Heading North

Today I headed back to work and was a good deal healthier than last week but boy was it cold getting out there and mixing with the working peeps again. Some sort of Demon of Forgetfulness possessed me this morning and I left without a coat. I was well on my way, in the car, before I realised I felt slightly naked.


Many of our mornings still look like this.

Frost on hebe
Just when I think I’m ready for winter to be over, I remember how pretty and lovely it is, and how much I hate to sweat. Come January, I’ll be pulling up photos like this one to remember that Canberra’s winters are one of the reasons I stay here.

And while we’re on all things weatherly, going back to work today my director greeted me with some fabulous news. In two weeks’ time, I’m flying all the way to Darwin, up in the tropics, to go on a field trip. As well as seeing this northern city for the first time, I’ll be hopping on a tiny plane and flying to East Arnhem land to visit a small school in very remote Indigenous community. This is a part of the world I thought I might never see and now I’m being sent there. Talk about an exciting opportunity. For someone who has felt intensely down about work lately, complete with a sense of utter pointlessness, this is a bit of boost.

Of course this means that going from days like today where it didn’t get above 8deg/46degF to a part of the country where it’s currently 31degC/87degF is a bit of a jump! Suddenly I’ll be scrounging around for t-shirts, light skirts, sunblock, hats. That’ll be a jolt to my winter-slumber ridden body!

I’ll have to get on with finishing the wrap skirt I posted a little hint about yesterday.

Wrap skirt hem

Let’s hope it works out and then I can whip up another one, fingers crossed, before hopping on the plane. That distant, balmy city and the even more distant remote community aren’t places for the stockings and cardigans that are my current uniform.

It’s going to be lovely. And hot. I just can’t wait.

Casuarina Beach Sunset

Photo courtesy of flickr.



15 thoughts on “Heading North

  1. I love winter & the cold but Perth does not really have a cold winter. It’s quite warm in the day & does not feel like winter. It will be nice to experience a Canberra winter.

  2. oh, exciting! i used to live in darwin, and loved visiting the communities on open days. be sure to visit the local arts centre and perhaps buy a painting – or some screen printed fabric to sew with! it will be very hot though, but hopefully not too humid this time of year. there’s heaps of good things happening in darwin in the dry season – festivals, aboriginal art award at the museum, markets, deckchair cinema. i also recommend g&ts at sunset by the sea at the sailing club or the like (the ski club at bullocky point was my hangout!)

  3. How exciting for you to be travelling to a new part of the country! I am sure it will be so exciting and a lot warmer too. Your skirt will come in very handy – your sewing skills are just flying along.

  4. Sounds like a field trip is just what the doctor ordered. Sunny skies to have a break from Winter and plane trips for a bit of knitting time 🙂 Hope you have a lovely trip and that your new skirt/s work out perfectly for you.

  5. Lucky you! It’s so strange to think of our opposite weather worlds sometimes — we’re wrapping up a hot and dry dry dry summer over here. Just ready for the sweaters!

  6. That is so exciting, Bells! I’m a big believer in breaking up winter with a bit of a trip somewhere warm and different. (Isn’t always manageable, but boy do I believe in it!) And can I just tell you how much I LOVE that picture with the frost? So cool!

  7. Remember to have warm clothes to layer on during your trip home so you don’t emerge into the frost in your summer clothes. And revel, just revel in the warmth!!

  8. The trip will be so cool! (or so hot, really!). How exciting! Perfect new skirt weather.

    But how about that frost! I miss the frost a bit, we don’t really get it here. It’s a great photo.

  9. I for one, think your more frequent blogging has been a great success. I have enjoyed reading about the things that make up part of your life.
    The trip to a warmer clime has little meaning for me right now as our temps have been over 95 degrees F for several days. Part of why I moved to Portland Oregon when I was 18 was the very moderate climate. Very few days of extreme heat or cold each year. But when the heat does happen I melt! But I am certain you will enjoy the change!

  10. I’m so glad youre getting to do something good at work, and all that sun, and beer, all great for the soul! But I love a Canberra winter too. Lovely pictures.

  11. I’m trying to wrap my head around a country so big that one part is 8C and another part is 31C. Woah. Head is spinning. We had 24C yesterday and Ysolda got sunburned.

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