So about that testing knitting….

You may recall I started a test knit cardigan for Babycocktails some weeks ago. A pretty, blue cardigan called Shiraz. I started in a flush of excitement then, as sometimes happens, got waylaid.

The designer, Thea, assured me there was more time than I thought I had, so I allowed myself to get distracted by Fee’s cardigan, which had to made twice. That’s probably the greatest set back I’ve had this past month or so. Without that, I’d no doubt be further ahead on the test knit.

But here, finally, it is. Back on track and with notes by my side and a renewed sense that if I don’t get this finished soon it’ll be June next year before I get to wear it much. I’m on my way.


Sometimes, a piece just needs a bit of time all to itself. A bit of special, one on one time not to be shared with a sock or a shawl or anything else. I think Shiraz is such a pattern, only because I’m going to have to work hard to get it done in time for what remains of the cold weather. Soon, I’ll divide for the sleeves and be on my way down the body. It’ll be good.

It’s been a lovely day here, on my Tuesday at home. Alice came for a while this morning while her mum went out and we went for a walk to the shops. For a little while, I got to be a woman with a pram and it felt kind of funny and nice, until Alice decided she wanted to get out and wouldn’t get back in and well, let’s just say buying that one bottle of milk took a lot longer than it should have. But we caught a bus home – her first time on a bus – and she was utterly beside herself. Sitting high up on the front seat, the world whizzing by and other passengers to entertain with her shrieks and noises!

And we found wattle. Spring is coming. I think she loved the feel of the furry little fronds in her hands.

Alice and the wattle

Well that concludes my two weeks of daily blogging. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s felt quite invigorating to be digging around for subject matter. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. I won’t be far away.



12 thoughts on “So about that testing knitting….

  1. nothing like reminders of spring to get motivated to finish off those woollies. i imagine we’ll have quite a few more chilly weeks yet. i know the pram battle well, it often ends in tears, arching and a knee in the belly to get the straps fastened.

  2. Your test knit is looking good & my fav construction, top down. Reading your blog has been inspirational & I have really enjoy it. Thank you for your daily postings.

  3. I love the colour that you are using for the cardigan – such a lovely blue. The 2 weeks of daily Bells has been lovely – your posts are wonderful, easy to read, and with great pictures to boot.

  4. I like the look of the test knit already. And I remember , fondly, the “I want to walk” discussions. Everything takes longer with a small child along and you just have to get used to the idea that no errand will be simple. It shows how much Alice is growing and changing and asserting herself. Good for her! (for you? not so much)

  5. Heh – I got a giggle out of Anna’s comment, cuz that’s where my mind went, too! Good times. Can’t wait to see the test knit, and hear how it goes.

  6. i think your approach to the difficult knits in your life is a very sensible one…knit them into submission. and i do so want to see you wearing shiraz soon as that colour is just amazing and will look great on you. i kind of like that alice wouldnt get back in the pram. cute and headstrong! a productive day on many fronts.

  7. heh, I’m not looking forward to those times when Connor refuses to get back in the pram! But first bus ride, what fun!

    Go you on the test knit! It’s looking lovely so far!

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