Between One and Two

Perfectly clear bright days in winter are one of the reasons to live in Canberra. There’s so much light and for a little while in the afternoon such wonderful, radiating warmth. If you get the chance to sit outside and bask, you can see Canberra daylight at its best.

When I’d run all my errands at lunch time today, I took a seat outside and then some pictures.


Sean jokes that whatever the maximum temperature for the day will be, it’ll be reached at around 2pm and then gone by 2:15pm. I’d say today it hung around from about 1pm for an hour or two, a sure sign that spring is around the corner.

The sky was brilliantly clear and bright. I watched people milling about under the still bare branches in Garema Place.


A girl wearing an absurdly long feathers scarf walked by. It reached well beyond her knees and was wide and not at all attractively variegated. I thought to myself, she won’t need that for too much longer.

I admired my shoes. Campers I picked up on ebay a while back and haven’t much worn. The little pictures of clothes on a line make me smile.


To pass the time, I called my sister. Adele and I talk several times a day. I talk with both my sisters a lot and oftentimes the phone calls begin like this.

‘What’s happening?’
‘Got anything to say?’
‘Not really.’

And then someone remembers something they meant to tell or relates a funny story about a child or a husband and we’re off. Adele and I often talk about what’s for dinner, what we ate  last night, what we’ll eat tonight. We inspire each other with ways to keep weeknight meals interesting, and are relentless in our pursuit of vegetable side dishes that go beyond the plain and repetitive.

It’s the little moments in life that make up our stories and these are the things I love most to write about. It’s a small canvas but it’s everyone’s canvas. Your small daily stories are my daily stories. They’re different but the same.

And I loved sitting in the sun, in cute shoes, swapping insignificant stories with my sister for a little while today. When I want to think happy thoughts, those are the kinds of moments I’ll recall.



12 thoughts on “Between One and Two

  1. I love this post. How pleased I was to see a mention of me. You describe our conversations so well. Sometimes I think we are addicts when it comes to our phone calls – I couldn’t live without them. But we could be addicted to worse things.

    Thanks for the lovely post.


  2. i’m a firm believer in the idea (whose originally i’m not sure)that there’s no such thing as a perfect life, only perfect moments. you’ve captured this idea beautifully. and i just LOVE your shoes, i’m a camper fan and always try and get to their sales once a year.

  3. You have such a gift for Sharing your world with us. Bravo and thank you! I just got to spend a few minutes in Canberra in the winter with you. How refrreshing!!

  4. I have a sister Adele but her name is Pat. We talk at least 3 times a day and it can go up to an hour each call. My husband asks what the heck we talk about and when I tell him “things” he shakes his head and smiles. Sisters rock!

  5. Nice shoes!! I love the weather like this: icy frosty mornings and then long sunny afternoons. The birds were all singing in the backyard today and there are blossoms on the trees. Soon Spring will be here.
    Yes, I agree with RoseRed, life is all about the small things!!

  6. gah – it is the middle of summer here in Britain and I haven’t seen the sun in what seems like weeks. Every day the same heavy cover of cloud comes over by about 9am.

    and now it is drizzling. bah.

  7. Sigh……WOW……sigh. Hi Bells! You don’t know me, but I found you about a month or two ago through Catsmum. When she lived in Melbourne I went to her home every week on a Wednesday night for patchwork classes for about 8 years. May I just say one thing from the start – I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!! Every day I click on it, and now I love the fact that you’re doing a daily blog. One day you and I are going to meet – definitely!! Keep up your beautiful, warm, wonderful, personal, inspirational blogging and photography. Sending you a BIG hug, Tracy

  8. Very cool shoes, great photos!

    It’s good to record the small stories – that’s what makes up the life of an “ordinary” person – and what gives our lives meaning.

  9. A beautiful Canberra winter day, lovingly captured. I love Canberra winters. And I loooove campers shoes. And I can just see you and Adele having that conversation. Lovely post!

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