Remembering Babette

It’s Monday and I find myself struck down, again, by something of a respiratory illness. It came on quietly over the weekend and arrived in a display of spectacular timing for the working week.

I am warm and keeping quiet. I have all the usual supplies, juice, tea, fresh fruit, a humidifier and cough syrup.

I also have crochet.

My Babette blanket, remember her?, is keeping me occupied today. I shudder to think how long it’s been since I last spent some time with her. I’m making her, in case you can’t remember, from Regia Kaffe Fasset sock yarn, instead of the 17 different colours in Koigu as suggested, outlandishly and expensively, in the pattern.

I began Babette in a flush of excitement in January, along with RoseRed, after we were inspired by Mooncalf. Each of them finished their blankets is what could only be called a reasonable amount of time. Mine, meanwhile, still looks like this.

Babette Squares - side view

I’ve made only 36 of the required 110 or so squares. So not even half way. Kind of pathetic really. I don’t know why I put her down.

One thing I’m certain of is that I’m sewing in ends as I go. Maybe not on every single square, but definitely ever five or six. It’s the only way. It takes only a few minutes and I’ll thank myself at the end.

Babette squares

We all hate sewing in ends, don’t we? As much as seaming? But it’s a case of do it or never have anything finished and that, as we all know, would be awful. I need to have something finished. I really do.



18 thoughts on “Remembering Babette

  1. Babette looks like a good sick-room companion. You should watch “Babette’s Feast” while you work on it. I always work my ends in as I go because if I don’t, they won;t get done. And oh, what fun it’s going to be to put that blanket together!! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  2. Wishing you get well thoughts and a quick recovery from your respiratory ailment. It would be nice if the construction of Babette could be enjoyed without your having to be ill.

  3. hope you feel better soon! crochet and tea on the couch sound like an excellent idea under the circumstances. i think i would find that project daunting too, especially all the sewing up (which i hate and procrastinate on too), but it will be fun to see it coming together.

  4. That looks like the state of MOST of my projects! I continually put things down and start something else, either because I get huffy with them (i.e. I made a mistake and don’t have the motivation to fix it) or because something else ‘more interesting’ gets started! But it is good to go back to a half finished project and finish it, even several months later (ahem). And good on you for weaving the ends in as you go. Smart 🙂

    Get better quickly!

  5. Get well soon! And good luck with the ends. I think I’m perverse. I get a little jolt of satisfaction as all the ends disappear.

  6. I hate sewing in ends much more than seaming – and I dislike seaming intensely! I did mine each time I finished a ball of the yarn. Either way, good idea to do as you go.

    Interestingly, I loved seaming this blanket. I really thought I wouldn’t, but it was very enjoyable. Hope you find the same.

    And hope you are better soon!

  7. i hate sewing in ends more than a mountain of seaming. i remember you talking about doing the ends as you go when you first started this, and i had that in mind this morning as i finished one bit of the baby cardigan and began to move to another bit: i sewed in the ends first! i think you will definitely be thankful. and you might not get this finished today but i think you’ll take a huge chunk out of it and its lovely and colourful and the end result so beautiful. good sickly crocheting i think. feel better soon xx

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