A Perfect Sunday

It was a lovely, relaxed Sunday here. There were two highlights.

Successfully attaching a contrasting hem/band to a wrap skirt I’m making. I felt so damn clever!


Yes, I’ve dived in and made a garment for myself. Well, when I say I dived…..I bought the pattern weeks ago, bought the fabric recently and have spent hours pouring over the pattern trying to get up the courage to start. Today I did it and it was great fun! At my class on Tuesday night I hope to get help with the last tricky bits. Love the fabric combination though!

And in the afternoon, I fed Alice a Paddle Pop. Paddle Pops are the stuff of childhood memories (are they Australian only?) and honestly, she was totally quiet for the twenty minutes or so it took to share it with her (I’m over my illness. Don’t worry!) Between nibbles she’d say quietly, mmmm and then go back for more.

me and alice

This evening we have dined on Pasta Alla Norma and red wine and listened to the rain. All too soon, wonderful weekends are over and the work week begins again. But not for twelve hours or so.



18 thoughts on “A Perfect Sunday

  1. I have had this post bookmarked for so long, meaning to comment. I absolutely love the picture of you and Alice. The looks on both your faces are priceless.

  2. I made a skirt from that same fabric on the weekend!

    So quick and easy-

    1. Measure your waist, then double it.
    2. Measure how long you want your skirt ( Allow for hem and waistband)
    3. Cut 2 rectangles with these measurements
    4. Sew side seams
    5. Sew waistband leaving enough room for elastic
    6. Feed elastic through then close up the gap
    7. Hem the skirt!

  3. good for you for diving into a skirt for yourself. wrap skirts are great as perfect fit isn’t an issue as the skirt is adjustable, and they’re perfect for a fluctuating waistine too … the fabric combo looks great.

  4. Lovely fabric and yes to Paddle Pops – especially when they were 5 cents each and you could get vanilla and strawberry flavours (aka the 1960s)!

  5. Must have been a day for Paddle Pops, my smalls had one each after dinner. My favourite is the rainbow flavoured one! Love the fabric for the skirt, expecially the colour of the hem!

  6. Your skirt looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see a pic of you modeling it.

    I think in the US we call your paddle pops – fudgecicles, or as my nephew dubbed them when he was about 3 “chocolate sticks”. 🙂

  7. The skirt is gorgeous!! You clever girl you! You do magnificent, very professional work. It totally does not have that, “made with loving hands at home,” look.

    What, pray tell, is a Paddle Pop? A chocolate frozen pudding on a stick? We call them fudgecicles. And yes, they are bliss. Alice clearly knows how to get into hers.

    The problem with sharing food with kids is that they are walking virus repositories, and YOU are likely to catch something from HER.

  8. I had one last Summer, and they’re so good. Full of memories! Once I got every Lick-a-prize set minus one. Had to eat about a hundred paddle pops, but Not One Prize. lol.

  9. I saw some galoshes at a shop called “groove” today (at Chermside, Brisbane) and the galoshes had russian dolls on them. I immediately thought of you and Alice. Thought you may like to know – Here’s to plenty more perfect Sundays!

  10. Oh, please can you say which pattern you are using?? I am a sewing busybody I know, but I’d love to see it, I always click through for patterns!! Love the fabric!!
    Alice seems to be having a delicious time!!

  11. Very nice fabric for your skirt!! Look forward to seeing you model it!

    I haven’t had a paddle pop for years. I’m not sure I’d like them as much as I did when I was a kid (remember Lick-a-Prize?!). Hope you told Alice that they are a “sometimes treat”, heh!

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