Dead Things and Signs of Life

In my garden, there are many dead things.

dead plant

This used to be a Silver Posy Thyme. Once it was prolific, almost a pest. Now, it’s dead twigs. It’s not alone. For the longest time, I’ve felt like there are parts of the garden that need to have crosses emblazoned with RIP erected.

Thankfully, there are some small signs of ongoing life.  Just.

daffodil bud

We have neglected our once loved garden for probably a year. Summer passed us by without a single tomato or zucchini and some very sad basil plants. Somewhere, the will to garden slipped away, lost in unrealised plans and a sense of defeat in the face of that baking sun.

Days turned into months and here we are, with beds overgrown or falling into disrepair. Mostly I just turn away, afraid to look at the decay. If I don’t look, it doesn’t exist right?

We got out there today and carved a way through the overgrown foothpaths, just as a start.


Sean has spent this evening drawing up plans and pricing railway sleepers so we can build new beds and face Spring with a renewed sense of what we can achieve. Sometimes, having a really big backyard and only two days a week to manage it is hard. But we hope to get chickens soon and want to try to make the yard the place we have always hoped it could be. One step at a time right?

And as a postscrip to yesterday, Alice slept all night. Nearly twelve hours of deep sleep, with a gentle, quiet morning spent in cuddles and chatter over scrambled eggs and toast. It was good.

Sometimes, she’s such a poser.

alice on chair



11 thoughts on “Dead Things and Signs of Life

  1. Aww! Way to show off a Hemlock Ring!

    My garden’s been neglected because it got so hot, so humid, and so mosquito-y all at once. I can muscle up and face any two out of three, but not all of them at once.

  2. Your garden does not look so bad. Mine is also neglected as this winter has been so dry & nothing is growing. I have been doing a little bit of clearing the last 2 weekends.

  3. We’ve had little rain here, too, and the lawn and garden looks brown and is crunchy. One of my neighbors has a lush green lawn but he spends hours on it each week (can you tell he’s retired?). His flowers are gorgeous but he waters a lot and we decided we were not going to spend a lot of time/money watering our garden.

    I figure if we clean up most of the dead stuff in the fall, we can get started again in the spring.

  4. Cute! And I love the Hemlock backdrop, too! My garden is ALSO a total wreck – we have had no rain this summer, and everything is dead. And like you said – too big a place, too little time. But the nice thing about a garden is that it’s pretty forgiving – I spent a couple of hours on it last week and managed to get it back to “presentable.” I kept telling myself if I just did a little every day – even every other – it would be easier. But there are so many things to knit!

  5. Oh I did some gardening this weekend too. And you know how I was asking you about the frost? A horticulturist said lettuce etc is fine in the frost and said to go for it, no need for forst cloths etc. So I did! Now I’m just worried about possums (and will be watching for any signs of frost related damage)

  6. My garden is choked with weeds … I have to get myself organised as well.

    I can’t believe how grown up Alice is. That hair cut changed her completely from a baby. It all happens so quickly.

  7. When we bought our 2 acres almost 20 years ago, I had all kinds of plans. Vegetables and herbs, an English cottage garden full of flowers all year long. Our sons were teenagers and I was in nursing school. Hub was working full time and trying to run a small business at home. We all worked hard at first, but now we are lucky to mow the grass, and I never did get my flowers, SIGH

  8. Oh Alice!! She knows how to work the camera doesn’t she!

    Good work on the garden – you have to start somewhere hey, and it will make the next step and the next step and so on seem less of a difficulty – small manageable chunks! And won’t it be nice to have chooks!

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