A Winner and the Weekend

I returned home from a sisters’ weekend in Sydney and drew the winner for the bag contest. I’m happy to declare Peaceful Knitter, Sonia, the winner! Sonia, I’ll be sending the sunflower bag to you as soon as I hear from  you.

Some time ago my sisters and I planned a weekend where we’d all get together in Sydney, with the two small people we love most in tow, and it just so happened that the only date that suited us all backed  on to my Bendigo weekend. And so I abandoned Sean for the second weekend in a row and headed to Sydney with my sister, Fee and baby Alice and arrived on Friday evening.

Saturday began bright and early with an outing to watch nephew Willem, who’s now six years old, in his weekly rugby match. I know nothing about rugby, and neither does Alice, but we cheered a lot.


In the afternoon, we all visited RoseRed so we could meet her new little boy. Drk came too and there was much food, tea and company. Mr RoseRed suggested a trip to a nearby park and when we left, Willem said that Mr RoseRed was ‘very nice. He’s nice to kids.’ That’s endorsement!

While there, RoseRed presented me with a particularly fine birthday gift. It took my breath away. Wollmeise lace yarn. Oh my. It’s taken much restraint to not wind it into a yarn cake and knit it since arriving home today.

Wollmeise lacegarn

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of card games, good food, cuddling children and games of tag around Adele’s living room. Exhausting but exhilarating. I’ve come home with a head cold and a plan to stay home for the next few weekends, and then some. Too much time away, even for fun reasons, takes its toll at some point. But it really was fun and the little people were loving and sweet and very well behaved. Especially the one who doesn’t go to sleep very easily when in a strange house.

Running up that Hill

I have a lot of projects on the needles right now. Too many for my sense of well being to remain intact to be honest. I need to finish something soon. So stay tuned. I’ve set myself some mental deadlines for a few things and will be back soon with new stuff to show.



19 thoughts on “A Winner and the Weekend

  1. Aww…such sweet kiddos. Have no clue about Rugby, but the shirts are cute! And LOOOVE the yarn. Fabulous. Don’t you love birthday’s that just keep on going? Definitely the best part of getting older. 🙂

  2. Another wonderful weekend away, how lucky you are! The birthday pressie from Rosered is just gorgeous, I am surprised you have been so good and havent started knitting it yet.

  3. So great to see you all together, and the look on your face when you opened that pressie was priceless! Time for a rest and some serious knitting now.

  4. Oh my gosh, little boys playing rugby. How freaking cute is that?? In my day the rugby players were the wild ones. Those were *some* parties…

  5. What a lovely weekend! But the best part of going away is coming home. enjoy your hubby and your own bed and your own bathroom. And get well soon!

  6. I have several things on the needles as well, but this summer has been filled with company, wallpaper stripping and painting projects, leaving me knit-less. Hoping to change that soon. Your lovely new yarn inspires me!

  7. The little ones are growing up so fast. I’m envious of the sister weekend. What a wonderful idea. I’m always a little wistful at the thought of a sister to spend time like that with (mine doesn’t like me very much).

    I don’t like too many wip’s at one time. It makes me twitchy. One lace project, one sweater, and a pair of socks or two is my comfort limit.

  8. I hope your cold doesn’t set in too much!

    Sounds like a fun weekend, aren’t little boys playing rugby the cutest thing? Half of them crawling on the ground looking for ants or something, the other half playing like it’s the World Cup, with their lunatic parents shouting from the sidelines.

    Glad you had a fun weekend – and score on the prezzie..

  9. Oh, how fun! It sounds wonderful – and it’s so cute that you got to go see Willem’s rugby match (rugby sounds way more entertaining than soccer or baseball, which is what I get stuck with!) I get all panicky when I have too much on the needles, too (though it never seems to stop me from starting something!) but the plus side is that eventually – EVENTUALLY – you end up with a whole lot of FOs around the same time. (This week I finished two sweaters, a shawl and a cowl!) I was so proud of myself I SIMULTANEOUSLY cast on (call me totally insane) two whole new sweaters. Yeah. That was probably overdoing it. But still, I was powerless to resist.

  10. Wow! That is simply stunning yarn! What a beautiful colour? What are you thinking of creating with it?

    I’m currently restraining myself to 3 projects – one of which I will sneakily cast on tomorrow… It seems the only way to get an FO at the moment.

    And hooray for rugby union! It is so much more enjoyable than anything else. It sure looks like Willem is having a fantastic time playing too. Sydney looks like it was great fun. 🙂

    Hope you’re watching your postbox…

  11. Sounds like you had a rockin’ good time! Love seeing Alice as always. What a great gift! My birthday’s just around the corner and I hope I get something near as nice. Happy Birthday and feel better soon!

  12. It was lovely to see you this weekend and meet your sissies and little people, and to give you your present! You should have sissy weekends more often!! (shhh, don’t tell Sean!)

    But yeah, a good idea to stay home for the next few weekends, it does get tiring being away from home on weekends and working during the week.

  13. Being one who is unable to remain monogamous to a knitting project, I fully understand having too many projects on the needles. ;-D
    Time with children is wonderful even if exhausting. Rest up and enjoy some time at home. That is the place I love best.

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