Doll Parts

When Alice has a sleepover, it’s always great fun. She arrived with her mum this afternoon, and Fee declared packing for a sleepover was as draining as packing for a trip away. I’m sure the parents reading agree.

We’re always excited for an Alice sleepover. We try to plan around it, working out what to cook for dinner so that it fits around her, cleaning up all the stuff that’s Dangerous For Little Girls. I knew she’d arrived because Sean was outside and I heard him saying ‘Hi Alice’ and her now less babyish voice replying ‘Hi!’

At the moment, there’s only one thing that’s a certainty when she visits. We play with the Russian Dolls, or Matryoshka dolls. She’s now big enough, grown up enough, to see them on a shelf and reach for them all by herself. That’s a new thing and it blows me away. She turns and smiles when she’s found them, reaches for them and is just so pleased with herself!

doll parts

Then we spend ages putting them together and pulling them apart. Really, you can see why I have to make a dress for her out of Russian doll fabric. Right now, they are her thing.

alice and doll parts

We call it the ‘inside’ game because as we put each piece together, we say ‘inside’ ‘inside’. So when she finds the dolls she says (in as much as she says very much at all) ‘inside!’. She has very little specific language at this stage, just a few small phrases like ‘Oh no!’ and ‘All gone!’ and ‘Hi!’. I’m sure more words will follow.

So we sat in the kitchen while Sean cooked lamb shanks and we played and we laughed.

alice at the fridge

It was great. And then it was time for steamed carrots for dinner, and a shower and then ‘nigh nigh’ – her other key phrase. And we poured a glass of wine and congratulated ourselves on being totally fabulous as far as aunties and uncles go. Let’s just hope she sleeps through (mostly she does. She’s good like that and has been for a long time!)

Don’t you love the dress? My Mum made it with leftover fabric from the overalls she made for Alice from the same fabric.

in the kitchen

Tights, buckle up shoes, a floral top and a teddy bear dress – the best dressed girl in town, I tell you.



17 thoughts on “Doll Parts

  1. It’s official, you and Sean are definitely the Best Auntie and Uncle Ever. I love the photo of her playing with the Russian dolls ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. heh, here was i thinking this was a post about feminist body image relationships angst (inspired by my favourite song of all time) but no, its cuteness personified in the form of lovely alice. cant wait to see her in your russian doll dress.

  3. Miss Alice certainly does look very cute in her little outfit and those wonderful shoes. I used to love to dress my daughter the same way, although she had little black paton shoes which were cute too. Pity she has outgrown that stage now. The russian dolls must be so much fun to play with too. A wool shop called Stitchery Blue used to have a set and when I took Isabelle they used to let her play with them whilst I shopped for goodies!

  4. Yet again, adorable shots of an adorable girl. I’m with Donna about the position she’s sitting in, in that first picture. Little ones make that squat look so easy!

  5. alice’s expression in the third pic is like the large doll’s! it’s so cute when they start to talk, isn’t it! both my girl’s first word was “shoes” funnily enough, and one of them has the same shoes as alice, which she calls “new shoes” (or “new shews”)! i’m now thinking i need to get some wooden russian dolls for them. i see fridge magnets are a big hit too there as here!

  6. Yes, packing for an overnight is just as hard as packing for a whole week when there is a child involved.

    The thing that impresses me is how small children hunker down like that and can sit that way for a long time. Just looking at that pose makes my knees hurt.

  7. It is such fun watching Alice ‘become’. She has always been a charmer and it is clear to see her Aunt Bells loves her. I think a dress from the Russian dolls fabric will be delightful on her and she will love being able to point out the dolls like the ones she shares with Aunt Bells.

    I am very much looking forward to a relationship with Tesla.

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