a scarf out of it. Maybe. Cheeky bugger.


DrK bought some Polwarth Silk in 5ply for me as a birthday gift. We all love this stuff and I think it’ll be a shawl for next winter. Look at the sheen!

polwarth silk

And that was basically it. I got some gifts which will be mailed off in due course. It can take a bit of time at a show to look for just the right thing for gifts. That kept me busy.

On our way back to Melbourne, we stopped at a little town called Kyneton where we found a gorgeous wool and fabric shop. By then I felt I’d gorged myself on yarn and so focused on fabric instead. I’m still rather enthralled with fabric bundles. They make me happy.

fabric from Kyneton

Speaking of fabric, I’ve spent today making another couple of project bags. The first one is quite special. It was made from fabric that was given to me by the lovely Jen. When I said I was starting to sew, Jan said she had some fabric she would love to give me. I was thrilled when I saw it was Russian doll fabric. I made a bag today, with the yellow fabric Jan also included. I just love it. Thank you, Jan.

russian dolls bag

If you’d like to win the sunflower bag pictured below, all you need to do is leave a comment between now and Friday night. I’ve made a few now so feel confident they’re good enough to give away. I hope so anyway!

sunflower bag



44 thoughts on “The Bendigo Haul & a Giveaway

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  2. i love your new stash additions, and your project plans. i must go and look up that scarf as it sounds intriguing… i just ordered some melody, so glad to hear that you give it the thumbs up! the bags are lovely, and that russian doll fabric is perfect for you!

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  4. I love reading your blog, you really inspire me
    to get in and have a go at knitting beautiful things like you do
    Thank you for sharing your knitting & travelling adventures

  5. Lovely, well chosen haul by the look if it, can’t wait to see the result if the crochet project, colours look fab and I’m not usually one for muteds.

  6. Your little project bags look lovely. My MIL is always so pleased to announce ‘oh she’s a sewer’ when she introduces someone new who can sew. In her mind, being able to sew equates with being someone who can ‘cope’ in all manner of situations LOL I hope you enjoy your new skill as much as you enjoy your knitting 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you bought the crochet scarf kit Bells. It was the best thing I saw there too – only I don’t crochet well and couldn’t afford it! I’m really looking forward to seeing you work on it and the finished object. The samples were just so pretty!

  8. I saw that kit for the crocheted scarf too and was mesmerised. It looked beautiful made up but my skills are nowhere near what they need to be to make such a beautiful item. What I did like from the same place were the tea cosy kits. I didn’t get one because that must have been the priciest stand at the show but I loved one of them so much that I took their card and if that cosy is still rattling around in my head in a couple of months time I’m going to get it!

    I love your Bendigo purchases. They are a great spot to make a trip to visit, and they are cheap and not at all nasty.

  9. Bendigo Wool Show? *sticks fingers in ears* lalalalalalaIcan’thearaboutyourstashenrichment!

    I’m intensely jealous of everyone who made it to Bendigo, but it seems you had a great time while you were there. I salute your ability to avoid the Button Lady stand, and you are going great guns on those projects bags! What pattern are you using?

  10. You were so restrained buying wool. I was expecting there to be a lot more! I love the rustic colors, just beautiful. Doesnt the Melody knit up so nicely, I love it. Your russian doll bag is just gorgeous, you are becoming quite the sewer. I was just thinking I need a larger project bag, lol!

  11. So glad you took time to stop in Kyneton. Much of my dad’s family are from there, and I swear, given the strong family resemblance I could walk down Piper Street and someone would think they knew me! Did you go to the Meskills wool mill at the edge of town?

    The Cayenne Rustic knits up beautifully – you will not be disappointed with that.

    And, you have inspired me to get the sew mojo on and make some project bags of my own. I might have to start planning for Bendigo next year.

  12. This is the most beautiful bag I’ve ever seen! Sunflowers are my favourite flower! Well done!
    Is there a pattern out there to make it?

  13. Wow, all great purchases! Love the colors in the scarf kit…can you link the pattern? Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the festival. 🙂

    Both bags look lovely– the sunflower one is so summery!

  14. Oooh, I am very curious about the crocheted scarf…can you post another picture of the pattern or a link to the designer? The idea of crocheting a scarf in perle cotton is intriguing!

    The sunflower bag is delightful and I’d love to win…thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway.

  15. Look at all those perle cotton colors! I’m a complete sucker for perle cotton.

    And alpaca, so soft. It feels so great that I still somehow buy it even in our steaming heat.

  16. Nice haul! I especially love the colours of that crocheted scarf kit – hurry up and finish the blanket so we can see it start to take shape!! 😉

  17. Gorgeous yarns! Wonderful haul. Leave me out of the drawing. Trans-Pacific shipping costs will eat you alive. That Cayenne is such a gorgeous color! Oh, and the polworth silk is to die for. Swoon!

  18. Cayenne is one of my favourites (makes a great felted tea cosy, when you are ready for a new obsession). I think sometimes the BWM people deliberately try to annoy us. Bendigo is on my list of places to go before I die…

    Well done on the project bags, you are doing a great job with them.

  19. Be careful! Sewing is every bit as addictive as knitting and with the added bonus of being more instantly gratifying. I love the Russian doll fabric. how cute is that? Your bags are bright and cheery and look great.

    I really like the cayenne color. It comes across as kind of rosey here on the monitor.

  20. Well I was going to leave a comment anyway, to say I love that Cayenne color and why do they keep discontinuing these awesome colors?! No need to enter me, although the sunflowers are beautiful and very timely for us, anyway, this time of year, since they should be blooming in a month or so. Sunflowers are so cheerful.

    The crochet kit looks like a great splurge–beautiful colors.

  21. That crochet kit that’s going to be a scarf looks interesting. Can’t wait to see what it looks like; the colors are nice. Wonder why they discontinued Cayenne? Such a nice spicey red 😦

    Sounds like you had fun all weekend. I love looking through everyone’s Bendi hauls!

  22. Very nice acquisitions, I think you should finish Babette soon so you can start the Juliette!! That red is amazing. Why do they always discontinue colours people like??
    Nice fabric too!!! You will soon have another big stash!!

  23. I think you did so well out of the back room, very well chosen. I liked it back there a lot myself. And as the lucky recipient of one of those gorgeous bags already, no need to put my name in the draw. Share the project bag love I say!

  24. What lovely restrained shopping! I swooned over your Russian Doll fabric – it’s lovely! You better get on with Babette so you can play with those lovely colours.

  25. Nice work on the yarn purchases – much better than my scattergun approach last year. And I can’t wait to see the crochet scarf worked up – lovely muted, almost vintage feel to those colours.

    And the bags look great!

  26. Love the scores from The Mill. I made off with yarn from the back room for all three of my boys ($2.50/ball) and for myself ($3/ball) so I’m quite happy with my experience there too.

    The stitch markers on Alice’s next cardy are gorgeous as is the knit itself. Such a lovely shade of blue.

  27. what a great lot of purchases – Alice will look lovely in that colour! and your scarf will be beautiful too. it’s always good for the soul to have one extravagant purchase, I think?

    every year I mean to grab some of the polwarth silk, and do you think I ever remember? am writing a note now, safe for next year…

  28. I’m so glad the shopping was productive. Your choices all fit their projects well. I’m so glad you are enjoying your sewing! It is a nice complement to knitting and crochet. I enjoy it all. When I need a change of project there is always something to work on. 😉

  29. Mmmm those Rustic 8ply looks good enough to eat!! And have you already finished the Garter Yoke cardi?? Sigh, I would be lucky to have knitted 2 inches of sock in the time you were gone!

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