A Bit About the Drawstring Bags

In the last post, when I mentioned I was giving away one of my snazzy, fresh off the machine drawstring bags, there were a few questions about them, namely about the pattern.

As a newcomer to sewing, I’m pretty impressed with myself that with next to no knowledge other than a smattering of high school sewing, a bit gleaned from my mum and a lesson in apron making with Jejune a couple of years ago, I got off and running with these bags quite happily. When I got my machine home and took it out of the box earlier this month, I stared at it and thought, I don’t even know where to start. But the internet, as we know, is bursting at the seams (ha ha) with tutorials on everything and anyone, with a bit of time and patience can find what they’re after and follow some videos or pictures.

And here I am. So I’ve now made quite a few of these dinky little bags. The first one, with details, was posted here. It’s a great tutorial for lined drawstring bags put together by Yarnmonster. I’ve made seven bags and four of them are pictured below. Two I’ve kept, two are being or have been given away.


1. russian dolls bag, 2. sunflower bag, 3. mum’s bag, 4. Drawstring bag

Obviously I use them as project bags. They’re a great size for a sock on the go, or some other small project. Next I’m going to make the bigger size available in the tutorial because I want to see what size knitting project can be kept inside.

Now that I’ve started my sewing classes, I’m looking forward to broadening my skills and am scouting around for inspiration. What I really hope to do is learn to make skirts for myself, so I was pretty happy to see a whole bunch of skirt making inspriration at Buttontreelane in a whole week devoted to that subject.

Can’t wait til I can do that sort of stuff myself. In the meantime, I’m keeping it simple with the bags and other small items. Entry to win the sunflower bag pictured above closes on Friday night, whichever timezone you happen to be in. Just leave a comment. I’m away for the weekend so I’ll draw when I come back.

Oh and as endorsement, after I sent the pink one to my mum, an experienced seamstress, she gave my novice work the thumbs up. Thanks Mum!



23 thoughts on “A Bit About the Drawstring Bags

  1. Hi Bells,

    I have been following your blog for a while, but, you see I am not a knitter! But sewing, yes, I can do that! Well done on the fantastic bags!


  2. Making skirts isn’t any cheaper than buying them, much like making socks isn’t cheaper than buying them. BUT, I get to tell people, “yes, I made it” when they compliment one of my summer skirts. Now I’ll have to get some heavier fabric and make some skirts for winter.

  3. It is such a good idea to go to classes. I do like th ebag you gave your Mum and it is nice to get feedback that they are good!

  4. My first sewing machine was my mom’s very old, maybe 1960s White, which never worked quite right and really put me off sewing. Now I have a newer Bernina, and sometimes I’m surprised to find how much sewing I do.

  5. if you’ve learnt that much by yourself, your skills will increase in leaps and bounds with lessons! i’m sure skirts aren’t far away.

  6. Wow – I think you’ve done amazingly well already; you’ll be making skirts in no time! Personally, I’m tempted by that knit skit on Knitty… which I never thought I would be, but I keep going back to “think about it,” which usually means I’m headed that way, even if it’s taking some convincing…

  7. Did you see the gorgeous coloured tights linked at Buttontreelane! I’ve ordered some as I’ve been looking for several months.

    Skirts are so useful and not difficult. Love those bags, and they are really handy.

  8. i would love to be able to sew my own project bags and skirts, but i cant sew in a straight line to save myself. i am very impressed with the quality of your bags, and think you will make some terrific skirts with the help of your classes, good on for you going and learning how to do things properly!

  9. So exciting! They look great! I really ought to do something about learning to sew. Your bags look good. Onwards and upwards, yes?

  10. Yay for the thumbs up from your mum! Project bags are a great introduction to sewing I think, that’s what I did too. Unfortunately I haven’t really gone any further, although I did purchase fabric for two skirts – about two years ago. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Although hopefully this summer will see me with a few new skirts!

    Look forward to seeing the results of your sewing lessons too! I must investigate those for myself too I think.

  11. Once again, sorry to have missed you at Bendy – perhaps there will be a chance to catch up later this year.

    Love the bags you have made – they are fantastic!

  12. I am so glad you are enjoying your sewing. It is a great craft!! I am going to sew this afternoon: I am looking forward to sewing a seam or three!!

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